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As the saying goes, 'afraid of ...

As the saying goes, 'afraid of ten thousand afraid of', with the increasing number of private cars, many owners at the expense of buying car insurance, is to buy a peace of mind. However, many people are more or less for the car insurance there are some misunderstanding retro jordan shoes cheap, then we will briefly introduce you to the common auto insurance claims errors. Misunderstanding 1: 'all risks' does not mean that all the compensation for the purchase of new car owners will buy the so-called 'all risks' cheap nike air max shoes, but does not mean that any accident can pay. The so-called 'full insurance' includes car damage insurance, third party liability insurance, theft robbery, glass insurance, scratch insurance, car insurance and indemnity and other insurance. It is only a general case of the argument, the law is not an accurate concept. Such as car damage insurance in the provisions of the clear provisions of the liability, insurance vehicles due to flooding or due to wading caused by the engine damage to the situation, it is the responsibility to exempt. If the engine flooding and other accidents, the owner only insured the corresponding wading insurance can be compensated air jordan shoes cheap. Misunderstanding 2: claims can be made to create a small number of owners in order to facilitate claims, we hope to rely on the help of auto repair business, through illegal channels to create false compensation. However, this will often lay down hidden risks for the subsequent claims nike air max 2017, auto insurance to create false insurance does not only increase the risk of insurance companies, the most important thing is the insured's insurance rights also caused great damage. If the owner has a bad insurance record in the insurance company, the insurance company has the right to raise the insurance rate of the auto insurance at the rate of up to 30% in the second year when the insured renews the insurance. If there are bad records for many years, the insurance company may also refuse to protect. Misunderstanding 3: you can reimburse the car after the reimbursement of some owners in the vehicle after the insurance is not immediately reported to the insurance company, but their first to find a repair business car repair, repair the car after the reimbursement of insurance companies. This practice shows that they do not understand the general procedures of claims, to know after the insurance should first call the police phone report, get the traffic police to open the accident liability certificate, the owner should report to the insurance company, in the insurance company sent to survey, Damage to the vehicle before they can be repaired cheap jordans shoes. If the owner does not report to the insurance company but their first to repair the vehicle, then the insurance company can think that the cost of repair costs higher than the cost of damage, the difference is likely to be part of the owner's own commitment. Therefore, the 'first set loss, after repair car' is the insured person's own interests to maintain.
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