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Water foam and quartz rock jade difference

Quartzite jade refers to the quartz polycrystalline aggregate as the main component of jade, it produces a wide range of species are also many, with Beijing white jade, jadeite, Dongling jade, emerald, yellow stone, amazonite and Myanmar Out of the white transparent quartz rock jade and so on. Quartzite jade, despite its wide variety, has similar basic properties because it consists mainly of quartz mineral assemblages. Quartz mineral composition is: SiO2, refractive index of 1.541.55, a density of 2.65, a hardness of 7, a strong luster, the surface of cartier promise bracelet the glass luster, the section shows the oil luster, the internal structure of the second grain or grain structure. The white transparent quartzite jade species that you have purchased from Burma in recent years is now more commonly found in the Yunnan jewelry market such copy love bracelet with screwdriver as Ruili and Tengchong. It is mainly processed into bracelets, pendants, pendants and rings, and the products are shiny , Crystal clear, decorative more, but also more popular (Figure 10), but because the color is white, relatively clean love bracelet with screwdriver replica and transparent, shiny glass, and the glass of jade and water foam is very similar to the general also in the jewelry market Mix it as 'Shuimozi', and even some people put it as a glass of jade to sell.

2) Look at the polished surface: the polished surface is observed by reflected light, especially the polished surface. The glass kind of emerald is bright and lustrous, showing the luster of the glass. In the site of reflecting the light and darkness, irregularities like orange peel tend to appear. However, Smooth one by one subtle bumps and pits, known as the 'orange love bracelet screw fake peel effect' (Figure 13); water polish polished surface smooth, no orange peel effect, and the relatively weak luster, especially albite and jade co-combination The formation of water foam, often shows the grease luster, carefully observe the polished surface, you can see the polished bright jade mineral parts, albino parts of the lustrous, cast not bright (Figure 14); quartz rock jade polished surface is relatively smooth and bright , Show the glass luster, but does not appear jade 'orange peel effect' phenomenon. .
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  • Girlfriend forced me to empty her unlucky shopping list

    Now most afraid to hear the three words - 'double eleven', though not a single dog, but also bitter force of the thing, early this year, Peach Blossom shipped to a girlfriend, spent a fairy days, just started I think my girlfriend is very economical to eat and should be found in a thrifty family, a good sister one day I asked her curiously 'I used to pay her girlfriend was very happy, how do you still angry, and usually not What a good restaurant to eat good food, we are now the status quo to save points, but occasionally extravagant luxury is possible. 'You guess she came back to me, I guess you can not think of it, she said:' You Point wages are usually extravagant, then I double-eleven where there is money to buy things 'At that time the mood can only use cartier love bracelet new fake three black lines to indicate that was June, she said copy cartier love bracelet new she intends to save five or six thousand, so I can not spend money , The daily expenses have to report to her. No way Although only three thousand a month's wages, in order to coax her happy I started a hard journey of saving money, noon before work like to go out to eat with those buddies, but in order to save money every day to eat her with rice (Anyway, food is not enough for me to eat a big man), every afternoon hungry work snacks also dare to buy; friends told me to go out to drink I always shirk, before the summer roadside stall to drink barbecue but was listed as one of my life Great music; remember one day go out work hot sweat DC, want to buy a bottle of Coke result touch pocket only five cents, and only have to be someone else's drinking fountains water; friends do not dare to go eat, you think people have invited you to you Can not do not back please, please at least two hundred dollars gone. Life really embarrassed ah!

    However, my girlfriend still knew that I worked hard, occasionally cooking potatos and the like, replica the love bracelet by cartier even though I had only two or three memories in my memory. Of course, the most motivated one was certainly going to be going through the night with her. In fact, my life is not demanding, there is a house of their own, before going to work every day to do a good job of embracing my wife do not go to work after work; late-night hot dishes have been on the table, the lover is still busy in the kitchen I from behind Live her waist in her ear to say something sweet, the children muzzled in the doorway, laughing, after dinner, a family of three went to the river for a walk. Even if repeated every day, I would feel happiness furthered away from a few days later, a few days finally survived sporadic enough 5,000, accurate to say I should be saved, she has not found a suitable job. Today, she dumped her double eleven shopping list to me, and after I read some speechless this is only part of the list when I was somehow inexplicable, soap to buy three really okay still so expensive, cleanser and Soap soap is very different? Also buy two sets, with a vacuum cleaner Why buy mop this stuff? I copy eternal love bracelet completely do not understand, and only the bracelets and clothes, shoes, I think it is normal, although the clothes and shoes are similar styles, ask her she said you guys do not understand, and asked me if she really is something to buy things are grinding of. How can such a big basic life common sense do not understand, is it that I really do not know a woman? Do you also buy unnecessary things like this?

    Do not buy her that I'm not true to her, can only prove that the money to her love? I usually help her to wash her underwear even said so, temper no doubt there will be anger, you say that money I give her to pay or not to pay?
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  • Jade chain sold each year can top Everest 1

    Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, January (Reporter Li Xiaoling) She passed the stalls, opened a grocery store, and sold clothing. When copy love bracelet screw she resigned her career as a kindergarten teacher and decided to start her own business, she was only under 20 years of age. Unwilling mediocrity, she was born Chuangfen aggressive, with their own hobbies and unconvinced losers character, she did every year to sell the jade chain can top Everest 1, 10 years to sell jade chain can run 2 marathon , Has led more than a hundred Microelectronics business people to create wealth. She is the famous 'jade chain sister' in Xinjiang Hualing Jade City. The beautiful boss Li Xinrong Li Rong was born in southern Xinjiang. She became a 'child king' after her graduation from a normal university. She does not like this steady career, her daily routine work and her regular salary do not always feel like she wants it. Li Xinrong said: 'At that time young, I was quiet down, shop business stable, I think of going out Chuangcuang, in Kashi, Aksu sold clothing, soaring over the washing supplies, and finally settled in Urumqi, began to do Crystal glasses, jade pendant, ornaments and so on. '

    And jade knot edge, or Li Xinrong 24th birthday received a special birthday gift, it is a Wada suet jade bracelet, she put it down, full of love. 'Jade is a spiritual, because I like, I often see a variety of jade stores in various kinds of baby, consult a lot of people, now a variety of materials, jade jewels to see, get started, my heart spectrum.

    There are Li Xinrong to accompany friends to a jade processing factory and found a lot of digging bracelets jade scrap heap in the hospital wall, the boss is how to deal with and worry about. Many years of experience in the market so that she was aware of an important business opportunities, these good quality scrap should be reused! At that time, she found that jade market is based on buying and selling all kinds of jade-based, there is no one specialized sales jade necklace and bracelet businesses. Xinjiang rich jade, these trim, if processed into a necklace or bracelet, will think very much on the grade to do, Li Xinrong hired from Sichuan experienced master, purchase of processing equipment, specialized processing to do this more popular business. She found the future direction of development, quickly adjusted their own shop pavement adjustment for the wholesale jade chain. At that time, the 2008 Olympic Games will use Wada Mei Yu as a medal production material news broadcast, and love bracelet with screwdriver replica Hetian jade market warming up, Li Xinrong's jade chain business is also hot up without thinking of a sudden fire, breaking Li Xinrong weaving dreams . 'At that time, feeling the sky collapsed, most of the finished goods are almost burned, there are still owe hundreds of thousands of other raw materials outside.' Speaking of this nightmare experience, so Li Xinrong marvel. 'My' Xinjiang Arong jade chain 'brand in the circle and the market has just started, the businessman most attention to credibility. In order to live, I organize production, but also some of the remaining stock at home out of the morning and dark to the morning market and Night market stalls, little by little before it is over. 'Li Xinrong said that now the success, from the days when the teeth adhere to the slowly accumulated from Sichuan to Xinjiang, Zhang Wei, is to follow Li Xinrong for many years Jade chain processing technician. Zhang Wei introduction, a string of jade necklace, from the original stone to shiny love bracelet screwdriver copy eye-catching finished products, you need to slice, pull, cut small square, chamfer, coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing, drilling, beads, weaving more than a dozen processes . 'Do our job, you need patience and eyesight, summer sweat dampness eyelid Tengbuchou hand rub, winter water, frozen hands and pain, but also to pinch a small beads. Every process we are not sloppy However, Zhang Wei is still the most admired Li Xinrong the courage and perseverance, he said: 'She can put down the shelf, set up stalls selling jade chains everywhere, in order not to Let the workers embarrassed and settle their wages in a timely manner every month. She encouraged everyone to overcome difficulties in the most difficult time. Only when we improve the quality of jade beads and give her the best products can we afford to be conscientious.

    With the support of co-workers and brothers, Li Xinrong gradually paved the way for more and more shops. He also developed from street vendors to rented two counters on the first floor of Hualing Jade City. Now he has not only built a 9-meter counter, Of the many distribution points 'Every holiday, we are very busy, this garnet bracelet is made for the Mother's Day order, a major customer would have about 3000! Just this 80 cm long jade Necklaces, selling more than 10,000 a year, even higher than Mount Everest! 'Li Xinrong said:' Sometimes met with a beautiful jade to match the chain of customers, with permission, I will shoot down to enjoy. Beautiful jade accompanied by the right chain, like a good marriage introduced, done a good thing, I am also happy!

    Open Li Xinrong's WeChat, like visiting another jade boutique. She likes to send a variety of new products, coupled with materials, process instructions, to show to friends. Li Xinrong said: 'As people's living standards improve, more emphasis on clothing accessories, beauty and taste-oriented men, but also gradually began to wear jade necklace bracelet, the past with a red rope, yellow rope, rope wear pendant has been kept up with the trend Someone who saw her chain doing beautiful, went out for sightseeing or trekking, picked up some Gobi jade, jasper, opal, etc., gave her her help to make them into bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, buckles, etc. In Hualing Jade City, as Li Xinrong identification of jewels have a certain level, many customers often come to her, in love bracelet screwdriver replica learning and exchange has become a good friend. Li Xinrong often said to the clerk: 'Although we bent over welcoming, not fake, not fake, not to lie, when the waist is very straight! Customer is to promote our jade culture a chance. Trust is priceless! '

    Miquan Tong Le Yu is the first micro-business cooperation with Li Xinyu, more than two years have sold thousands of goods, but also out of a way to get rich for themselves. Li Xinrong said: 'Now is the era of mobile Internet, there are already more than 30 network operators, more than 80 micro-business with me to establish long-term relationship.' 'In fact, I am also a great pressure here, the goods are under pressure on me Here, but I hope more people, through me and my products, to deepen the understanding of Xinjiang, Xinjiang jade understanding, but also hope that more partners to help me! 'Li Xinrong said. (Finish)
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  • Hetian jade bracelet development process

    Bracelets for a long time, originated in the matriarchal society to patriarchal society transition period. According to the literature, in ancient times, both men and women wear bracelets, and women are symbols of being married. Men are symbols of the identity or nature of work. In ancient society, people also think that wearing bracelets can be evil or hit good luck. And Hetian Yusu has 7000 years of history, during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties unearthed a large number of Hetian jade, such as the Shang Dynasty 'Fu Hao' tomb there are 60% of the jade is Hetian replica love bracelet yellow gold jade and sapphire. Home Wada that one of the 'Bi' '琮', etc., should be the prototype of Hetian jade bracelets in various periods fake love bracelets for couples of history and Hetian jade bracelets (or prototype) are different. Dawenkou cultural jade bracelet was outside the circular, spring and autumn period for the round bauble, Tang Dynasty with gold bracelets. eternal love bracelet fake Development to the Song Dynasty, jade bracelet was a ring, the level of the outer circle, the light-free pattern; and the Ming and Qing jade bracelets, more decorative According to historical records, Sui and Tang Dynasties love bracelet screwdriver replica to Song Dynasty, women bracelets decorated with a bracelet has been very popular, called Arm 钏. Early Tang painter Yan Libin's 'Step by step map', Zhou fat 'Lady Flower Ladies Figure', are clearly portrayed the image of a woman wearing an arm and a hand. This is not only limited to court aristocracy, civilians are also very keen. According to historical records, Cui Guangyuan troops crusade section chapter, soldiers looting everywhere, to see women, cut off the arm, take away the arm. Can be seen at that time wearing the arm is not a small number of women we know the name of Yang is called 'Yang Yuhuan.' We first do not have to study 'Yuhuan' is a jade pendant or bracelet, just listen to its name can be seen when the Tang Dynasty jade accessories on the deep impact of people's lives if it is a bracelet, according to the size of the development and Hetian jade palace courtesy, very It is possible that Yang Gui-fei had already brought the Hetian jade bracelet, which is almost as modern as ours, which is really 'veritable'.
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  • Afraid of a thief 惦 remember aunt will be all the results of their possession or be robbed

    Modern Express (correspondent Xu Jianyao Ai Jiajing reporter He Jie) cash, gold rings, gold necklaces, gold earrings, gold bracelets and a variety of documents ... ... Suzhou a year-old aunt usually nervous, afraid of their own home where to put Are not safe, simply all the property back, the results never imagined actually run into the criminals. Modern Express reporter learned that recently, Suzhou City, Huqiu District People's Court heard the case according to law, Wu accused the accused robbery was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and a fine of 2,000 yuan; aunt's property is lost and complex Not long ago, Just over 50-year-old aunt followed her husband to work in Suzhou, usually cartier gold bracelet copy living in the construction site. 'Fear of being stolen at home, unsure of heart, unsafe!' So, wherever she goes, she carries a green carry-on bag and puts almost all her belongings in it. One night in June of this year, she is alone Walked the night, found behind a stranger has been with myself, have not had time to respond, the back of people suddenly walked quickly came to ask the way. 'I was shocked and smells that he had a lust in his mouth and did not want to take care of him.' She then walked decisively quickly, when the man suddenly reached out to her shoulder, grabbed the green handpiece Purse to pull down the bag, Aunt Sun was pulled down to the ground, or pulling the bag tightly will cartier 18k gold bracelet copy not let go, the result pulled off the belt. Man snatched the bag, ran away his own body are gone, aunt panic, paralysis sitting on the ground crying aloud. At this point happened to encounter police patrols, Aunt Sun told the police about the passing of things. Remembered the items in cartier love bangle diamond the bag, she really is 'homely': a bank card, temporary residence permit, ID card, 1100 yuan in cash (8 100 yuan, 4 50 yuan, 4,5 20 yuan, 10 yuan and 5 yuan Add up to more than 100 yuan), a gold necklace (with jade pendant, more than 3000 yuan), a pair of gold earrings (1000 yuan), a gold bracelet, my family a photo, an umbrella ...

    Soon, the police found that Wu had suspicion of committing the crime and arrested him the next day. After identification, gold jewelry involved in the value of more than six thousand yuan. After the case, Wu confessed to committing the crime, voluntarily pleaded guilty during the trial. All diamond cartier love bracelet cash, documents, gold jewelry and other items have been recovered, and returned to Aunt Sun.
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  • Prince Harry miles copy cartier bracelet gold will be given his girlfriend affirmation necklace more plans

    Lead: originally finished working preparations for the return of Prince Harry in London, London, but suddenly change the trip more than 1,700 miles to go to Canada will be his girlfriend, and the day before her girlfriend wearing a heart tie holding bouquets appeared in the street. (YumengCheung)

    32-year-old British Prince Harry

    Prince William looked at his brother a happy and enjoyable little day, 'Diamond Bachelor' Prince Harry here is also very much progress. The 32-year-old Harry's recent love affair is steady, playing well with Canadian actor Meghan Markle, 35. Just last Sunday, Harry was supposed to fly back to London after finishing his work in Barbados. However, after suddenly changing his course, flying to Toronto to be a girlfriend and spending a night with his girlfriend, he flew back to London the next day. It was a thousand miles Miles girlfriend girlfriend: flight route map

    However, the day before Harry arrived, his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, happily holding a bouquet of flowers and appeared on the street wearing a necklace with the initials 'H' and 'M'. Joy sweet heart overflowing with two people initials necklace

    The 14K gold necklace is from the jewelry brand of Los Angeles designer Maya Brenner, while the big stars like Kendall Jenner and Mila Kunis wear the jewelry she designs. She can offer custom services to her clients such as the necklace fake gold bracelet cartier worn by Meghan couple, which costs $ 240 for each letter and a $ 60 surcharge for each letter, so the necklace on Meghan's neck is worth about RMB 4,100 yuan from Los Angeles designer Maya Brenner jewelry brand

    This necklace also offers platinum, gold and rose gold, three materials, a total of custom choice This is not the first time Meghan Markle wear this has the implication of the relationship between the two jewelry, but the couple often wear a couple bracelet to show love Although the two never appeared in public and did not respond to the romance, the woman's social media often showed some interdependent relationship. Its investment analysis across the stock, futures, foreign exchange, spot and other varieties, the overall understanding of the trend of trading and operation has its own unique point of view. And developed a 'divergent increasing decreasing strategy' and 'trend line growth principle', the long-term by cartier gold bracelet men copy the majority of investors attention and love to get more gold strategy analysis, please add Zhisheng gold Wang Di Wei signal: hha987987

    Scan two-dimensional cartier 18k gold bracelet copy code can be added Wang Di teacher WeChat friends, close and 'water skin Zatan' program invited analysts exchange.
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  • Burgled 1.2 million yen just redeemed back to be arrested

    A burglar thieves, suddenly stolen 1.2 million yen and RMB, jewelry worth more than 100,000 yuan, he was excited, the afternoon went to convert the renminbi, just arrived at the door, it was Wafangdian Municipal Public Security Bureau pine tree Police handcuffed the police station, police cracked the 7 hours this extra large burglary case. April 28 the same day, the thieves Sun Mou was detained by the police, May 5, the police petitioned the prosecution to arrest.

    April 28, 2017 Early in the morning, the man who lived in cartier gold bracelet replica Wafangdian Town, Wafangdian, shouted his Toyota toy car to the front and back plates and drove to find the target of theft and was ready to commit crimes. Around 8 pm, Sun Moulai To a village in the pine town, found a roadside villagers locked the door no one, parked in the vicinity of the roadside car, skid the window slipped into the closet in their bedroom, TV cabinet drawers suddenly found a Large bundles of yen and a small amount of RMB and a gold necklace, a gold bracelet, a gold pendant, Sun Mou and excited and nervous, succeeded, quickly drove away, directly back home.

    After arriving home, thieves Sun Mou can not wait to start counting the money, found a full 1.2 million yen, 1,000 yuan. Although Sun did not know the exchange rate of the yen and the renminbi, but he thought it must be a lot of money, the moment can be considered 'fortune.' After lunch, he drove with 1.2 million Japanese yen to a bank in Wafangdian city. According to the regulations of the bank, he could only redeem 500,000 yen. Although he did not expect the yen to be worthless, Redeem more than 30,000 yuan, his own secret plan, coupled with the jewelry 'shot' is also about 100,000 yuan, 'harvest' is also great. After finishing the bank's 'business', Sohn drove all the way humming the song, go home, he just got home and parked a car, suddenly came a few police to control, to wear handcuffs to him.

    It turned out that the victims of the day to work in a field, came copy cartier love bracelet pink gold back at 9:00 found stolen home, 1.2 million yen are made when a wife working in Japan. After receiving the alarm, police station at the pine tree police station of Wafangdian Municipal Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene immediately and found the Toyota car with a blockage plate by visiting. Under the joint work of the criminal investigation brigade cartier pink gold love bracelet copy and the police station, the video surveillance identified the vehicle and determined The suspect Sunmou, Sun 44 years old this year, there are 4 theft the previous section, the police tracked the vehicle, when Sunmou home, the police waiting at the gates of their capture. At present, all stolen money stolen cartier love bracelet no diamonds goods were recovered.
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  • Chaos Battle of the Four Seas Dragon King too many people together to kill a copy

    Chaos battle in the field of more than a cartier love bracelet pink gold diamonds copy single copy of the general copy of the degree of difficulty has improved, so you need players Hupenghuanyou groups of paired go beheaded BOSS. Today Xiaobian prepared for everyone a copy of the combined force to kill Raiders, do not miss the chaos battle domain 40 team copy - copy cartier love bracelet yellow gold size 16 the Dragon King

    There is no special monster in this copy, is a smooth avenue, there are four Dragon King is waiting for the players, cartier love bracelet no diamonds we team into the game, according to the damage to the enemy players will be ranked, a copy of the BOSS more pink gold cartier love bracelet replica powerful, we need Unity efforts in order to win, in addition to a copy of which we can get a copy of the treasures in addition to the various career rings and bracelets, but also get the soul of war points can be used to exchange a variety of rare items Chaos Battlefield sixtieth team copy - Extinct Business

    When we reach the level 60 when we can team into the Shang business, the map produces 60 rings and bracelets in the game these are treasures, in fact, the only team copy is not satisfactory is that the various occupations Bracelets and rings are occupational restrictions, hard fight some, the result hit the equipment can not be used, or quite depressing multi-person copy BOSS force together to kill, do not forget to play more time to make friends in the chaotic battlefield Oh, so when you need help, you do not have to worry about nobody bird you.
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  • Touch touch effect

    Early touch is in the critical stage of brain development of the brain to the brain cells and nervous system to stimulate the appropriate to promote infant nervous system development, thereby promoting growth and intelligent cartier copy diamond rings development. Soft caress to children, not only the contact between the skin, but also a love of transmission.

    Skin is the largest human organ of the body, is the external sensor of the nervous system, this tactile receptors can pass all the feelings of the afferent into the central nervous system, the cerebral cortex to analyze these impulses to determine the corresponding reaction. Touch can take full advantage of the body's largest sensory organs, stimulating the distribution of different receptors on the skin, excite the central point of feeling, stimulate the formation of neurons and their contact with the touch, and gradually promote the development of the nervous system and intelligent formation. Therefore, touch can promote the baby's intellectual development, especially the development and improvement of emotional intelligence.

    Touch is conducive to the baby's growth and development

    Touch through the human body surface of the tactile receptors Pressure receptors along the spinal cord to the brain, the brain sends a message to excite the vagus nerve, so that the body increased gastrointestinal motility, increased gastrointestinal endocrine hormones and promote infant digestion of nutrients Absorption, head circumference, length, weight gain significantly accelerated

    Touch can improve baby's sleep

    Studies have shown that touching may be helpful for children with sleep disorders, such as difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake up, changing sleep patterns, etc .; touch the baby awake sleep rhythm better, more flexible response.

    Foreign studies also found that touch can reduce the stress response, improve immunity, enhance infant resistance and promote the rehabilitation of children with the disease. The role of more touch >> Why do children like mother touch? Baby touch need to pay attention to what

    Touching no fixed pattern, so the mother can continue to adjust according to the baby's situation to meet the needs of the baby, the newborn, each massage for 15 minutes to the older baby, about 20 minutes, up to no more than 30 minutes. Once the baby feels enough, stop immediately, usually three times a day is appropriate.

    1, head massage

    Gently massage the baby's head and draw a smile on her baby's upper lip with her thumb and massage the lower lip the same way.

    2, chest massage

    Hands on the ribs on both sides of the baby, right hand slide up to the baby's right shoulder, and then recovery. The same method is used for the left hand.

    3, abdominal massage

    Press the baby's abdomen clockwise. Do not massage the area until the umbilicus scab does not fall off.

    4, back massage

    Hands flat rose gold cartier love imitation ring on the back of the baby, massage from the neck down, and then gently massage the muscles on both sides of the spine with your fingertips, roundabout again from the neck to the bottom.

    5, limbs massage

    Droop your baby's hands, pinch your arm with one hand, squeeze gently from your upper arm to your wrist, and then massage your wrists with your fingers. Use the same method to massage the other hand.

    6, hand and foot massage

    Massage the baby's thighs, knees, lower legs, squeeze gently from the thighs to the ankles and massage the ankles and feet. Make sure your ankles are not hurt, using your thumb to massage from the heel to your toes. More Touch Touch >> Basic touch to the baby Touch the basic touch of children

    Stretch your arms, kick your leg, baby touches to begin. Prior to this you first need to look carefully at the baby touch one by one, to be assured, happy to enjoy the happy touch with the baby.

    Touch the best time

    The best time for baby to touch: between two feeding, the baby's mood is stable, no crying and physical discomfort. Best time: Because the baby's attention can not be a long time focus, so each stroke can not be repeated too much action, starting from 5 minutes, and then extended to 15 20 minutes. Never cartier copy love ring over-fed baby, hungry, tired when touching, not only can not let the baby enjoy the joy of parent-child relationship, but let him be very disgusted.

    Touch before preparation

    (1) Environmental Preparation: Room temperature should be 2830, humidity should be 50% 60%. Winter need heating or heating.

    (2) to prepare those who touch: remove the rings, bracelets and other may have injuries to newborn skin accessories; cut short nails; choose non-irritating skin care mens cartier love knock off ring oil or olive oil for newborns; clean hands with warm water, and coated with Run Skin oil or olive oil.

    (3) Neonatal preparation: fully prepared to make newborns comfortable and happy. Generally should choose newborns quieter, not tired, not hungry awake, 3060min before feeding or 90min after feeding. Touch the time schedule after bathing, nap, bedtime, starting from 5min, adapt to each 15min, 23 times a day. .
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  • Qing concubine health prescription for the first time open group map

    The concubine's health care is a highlight of the exhibition of concubines of Yonghe palace. Because of the pursuit of longevity, pray for auspicious for Swiss is also a deep desire to ban the Great Court concubine. However, due to living in the palace, loneliness, coupled with the usual lack of physical exercise, most of them fragile, and some even chronic illness. For many years, they used the pills as a group, and the decoction accompanied the Qing imperial pharmacy which contains a large number of concubines and medicinal herbs. They provide detailed evidences for later generations to know the concubines of the Qing Dynasty. In addition, Court prescriptions, there are tocolysis, kidney, qi, blood circulation, spleen and other content of the prescription, but they have not been disclosed, but also more unreasonable development and use of time, smoking, playing cards, do needlework although pampered, concubines were sent Time toys are not many

    Dwellers in the palace of the concubines, their leisure life is like, but also people are most concerned about the topic. In fact, in leisure time, the concubines cartier fake love ring gold can only mirror the yellow, fat get powder, or needle thread, fine embroidered purse, or hand kneading walnuts, repose, or gather around a table, playing cards or hand-held tobacco, Spit the fog, or Danqing painted things, enjoy themselves, chat to send a lonely long time Exhibits on display in the Forbidden City selected some of the concubines who spend time on the toys, the concubines who leisurely Yi Yi vividly through these artifacts Show in front of the audience In the 'Pearl cartier ring copy white gold Tsui costume' part of the show, is the concubine of all kinds of wear jewelry, fully embodies the overflowing golden, magnificent imperial style. As a special group of concubines, the concubines have lived in the parasitic life of pampered prodigies. In their various kinds of living expenses, the only items of clothing and jewelry are various items. The concubines include gowns, gowns and dresses , 氅 clothes, waistcoat and crown, 钿, flat square, head hairpin, tassel, bracelet, nail cover, earrings, rings, shoes and other wear objects, are all jeweler, extravagant show women selection, An important feature of the imperial concubine system, the show's selection of women in the Qing Dynasty, presided over by the Ministry of households, voted once every three years. In order to maintain the pure descendants of the banner people, they should only be chosen from the women of Bamei Banner. To ensure the emperor's full possession of the 'show women,' all unmarried famers aged 13 to 17 must have been selected by the Qing concubine Binding system, has a very strict hierarchy rules, the Qing Dynasty, concubine, concubines determine the class, you must pass the 'book', 'India' book ceremony. The emperor wedding album Queen empire grand ceremony; Fan book, concubine ceremony is more simple. 'Book', 'India' is a representative of Empress Dowager, the text proposed by the ceremony, the Ministry of gold (or gold-plated) engraved and concubines daily expenses, including the palace points, pawn shop. Palace is from the Empress Dowager, down to the honored, often, promised, etc., according to the level of supply of gold and silver, cloth and monthly, daily supply of meat and meat, vegetables, non-staple food, etc. from the variety to the number of provisions , Including silk, mink, rice noodles, charcoal wax and other items; pawn shop is the Empress Dowager, the Queen, concubines and Fujin intrauterine use of different levels of metal ware, porcelain, lacquer, etc. from the variety to the number of provisions. Due to the different positions of concubines, there are obvious differences in the amount of daily expenses. According to their grades, they are diminished in government affairs. Their leisure life is also rich and colorful, such as watching movies, teasing dogs and playing cards. Cixi meal prepared for the kitchen room service, a total of more than 200 eunuchs, Empress Dowager Cixi, mostly fresh raw vegetables, knock off cartier ring with diamonds delicacies. Each meal with meat and vegetables, winter mutton, venison and other hot foods, summer eat wild Poria, mountain vegetables, mushrooms and so on. The rice used to make rice porridge with rice, purple rice, barley, rice, Lao Mi, millet and other Empress Dowager Cixi used tableware for the jade and fine porcelain dish dishes bowl, winter and more with silver pan and silver pan. Each dish has silver test drug card, about three inches long, such as food poisoning, silver that color. She used the chopsticks as ivory inlay gold It is reported that Empress on the beauty of their face is very valued every day to spend a lot of time, she insisted on using warm water sooner or later, covered surface, with facial massage massage points to promote blood circulation, the use of Yangzhou produced Palace powder, Suzhou system rouge and the palace since the self-contained rose skin care beauty. Empress also believe that the beauty of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the skin changes often ask the court doctor 'would like to' the hospital, until later years, her skin is still elastic hair care and carding is an important part of Empress Beauty, Oral and external use of traditional Chinese medicine for her hair eunuchs and hair appliances have been carefully selected and Cixi care of the teeth is also very scientific, both with traditional Chinese medicine protection, but also with medical equipment, seventies still cheeky, mouth Department of angular, there is no teeth, teeth and other oral diseases. The manuscript according to 'Beijing Morning Post'

    Qing concubine 'palace minutes' distribution table

    Note: The palace cartier ring with diamonds fake is within the palace, from the Empress Dowager to the concubine every year according to the level of supply of gold and silver cloth and monthly, daily supply of grain and oil vegetables, non-staple food from the variety to the number of provisions.
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