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Men grab gold jewelry for the elderly were always caught wearing a dress

According to the report of Anhui Commercial Daily, since Oct., many cases of pavement snatching occurred in Yaohai District, Hefei. The suspects were specifically targeted at jewelry worn by single elderly women. Reporter yesterday from the Yaohai Interpol sell cartier love bracelet team was informed that the police have been arrested after the suspects were successfully arrested October 9 evening, near the new Bengbu Hefei Road, love bracelets for couples fake a grandmother is passing by the side of the bus stop, a man followed . Line to the station before the man suddenly stepped forward, forced to seize the gold earrings on the ear of the elderly, the constant flow of ear ears, the man robbed the gold earrings, but also smoothly pull the hands of the old man's bracelet. Surveillance showed that the suspect had been wandering in the vicinity before committing the crime and looking for the target of committing the crime. When the police traced the suspects, three similar cases of robbery took place in Yaohai District on October 11 and 13, and some even occurred during the day. Four similar cases of robbery in January caught the attention of the police. From the monitoring shows that the suspects wearing features and appearance point of view, the police identified the same person as, 'tall men, short hair, so many days are a dress.'

Recently, according to Mopai the police found the man's fake love bracelets for couples foothold, in order not to arouse his suspicions, the police waiting in the cell door. Two days later, the police found a man in the doorway wearing and monitoring exactly the same clothes, so to control it, then the man admitted the criminal facts after trial, the suspect surnamed Hu, Cantonese, he just hired to Hefei A company, less than a month to work, no hair plus hair and friends to eternal love bracelet replica eat and drink, the man in the cash-strapped, one person out to rob a crime. Taking into account their own physical strength is not very advantageous, Humou specifically choose older women to start.
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  • Costumes, the largest provider of financing Goddess sent how to do this business

    Women's fashion share goddess of electricity supplier recently announced that it has completed by the end of 2016 led by the Northern Lights Venture Capital, cartier love bracelet new copy Jingwei China, the last round of investment capital and a number of international fashion brand investors voted with the vote of 18 million US dollars A round of financing . It is understood that this is the largest so far in the domestic apparel business A round of financing By the end of 2014, Xu Baizi co-founding team formally established goddess faction. From the model point of view, the Goddess sent by buying clothing, to provide consumers with dress, daily clothing, accessories, short rental service, members can use the original retail price of 5% 10% to rent the international big names According to Xu Baizi introduced the goddess The main clients are 20 to 25-year-old college students and career newcomers, followed by 26-30-year-old white-collar women and fashionista. The former use of the scene are mostly uniforms to the retail price of about $ 1000 tide brand, young designer brand-based, higher frequency; the latter have enough uniforms to accumulate, it is to meet the party, wedding, company annual meeting, etc. Rigid clothing needs of special occasions Domestic online clothing rental platform has also been on the line and access to finance. For example, 'Clothing 23' won A + copy love bracelet screwdriver rounds of 10 million US dollars led by IDG Capital; 'Doraemon Dream' also completed 46 million A round of financing. At the end of 2015, the goddess sent a $ 3 million investment in Pre A round of CRE Capital. Xu Baizi talked about the future A round of financing, the main use of funds for the uniforms inventory, supply chain system construction and market costs and the current round of financing, the goddess to further enhance the management team, the new strategic leader graduated from the London School of Economics, Former Macquarie Group in the stock analysts. The supply chain experts, such as Red Star Macalline VP and other senior personnel also joined the goddess camp love bracelet with screwdriver replica to share rent will be clothing e-commerce new attempt?

    Traditional apparel business generally low margin, low repurchase and low passenger orders, coupled with the decline in online retail, clothing rental sharing economy is really a good business?

    It is understood that the goddess sent has now launched three business lines, namely, a single rental dress, monthly membership cloud wardrobe and offline store. 'In less than a year to achieve profit or balance of payments.' Founder Xu Baizi told 'clothing painted' Previously, Huacun capital investors Yue Yue 'clothing painted' frankly investing in the field of clothing rental reasons: Due to the influence of the sun culture of social media, fashion queens and friends, Chinese girls have an increasing demand for clothing consumption. However, the international big names and high-end women are still unable to reach domestic consumers with reasonable prices and excellent experiences. A market opportunity - clothing rental. '

    The current round of investors, Managing Director of Northern Light Venture Jiang Haotian further explained the mode advantage of clothing leasing: 'Clothing is a trillion market, but also a highly mature area of ​​e-commerce, but over the past ten years of development can not be avoided Commodity de-standardization led to inventory risk, high return rate, low line orders, Goddess sent the bottom line of the new generation of consumer demand for innovation, and in a very short period of time on the supply chain and operations Mode has been a lot of optimization. '

    As for the Investment Goddess Faction, Jingwei China Management Partner Xu Chuan-sheng said they valued the team's ability to execute because the goddess faction to do a trick and fight spell the business founder and CEO Xu Baizi

    Attempt to localize American experience

    In fact, the birth of the goddess school has the shadow of Rent the Runway, the originator of clothing rental, more like a localization experiment of American experience. Xu Baizi used to be Deutsche Bank, vice president of TMT investment banking division of Macquarie Group in Hong Kong, Investment banking experience, let her contact with many pre-IPO Internet startups. In early 2014, Xu Baizi found that several foreign companies in the field of clothing leasing have successively obtained huge amounts and rounds of financing. Among them, Rent the Runway, which won 60 million U.S. dollars of E round of financing, is a typical case. The founder of the company even claimed to 'create Rental of the Amazon 'Online, clothing rental demand for a long time, but the pain is obvious: first of all, to bear the high store rental and staff costs, resulting in rent even compared to the purchase price; Second, there is no advantage of the purchase channels, mostly for the wholesale market No branded low-end gown, with vertical scenes like bridal gown, performance clothing, etc. Rent the Runway's success is based on the internal complex and efficient operating system, according to Forbes Chinese network reported that the company a total of 5 million members nationwide, daily The website and its software algorithms need to process and send more than 65,000 pieces of clothing and more than 25,000 pieces of earrings, bracelets and necklaces to members. This is exactly what Hsu Tzu is good at - she graduated with a degree in Business Operations Engineering from Columbia University, Operations research, in simple terms, is to use computers to simulate the entire set of actual operating systems to enhance effectiveness. 'Maybe copy the U.S. experience to China to build the Chinese version of Rent the Runway.'

    For now, the goddess school mainly solves the following four major issues, which are also the main pain points and barriers in the replica yellow gold love bracelet model. 1. To reduce procurement costs, 2. To change the traditional inventory system, 3. Limit rental, 4. Garment cleaning is a barrier.
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  • Guangdong Shunde bride married wearing 50 gold bracelets local gold jewelry blind blind your eye

    Yesterday, another similar microblogging once again let users exclaimed, the bride covered no less than 50 pieces of gold jewelry, set a 'new record' Yesterday morning, an article entitled 'The rich and powerful! Shunde bride body fifty gold bracelets! In the microblogging caused a shock, microblogging content shows, on December 15, a wedding in Shunde, the bride is not only full of gold bracelets on hand, but also covered with gold neck ornaments. The microblogging map and Mao, not only the bride full of bling jewelry, but also with text description, 'Visual about 50 bracelets or more, a diamond crown, a diamond set, earrings 1 right, 1 carat Diamond ring 3 ... Visual gold is not less than 1000 grams. '

    In recent years, Shunde often came out 'Golden Bride' microblogging, often let users exclaimed Shunde people's lavish. However, this network sensation, so that hair microblogging netizens and involved in the onlookers actress unexpected it is learned that the bride was exposed on December 15 in cartier new love bracelet copy Beibei Ramada staged a wedding in the ' Actress 'involved in wedding love bracelet with screwdriver copy planning company also microblogging exposed the luxury of the wedding night. The bride also said for the first time, worried about innocent exposure, causing unnecessary security problems. Some friends love bracelet screw copy said after the comparison, the 'Golden Bride' in Shunde wearing more jewelry set a record, but such information is easy to let the outside world mistakenly believe there is 'comparisons' atmosphere. However, some netizens think that since the bride is so dressed, it should be expected in the information society may lead to onlookers the consequences of a total of 7 1 [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Next Last

    Feeling: how much the probability of breaking up Three Musketeers: let profits continue to run

    Sniper: usher in the variable disk node Mei Xiaosheng tomorrow: dimensional stability is nearing completion

    Ni sister: adjust in place, regain cartier eternity bracelet the rise! Even the heart: pay attention to an important signal!

    The sun alone said the sentiment, won thousands of calls! Guess the end of the broader market index, win fruit 6! Chess King VIP circle to send micro-free community of famous column application area! West Yat God dubbing, 1.3 billion people have laughed IPO speed? New Year's later approved 100! Westward Journey Goddess of Voice, 1.3 billion people have laughed IPO speed? After the New Year's approval of 100! Rumors Montreal, the mountains can survive Daniel Air, Malaysia Airlines , Lost two times what is different 屌 explosion! Exceptional holiday overtime Excuse me after the carnival 'miserable' by whom?
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  • Waste change jade

    'September 13 to 16, held in Taishan jade' Taishan jade (raw materials) for the first time the public trade fair, 'who wish to purchase Taishan jade (raw materials) of businesses and individuals can register to participate. Six months after the closure of the mine, Taishan Jade became the jade price jumped fastest, the first public bidding after the Taishan jade prices are likely to usher in a rising period of 25 years, Tai'an, many events occurred, but also found on the Mount Taishan countless Of the precious animals and plants and historical and cultural relics, the most precious of which is Taishan jade ore .3 years later, Taishan jade prices soared hundreds of times, on September 13, 2012, jade mine also held its first public September 1, the reporter went to the Taishan jade mine located in the paraffin Nanshan, the person in charge, senior engineer Huang Zhenquan Taian jade industry respected as the most people who know Taishan jade He told reporters that at present, Taishan Jade has not yet entered the formal mining stage and is now doing basic work such as slagging, stripping and risk reduction. 'During this period, some jade products were found on the mines and the quality was not bad. And the market also has greater demand, so we brewed Taishan jade's first public trade fair, put this part of fake love bracelet with screwdriver the jade raw materials into the market. Huang Zhenquan said that now pound of Taishan jade raw materials to be sold 500-800 yuan, and many experts predict that the next five years Taishan jade prices have to double, probably to reach 2000-5000 yuan per kilogram, while newspaper newspaper in 2010 'Taishan jade, another crazy stone?' Manuscript mentions that in the first half of 2009, 1,000 dollars will be able to pull a car to the mountains of the original stone, since the jade closed, the same car at least have a rough stone 100,000. And now, the market is selling Taishan Jade all the material previously stored, less and less material, so Taishan jade worth, the texture of the Taishan jade is more rare, jade merchants have started to sell the original waste by kilogram of raw waste Gravel, now into a baby

    Before 2009, Taishan jade has not yet been recognized as the value of mining in the mountains of serpentinite most want to see is Taishan jade. 'The mountain was mainly the early exploitation of serpentine, was sold to the fertilizer plant whole car refining elements of magnesium, or transported to the steelmaking plant flux, a ton of dozens of dollars sold. Out of time and mixed in the serpentine, affecting the quality of the serpentine, so at that time mining out of jade are thrown on the side of no one to want. 'Huang Zhenquan said, because Taishan jade texture than serpentine hard, fertilizer and Steel mill to serpentine ground into powder, there will always be a pile of jade nuclear, Taishan jade worthless time, these jade nuclei have been disposed of. If those jade nuclear reserves up to now, a ton of at least 2 million yuan can be sold It is understood that as early as the early 1980s, Tai'an and Jinan at the junction of Jieshou, Paracel Nanshan, began mining Taishan jade and serpentine Stone, then some people want to speculation Taishan jade, and now the market can still see some crafts produced at that time, but because the surface of the Taishan jade mining a lot of impurities, jade impure, and some are even hard to call jade Taiyue Taishan Taishan Jade Arts and Crafts store, the reporter saw the manager Chu-Feng. He has been optimistic about the prospect of Taishan jade, from the end of the last century began to hoard Taishan jade stone. He gave reporters a cup and an ashtray without cover, the cup as a whole dark green, but covered with mottled impurities, the ashtray appears dark green, dark color, some dark, only by visual inspection, are It is hard to believe that this is jade products jade good quality, more cultural connotation

    'Taishan jade is serpentine jade, occurs in the Serpentinite of the new Pacific Wutai period, forming about 2.5 billion years ago, a total of four Taishan jade ore body delineated within the mining area, estimated Taishan jade ore resources The volume of 5,067,000 tons, ore containing jade rate of 53.5%, found the amount of 2,711,000 tons of jade.According to the color, impurity composition, microstructure and other characteristics will be divided into three categories: Taishan Mexican jade, Taishan Tsui Yu and Taishan jasper .Among them accounted for 78.9% of jade jade, Taishan jadeite accounted for 17.6%, while Taishan Jasper only 3.5%. 'Huang Zhenquan introduction, simply from the quality of jade, Taishan jade although there are glass of fine, However, the quality of most jade is not very high because Taishan jade has many impurities and often fake love bracelet screw contains small black spots of magnetite (also called replica love bracelet pink gold 'sesame spots'). Most of the deep color is jade, with poor head and more fissures Speaking of fissure, he talked about an example, a jade merchant spent 120,000 bought a piece of Taishan jade material, in order to pull out a pair of bracelets, he layer by layer cut, did not expect fissure really a crack in the end, This piece of jade to the end, stunned is a pair of bracelets did not make. However, there are many jade shopkeepers made a lot of bracelets, although the reporter did not know much about the jade, but compared with other jade, Taishan Jade feel the bracelet left aesthetics there is a little gap between 'Taishan jade is mainly value lies Thick Taishan culture, do not underestimate the cultural significance, and now Tai'an City, there are many foreign jade, are come to Taishan culture to sell high prices, and some jade quality than Taishan jade is even higher. Jade to pretend to be Qingdao jade, now it becomes a foreign jade to pretend Taishan jade. 'Huang Zhenquan laments, Taishan jade is also' sesame point ', defeat also' sesame point. ' Counterfeit Taishan jade, such as Liaoning Xiuyan jade, Anshan jade, Henan black jade, Qilian jade and other jade Qinghai, on the surface more greenery, transparency is better, less inclusions, no lines. In fact, authentic Taishan jade must have something like 'sesame' the same content. The surface is dark and opaque, translucent under light, and its secluded green tone 'deep sea green' is the typical color of authentic Taishan replica gold plated love bracelet jade.
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  • Broke bracelet female tourists video public apology said it would be responsible for compensation

    Recently, 'the female tourist smashed 300,000 bracelet fainting' caused a great deal of attention, many media reports said the incident disappeared after the woman disappeared. On July 3, the female traveler recorded a video saying she was responsible for the incident. She said: 'Broken jewelry is my fault, I will compensate, I have not smuggled and irresponsible.'

    Earlier reported >>

    On the morning of June 27, Ruijie City, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, told Jade City Jade City that tourists Fei Jianqin missed the shame of a merchant Lin Mou's 300,000 bracelet. According to the staff introduction, Was a Burmese female waitress who did not engage in too much communication at the time and Ms. Fei did not ask for a broken bracelet for 10 minutes 22 seconds. Fei Jianqin picked up a bracelet from the counter. 10 minutes and 25 seconds, Fei Jianqin put cartier bracelet diamond the bracelet on his left hand. 10 minutes and 35 seconds, the bracelet fell, jade pieces and screams to attract nearby operators have turned around subsequently, Fei Jianqin pick up the broken bracelets in two places on the ground Identification of the doubt: Why a identification 'shrunk' 120,000 ?

    After gold cartier love bracelet fake the incident, in addition to the national police station, the cartier diamond love bracelet local market supervision and management, sister told the management committee, the tourism sector and other departments have participated in the mediation of this dispute, but failed to 'stall goods' is worth 300,000 high price?

    Experts from Ruili Gemmological Association Evaluation Committee also came to assess the value of the bracelets on the mediation site. According to the assessment opinions made by Chu Yunyun, executive vice president of the association, and other three persons, the value of RMB 180,000 yuan. Opinion, the assessment based on the current market price Ruili Jade, for reference purposes only. The three assessors also suggested that the damaged bracelets could be repaired with the use of inlaid gold and were still beautiful and wearable. However, instead of settling the disputes, the assessment only prompted more questions. One of the biggest voices of doubt are: bracelets 300,000 outcry, why the identification of only 180,000, why suddenly 'shrunk' 120,000? Gem Society identification, credibility, authority and how much?

    Re-storm: breaking the '300,000' bracelet after the sightseeing tour?

    After the incident occurred through multiple fermentation, triggering social concerns, the public questioned whether 'stall goods' is worth fake gold bracelet cartier the price, the conclusion of the intermediate accreditation authority, the parties were also questioned, 'broke 300,000 bracelets,' actually there are still mood Tour to play the water, so sister told Yucheng 'anger endless' incident, the Internet spread Fei Jianqin two videos: one video shows that it is sitting on a suspected cruise ship, the other video shows that it is sitting in front of a mahogany stores, two The video of the video has an audio-visual remark: 'Ms. Fei, who broke 300,000 jade bracelets, was so happy and run away!'

    It is reported that two videos were recorded in Ruili border a river and a mahogany craft shop in front of the city. Mahogany craft video recording on June 28, Fei Jianqin here had bought some of the goods.
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  • Female tourists claim the video must pay the bracelet boss

    July 3, in Ruili accidentally broken bracelet live fainted Jiangxi tourists Fei, 'lost contact' after a few days later said through a video that will be responsible for the incident 3, a number of media reports that 'lost contact' Recorded a video of a public apology and said it would pay compensation for the jade bracelet 'It is my fault to spoil the jewelry, I will pay for it, and I have not smuggled and irresponsibly.' In the video, Ms Fe said that since the mother Hands were scalded, his June 29 back home in Jiangxi Province, not to evade the responsibility for Ms. Fei's video, jade shop owner Mr. Lin said: 'The incident handled from the police station that night, she (Ms. Fei) there is no Have any contact with us, just as the world evaporated, can not be found after the coordination of people. 'Mr. Lin said Ms. Feifei on the 3rd that he also saw the video, but do not believe the video content . '

    'At the very beginning of the talk, the appraisal agency estimated that it was 180,000 yuan, but she said' no money ', only one-third and then 15,000 and 30,000.' Referring to the compensation price, Mr. Lin said : 'The price can be negotiated, I hope she quickly came over to solve the problem. Even if we are at a loss, this has been dragged down the impact is not good. As long as the problem can be solved, whether she is taking legal or private consultations, I Acceptable, now depends on each other's attitude. '

    With Ruili jewelery city 'smashed 300,000 bracelet Jiangxi tourists fainting' on the major hot search, the price of the bracelet triggered a lot of discussion, some people think that the market jade is not worth so much money; some people think that customers Broke things have price according to compensation ...

    As the saying goes 'gold price jade priceless,' as the highest jade jade really priceless it? Many people in the industry believe that although there are reasons for this sentence, there are ambiguities. 'The price of a commodity is always fluctuating around its value. Even the jade treasures are valuable, but the price of the emerald is relatively complicated.' Jade Institute of Quality Supervision, Inspection Vocational Training Center director, jewelry appraisers Tang Jun said that in fact as early as 2009, Yunnan has developed a local standard in Yunnan Province DB53 / T 302-2009 'jade jewelry quality rating.' Since then, Jade has the corresponding quality rating standards for the valuation of jade laid the foundation for the jewelry market, especially the jade market, many consumers have a common feeling in the face of the price of jade jewelry is often 'Fog in the flowers.' An emerald bracelet, can shout hundreds of thousands of high, low a few hundred dollars; a jade pendant, expensive on the million, cheap also 10 yuan. So high and low price, consumers will inevitably have many questions, how to measure the price of jade is good or bad, why jade price 'arbitrary' so big?

    Tang Jun said Jade because of its own characteristics, it is difficult to do as standardized as diamonds. However, the Yunnan Provincial Institute of jewelry quality inspection reference diamond evaluation system, developed a local standard in Yunnan Province DB53 / T 302-2009 'jade jewelry quality rating', which is China's first high-grade emerald for the development of quality inspection standards. At the same time, China's first 'high quality natural jade jewelry quality inspection certificate' called emerald 'passport' is also simultaneously launched in Kunming. The standard is a breakthrough in the use of quality grading, the natural jade is divided into top grade, treasures, Jiapin and qualified products such as 'five-file twelve.' Each grade is divided into three levels, which are detailedly evaluated from the aspects of texture, transparency, color, technology and comprehensive impression, and the 'five plus one score method' for the thousand points system. Upscale jade make up the past can only verify the authenticity of the grade rating, can not explain the quality and grade defects, consumers can roughly determine the corresponding level of quality jade value in addition to quality evaluation criteria included in the emerald quality inspection certificate also described Details of the transaction, more details of its cartier gold bracelet men fake appearance, technology, that consumers can see from the certificate on behalf of the significance of jade, the number of transactions such as consumers are most concerned about is true and false and price. True or false can be judged according to the quality certificate, the price can be estimated according to 'jade jewelry quality rating'? Tang Jun said that at present, according to the grade of jade to divide the price is very difficult, many experts have tried the industry, but did not get everyone's unanimous approval. As the saying goes, 'thousands of agate million kinds of jade', if there are a thousand kinds of agate performance, there are tens of thousands of jadeite performance; the same piece of jade in the species, water, color will also be different, the same piece of material to do Out of the two product quality can not be exactly the same For Ruili jewelry city, Jiangxi tourists broke 300,000 yuan merchants offer. Since then, Ruili City Gem Society Assessment Committee of experts on the bracelet valued 180,000 yuan. This valuation makes many people question, call the 300,000 bracelets, why suddenly 'shrunk' 120,000? Gemological Association of identification, credibility and authority how much?

    Tang Jun introduction, after identification, broken bracelet is indeed natural, from the photo point of view its head and quality is not bad. Evaluation fake cartier bracelet gold is the value of the assessment, while the price of jade is no fixed price, the price factors, including market factors, supply and demand and many other aspects. 'Outcry 300,000 yuan to assess 180,000 yuan, which is very common in the emerald market. Business outcry, the consumer counter-offer, the two sides reached a deal through the consultation is also normal.' Tang Jun said that the news occurred in the wholesale Distribution center, outcry, bargaining process naturally exists Jun Tang said that through this matter also gives businesses and consumers a lot of warning, operators have to be able to anticipate the risks, valuables should be reminded in advance to consumers attention gently. Consumers must try, wear and watch under the gold cartier bracelet copy condition of ensuring safety. Trading rules also have 'jade hand' argument, do not pass on to each other For ordinary people, jade has always been expensive commodities. Tang Jun introduced, for now, the real value of commercial exploitation, to achieve a gem-quality jade only in Myanmar, Myanmar's producing areas about 3000 square kilometers. 'Yunnan is the main access to China's jade wool, the main processing base, Jade Finished distribution center. 'Tang Jun said that Yunnan and the world's largest emerald place in Myanmar, adjacent fake cartier 18k gold bracelet to the development of its industry also has a very good advantage. Jade jewelry industry is the traditional industries of Yunnan, for thousands of years there is a 'jade out of Yunnan,' the reputation of the accident who do not want to happen, but after the accident, is there any way to reduce the loss on both sides, whether it can buy Emerald Insurance?

    Insiders suggest that sales of jade and other valuables businesses can learn from foreign experience for the purchase of precious commodity insurance, product damage, a certain amount of insurance compensation can reduce the pressure on both parties and losses. Tang Jun bluntly, on the insurance, policies, there are a lack of technology to be further studied, standardized, and explored. 'First of all, how to measure the value of the insurance company also need to determine the price of the commodity in order to insure the price; In addition, the emerald is fragile, how to lose the broken is also a big problem.'

    We often hear that the circulating jade on the market is divided into A, B and C goods. Tang Jun introduced that in fact, this is not a quality grade of jadeite, and it is only a concept of business (concept). A cargo refers to the natural generation, the use of physical methods of carving, polishing, polishing, without using any chemical, irradiation to destroy the internal structure of jade grade identification through the color, clarity, jade and other aspects of view, jade Level also depends on how the carving process. In general, high-grade jade carving delicate appearance, smooth lines Tang Jun remind consumers to buy jadeite, you must first check the inspection certificate issued by a qualified inspection agency to ensure that the goods they purchased are real. In addition, to choose a reputable shopping mall to buy, before buying through a variety of channels to fully understand the basic knowledge of jade, jade trading basic rules. Consumers should be based on their financial viability to buy targeted, it is best to ask the price try again, an accident occurs when there is a reference price for compensation (in accordance with the mandatory provisions of Yunnan Province, businesses in jewelry jade, precious metal jewelry The price tag on the code) depends on whether there is a CMA mark on the test certificate, which is the national law on the basic requirements of the test and inspection agencies access.
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  • Civilian dark emperor 2 feel plus recommend contract 6 high explosive increase point way bus DNF area

    Remaining SP475, remaining TP0. The remaining SP can be based on their own preferences. Xiaobian explain death fake cartier pink gold love bracelet sacrifice this skill is more ink, practicality is more controversial. However, Xiaobian think this skill has improved after two feels, with the excellent control of the Dark Emperor can play out the output (for example, you can eat a speeding throw copy pink gold cartier love bracelet a set of other skills sacrifice), and secondly cartier pink gold love bracelet fake in the daily and group Shadow cut is far better than the white figure easy to use, so Xiaobian personally think that this skill contract 6 is full, really do not like the use of Shadow cut can be. As for the ancient memory in the current version more tasteless, that point will help point to the outbreak of the contract 6 more equipment options, the general idea is to choose on the basis of yellow burst plus property or is a strong equipment. For example, the left 6 contract + achievements bracelet + soul chain (team conditions for blackmoon, etc.) + crit + dark right slot + Gothic (Chunhua cartier diamond bracelet effect is not full not recommended) + without explosion injury Weapons, such as Tian Cong cloudless short Jainuo soul sword and so on. If there are other yellow explosive disintegration can be considered to replace, such as with the sword or sword, then the ring can be replaced by dark hidden; Another example is the magic battle chest, then the achievement of the bracelet can be replaced by the contract bracelet contract 6 broke Compared to the contract 9 to much higher, but the need for a certain amount of equipment accumulation, if the contract 6 plus the general equipment forcibly collocation I am afraid that the effect is less effective than the contract 9. Therefore, the choice of contract 6 and contract 9 should be considered.
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  • Authoritative experts to help you live treasure Jadeite direct Hui

    Into the store Xinhui gold South Street flagship store, came to the shop, and soon be able to see the shocking scene: Here all the precious Xinhui Hui Jade! The Jadeite Direct Marketing Campaign, jointly organized by Morning News and Xinhui Golden Bank, is currently in full swing. Over 10,000 models of jadeite products compete for spectacle, giving the public feast for the eyes. There are thousands of entry-level jade, but also the value of millions of high-end emerald, all direct selling factory direct sales price, to the greatest extent to benefit consumers, but the same quality emerald can save a lot of money Oh!

    It is understood that the sale of all the direct benefits of jewelry all through the country gem authoritative appraisal institutions and experts A certified goods, each jade products have the only corresponding code and certificates to protect the quality. In this direct sales benefit, the public can not only buy the jade jewelry, but also have the experts sit on the scene and teach the public how to taste the jadeite. YMG reporter Zhao Ling Jian correspondent Wang Chunhui Meinun Photography Report For consumers, the most worry about buying emerald is not spent a lot of money, but afraid to buy is not value for money, or even fakes. People often say that jade can be raised, and the real natural jadeite is rich in mineral elements and can be directly absorbed by the body to play a regulating role. However, if you buy fakes, long-term wear will cause harm to fake cartier gold bracelet the human body. Therefore, to buy genuine jade goods are many consumers are looking forward to today's jade market is uneven quality, consumers do not understand the market is often flicker, spent a high price but bought a fake goods, distressed. There are also many consumers do not know whether the emerald jewelry bought before is the real thing, want to get the jewelry appraisal unit to identify, do not know where is the formal appraisal unit, and identification of whether to charge a fee. In order to give maximum feedback to consumers, the Jadeite Direct Marketing Benefit jointly organized by Morning Post and Xinhui Gold Bank will be invited to invite national registered jewelery senior appraisers on weekends from August 5 to August 26, and the quality of Yantai City Bao Yong, chief of jewelry station of Technical Supervision Bureau, Ding Jinying, a senior appraiser of nationally registered jewelery of jade, visited the flagship store of South Avenue, Xinhui Golden Bank and took the scene to help consumers analyze the fineness of jadeite. The general public can also take their own jadeite for experts Free identification. Each jade is equipped with an authoritative identification certificate

    Many people love jade, but high prices prohibitive. Due to lack of awareness of emerald, many people are always hesitant when picking, afraid to spend money wasted money to buy fakes. 'The advantage of this direct sales benefits is the best of both worlds, from fineness to style are carefully selected, are natural jade A cargo from Myanmar, from the source to ensure that the natural pure, each one is equipped with the authority issued Certificate of identification, like ID card, like the authentic identity of emerald. 'Xin Hui Jin Cong, general manager of Cong promised that the total also said Cong, the real high-quality emerald is proportional to the price, the more high-end price of jade High, the direct benefits Hui emerald products are complete, from low to high-end have to meet the different needs of consumers to wear, gifts, collections, etc. live in the district of Mr. Zhao is the morning newspaper old readers, and started from the morning newspaper started Subscribe, this time to see the benefits of direct marketing, immediately rushed over, 'quickly recommend a medium-priced bracelet, I want to give my love.' Mr. Zhao told reporters that he never dared to buy this jade , One is afraid of being cheated, the second is worried about the high cost can not buy good things. Yantai now also direct sales benefits, or local brand security. Direct selling price is too cost-effective, cartier pink gold love bracelet replica special jade first come first serve

    'The market price of two or three million jade pendant, Huihui thousands of dollars in direct sales will be able to buy a hand, it is too cost-effective.' Mr. Liu queuing up at the cashier very much emotion, has been saying that buy too affordable for most Common people like to jade, high prices prohibitive, tens of thousands of dollars at the mall jade is unbearable. Cong Hui Jin, general manager of Bank of Communications, Ms. Min told reporters, in addition to the origin of jadeite control the production of the original stone so that the price of jade is getting higher and higher, processors, distributors, shopping malls level of fare increases, but also high jadeite behind the scenes Pushing hands, only to remove the profits of middlemen, jade prices in order to return to reason. Emerald factory shop to make jade return folk It is understood that this direct marketing benefits, excluding the middleman links, restore the true price of emerald, to the greatest extent conducive to consumers, so that consumers can buy good value for money jade jewelry, jade cartier love bracelet pink gold copy is not And then the exclusive collection of aristocracy, you can also enter the homes of ordinary people. All cartier love bracelet pink fake products are direct factory direct supply, not only bracelets, as well as pendants, pendants, the pieces of toys and other products, priced from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars have, love Jade consumers can find their favorite here Treasures.
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  • Rickets can not eat any food

    Suffering from rickets will bring endless troubles to our life, will also give us employment, marriage and many other unfavorable factors, if found in time for early treatment, but also get good results, here's to tell you about rickets About the symptoms

    A neurotic symptoms: sweating, night scared, crying and so on. Hyperhidrosis has nothing to do with the climate, due to sweat stimulation, children often rub the occipital, occipital bald or ring formation of iliac manifestations of the two bones 1, head 1 skull softening: early manifestations of rickets, more common in 36 months of infants 2 head deformities : 'Square cranial', 'saddle head' or 'crosshead'

    3 anterior fontanelle, closed late, as late as 2 3 closed 4 teething late, can be extended to 1-year-old teeth, or 3-year-old came together. Serious teeth alienated, enamel dysplasia 2, the chest 1 rib suffering from the beads 2 thoracic deformity: chicken cartier ring band knock off breast; funnel chest 3, limbs and spine 1 wrist, ankle enlargement, the formation of rickets 'bracelet' and 'foot brace' 2 lower extremity deformity 'O' leg knee varus, or 'X' leg knees 3 replica cartier ring rose gold curvature of the spine: may have scoliosis or kyphosis, severe pelvic deformity can also be seen hip valgus, severe female children may be due to adult Pelvic deformity caused by dystocia three other performance: rise, cartier replica ring with diamonds sit, stand, walk late, cartier love diamond knock off ring joint relaxation and over-stretched phenomenon, abnormal cortical function, the formation of slow reflex conditions, language development, anemia above is the symptoms of rickets Introduction, life if you find the above symptoms will be immediately introduced to the hospital treatment, the disease in the early treatment effect is good, so can not be delayed to avoid causing unnecessary consequences, I wish you good health!

    2 rickets can not eat any food

    Rickets can not eat what food? Rickets patients must pay attention to diet, some diet is eatable, some food can not eat, reasonable diet science helps disease treatment, bad eating habits can aggravate the condition, today we mainly To find out what kind of food can not eat rickets? Hope you can bring some help 1, rickets diet avoid taboo. Due to dairy milk and starchy foods in the small amount of vitamin D, far from meeting the needs of children's daily growth and development. Long-term simple dairy or starchy food feeding, can cause or aggravate the disease, is an important rickety diet taboo 2, rickets diet suitable lotus, yam, cornus, medlar, walnut, bone soup, bone marrow, Snail, lotus seeds, eggs, fish, shrimp, seaweed, etc., should be more in outdoor activities, increase the sunshine time 3, rickets diet over eating cereal foods such as rice, millet, sorghum, wheat, corn and so on. Cereals containing vitamin D and calcium, phosphorus deficiency, long-term consumption of such foods will make the disease worse. This is a common rickety diet taboo 4, rickets diet avoid prolonged use of vitamin D preparations. Some parents think that vitamin D is nutrition, eating more as possible. So let children take vitamin D preparations, resulting in vitamin D poisoning, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, irritability, hi drink, frequent urination and nocturnal urination and other symptoms above is a detailed description of what food can not eat rickets , Need to be based on the doctor's advice for a reasonable diet, so as to help cure rickets, rickets occur in children, so parents need to be good care of children, if you want to know more please consult an expert 3 rickets prevention methods

    Rickets patients are more and more, we have to have a good living environment in the life of children, living environment for the patients is very important thing, we must have a reasonable diet, diet adjusted, Rickets will slowly recover, I hope we pay attention to prevention of rickets in life, here we look at the prevention of what are you!

    According to experts, reasonable feeding is very important to prevent rickets. Breastfeeding should be used as soon as possible after birth, because vitamin D and other nutrients are easily absorbed in breast milk. 4 months baby began to add complementary food, not to cereal-based, otherwise it will affect the absorption of calcium in the diet should gradually add eggs, liver and other foods containing vitamin D and more.
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  • Three hundred thousand Hetian jade stone sold millions

    The 325-kilometer-long Xinjiang Yulong Kashgar River has been famous for producing beautiful jade since ancient times. After entering the 1980s, the pursuit of Hetian jade and the heat of investment have been on a wave of waves. In only thirty years, Hetian jade prices all the way up, rose more than a thousand times after so many years of excavation and trading, right now, the market is less and less good jade good quality. Especially this year, with the increasing restrictions on the Yulong Kashi River in Xinjiang Hotan and indiscriminate excavation and management, jade shop around the world are more than good jade cabinet, waiting for a new round of price hikes. On the other hand, a large number of general-purpose jade into the market, causing the middle and low Hetian jade prices fell He Shaoming do jade boutique business more than a decade, but this year, obviously feel bad business. From this year in May and June until now, in order to find a few good and Hetian jade bracelets. He frequently commutes to Xinjiang, Henan, Shanghai and other places, and there is no result now. He Shao-jing said: 'Too hard to choose. There will be no more than one thousand in the world. Not good to get in. Basically good (Jade) are in the player's hands. '

    Hetian jade is a tremolite class, tremolite content is generally above 95%, with warm and oily as the first feature. The boutique Hetian jade generally refers to the river bed in the Yulong Kashgar after thousands of years of scouring after the formation of suet level Hetian jade material. Not only white and not anti-green, high degree of fat, tremolite content of nearly 99%, not the general jade can match. If we can find a good Hetian jade, not only the collection of high value-added space is also very large King Jiansheng: eighty thousand dollars not work?

    Seller: No, can not give this, loss it Wang Jiansheng: Then add ten thousand dollars, ninety thousand dollars sellers: so plus one hundred thousand dollars Caixian Wang Jiansheng is the franchise and Tian jade Xinjiang native jade dealer, business He Tian has been business for nearly 20 years. The quality of Hetian jade market prices this year, he felt more directly. replica cartier ring rose gold The quality of these bags is not good but also barely able to phase Hetian jade kid material, after several bargaining, or no transaction Jade Wang Jiansheng said, 'high-end material is really too small. In the past you just go, for example, a dozen If you can not buy it, you can always see it.Now you can not see it, even now you see it, this price makes you dizzy, a piece of 1500000. '

    Good jade amount of high prices. A large number of general or low quality Hetian jade began flooding the market, as a result, middle and low Hetian jade prices all the way down, the market for the first time to show the quality of Hetian jade up and down, the price trend of the two poles. Some jade shop have played a 'discount' signs to attract customers. There are businesses with jade gold, diamond-studded approach to driving prices, compared with last year, the price is still 2%, 30% decline Yujian Wang Jiansheng said, 'the safety of the mountain of gold inlaid jade Deduction, I walked a dozen last month, more than twenty just like to play with, now not necessarily, and may sell three or five months last year, I sell less to say 3200 dollars this year directly Become 2600 yuan, and 2600 dollars you do not want to let him do not want it

    Gamble stone winner: three hundred thousand original stone sold millions of high price

    Good jade hard to find, many people have placed their hopes on the 'bet stone', hoping not too high price to receive a piece of good material, a gamble win, but this gamble stone odds how much?

    In Xinjiang, whether it is Hotan or Urumqi, large and small markets have this monolithic 'stone' market. The so-called original stone is not processed, carved jade material. It seems that some slightly jade characteristics, while others, exactly like ordinary stone. Bet stone risk, naturally lost more people, fewer people win. However, jade dealer Yang Jun is a rare winner in betting stone trading. Earlier this year, he spent three hundred thousand yuan to buy back a piece of the original stone jade Yang Jun did not dare to say, 'When buying the stone at the time it is a complete it does not cut all the things can not see just Playing such a small eye This should be the first person to buy time (playing), after buying he wanted to bet, finished the open eyes opened his eyes is sugar.

    Sugar color is a secondary color Hetian jade, the appropriate fine, many of the times. And it is this dark brown sugar color, so that the first buyer lost confidence, resale to the price of 300,000 yuan to the original stone sold to Yang Juncai. I did not expect this piece of stone which is wrapped by a wrapper on a good sheep and Sheep fat jade seed material, Yang Jun was fiercely earned it by a pen named Yang Jun, 'At that time we cut the first knife after selling a slice is cut A sold when the people gave 500,000 If this one knife cut to the last one cut out to cut more than ten million out.

    However, not everyone has such luck as Yang Jun Cai. On the contrary, more and more betting stones have attracted some fraudsters. Another Mr. Yang in May this year, the price of 10,000 yuan bought a 'open skylight' of the original stone. After buying only to find that this is just a block of ordinary stone, counterfeiters just cut the skylight paste a small piece of filler Xinjiang Hetian jade product quality supervision and inspection center director of national registered jewelry jade quality assessment division Li Kun

    'This is a white piece of marble, and he cut it in. It's very common to open a mouth and squeeze it in.'

    10,000 yuan bought whatever the outcome is still a stone. For unwilling to appear in the reporter Zhang, he spent nearly one hundred thousand yuan back to a piece of stone but not even the stone Xinjiang Hetian jade product quality supervision and inspection center director of the national registration of jewelry jade quality assessment division division Lee Kwan said, 'This is the outer layer of plastic resin in this center a lot of metal clip caught in the middle of this lead rose gold cartier love imitation ring to make it become more density because it is the resin raw material, so take a flashlight that this light is transparent

    Variety of jade 'Pong money' soared

    In the gem national standards, Hetian jade does cartier ring rose gold copy not have the origin of significance, but in accordance with the mineral structure to define, that is: whether knock off cartier ring band produced in Xinjiang, Qinghai or elsewhere jade, as long as its main component is tremolite Hetian jade can be called. But for the vast number of consumers, most of the products they want to buy and sell are Hetian Jade, which is of better quality and genuinely produced in Hetian, Xinjiang. Some businesses are playing this concept is poor, to induce consumer or even shoddy, fake really Hualing jade market in Xinjiang, a variety of jade, jade jewelry full of bang, Ba Yu, A jade, Choi Yu , Gobi jade, Russian jade, Korean jade, a wide variety of jade variety, see dazzling.
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