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Standing Tensions Between Turks and Kurds

But beyond the enormity of the humanitarian crisis, the dramatic influx of Kurdish refugees has heightened tensions between Turkey and the Kurds, while it appears to be easing long standing antagonisms between Kurdish factions spread across four nations.

Turkey, an important NATO member that shares Syria's entire northern border, has admitted more than 100,000 Kurdish refugees, according to the country's deputy prime minister, but it's been reluctant to allow the passage of arms to outgunned Kurdish fighters in Syria. They've consequently backed a number of extreme Islamist rebels who have demonstrated a willingness to take on the Kurds, while also refusing to help Kobani's embattled defenders, despite their shared disdain of Assad.

Ankara fears that significant battlefield successes by the main Syrian Kurdish rebel group, known as the YPG, could renew Kurdish separatist ambitions in Turkey. After battling the PKK, the YPG's sister organization across the border, for the better part of four decades, Turkey and its restive Kurdish minority are in a period of wary rapprochement.

"The Turks are a problem," said one Western diplomat, who asked not to be identified, discussing the sensitive issue of military aid to Syrian rebels. "The YPG has emerged as the most reliable opponent of President Assad's regime, but there's a fear some kit [equipment] might end up with the PKK, and so we're discouraged from doing business with them."

The Islamic State, a terrorist army that originally billed itself as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is an outgrowth of al Qaeda in Iraq, but its refusal to answer to al Qaeda's leadership and its massacres of Muslims whose ways differ from its own have split the two terror organizations. Islamic State, based in Ar Raqqah, Syria, has declared a restoration of the ancient caliphate in the territory it has seized in Syria and Iraq.

The militants have attacked Kobani (known as Ayn al Arab in Arabic) several times in the past. Another clash over the strategically situated frontier town was not unexpected not least because the Islamic State signaled its intent in its most recent video, Flames of War, released last week. But with the Islamic State continuing to batter surrounding villages, tens of thousands more Syrian refugees could flee across the border in the coming days.

Its strategic location at a border crossing is valuable, but probably not so essential to the Islamic State that it would risk fighting its enemies in the trenches the YPG has dug around the city. The area's Kurds are intent on creating their own autonomous territory, but probably not one large enough to diminish the Islamic State's dream of a pan Muslim caliphate.

What distinguishes this siege from previous assaults on Kobani is that the Islamic State appears to have a real chance of capturing the city. Its recent conquests in Iraq and its cache of captured American weapons have emboldened and strengthened its forces, at a time when the YPG is reeling from a lack of resources.

The scene at the Mosul Dam, which was recaptured by Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters early in September, vividly illustrates the Islamist group's prodigious firepower.

The causeway is dented with craters from improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the approach roads are littered with high caliber bullet casings fired from pickup truck mounted machine guns, while abandoned American ammunition crates, which were pilfered from Iraqi army bases in Mosul, offer a reminder of the Islamic State's success in seizing big cities.

Kobani natives, a few of whom have clustered in and around Dahuk, on the northwestern fringe of Iraqi Kurdistan, are keen to broadcast their desperation.

"Help us, America. We have nothing. Nothing. They have tanks and we van earrings imitation have this," a Syrian Kurd said earlier this week, gesturing at his shabby Kalashnikov rifle. He and two companions had mounted an earthwork berm marking the border between the Kurdistan region of Iraq and one of the pockets of Kurdish held territory in Syria.

The three Syrian Kurds, none of whom would give their names, had left their home city to seek work in oil rich Erbil, but anguished phone calls from their families had spurred them to begin the arduous multi border crossing back to their besieged land. airstrikes on Islamic State positions has bolstered the YPG's confidence. The United States sent fighter jets and launched missiles into Syria on Monday, Pentagon officials said, but did not disclose the targets.

"Our forces are inflicting major blows," said Salih Moslem, the leader of the group's political wing. "Kobani will never fall. For Kobani to fall, everyone there must be killed."

To understand Kobani's plight and Turkey's anxiety about military assistance for the YPG it's necessary to examine the bitter enmities in the region. Despite the crisis in Syria, rival Kurdish factions based in large swaths of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and van cleef and arpels alhambra earrings imitation Turkey have had a tough time casting aside their historic differences.

The family of , the president of semiautonomous Iraqi Kurdistan, dominates the regional government, and its Rudaw media network taking its cue from Turkey, critics say is often unsympathetic to the YPG in its coverage of the crisis. Many Turkish and Syrian Kurds, in turn, revile the Iraqi Kurdish government for its expanding business ties to Turkey, including shipping oil from Kurdistan controlled fields to Turkey.

There are signs that this deep mutual imitation van cleef vintage alhambra earrings mistrust might be subsiding, however. "My brother had a much tougher time crossing when he went back last month," said the Kalashnikov wielding Syrian Kurd, surprised by the minimal security presence near Dahuk.

Much to Turkey's chagrin, this thaw in Kurdish relations might even translate into extensive cross border cooperation.

The Kurdish PKK units from Turkey, whose stronghold lies in the Qandil Mountains along the Iraq Turkey border, fought en masse in August to repel an Islamic State offensive into Iraqi Kurdistan. Rudaw commentators have suggested the Iraqi Kurdish special force, an elite group that answers to Barzani's son, could dispatch aid to besieged YPG fighters in Kobani.

"Relations are getting a little better, because with the events in Mosul and now this in Syria, there's an urgency to the situation," Van Wilgenburg said. "You see there's more stimulus for the Kurds to work together."

Tales of the Islamic State's terror tactics are now filtering out of the Syrian city.

Some refugees allege that militants have coated mortars in chlorine to scare the population into thinking it is under a chemical weapon attack; others say suicide bombers have hurled themselves at Kobani's defenses.

Those trudging into exile are, in some ways, among the lucky ones. They're largely out of danger (though refugees who were tear gassed after they arrived in Turkey over the weekend might feel differently). But they will now come up against an overwhelmed aid operation.

Tom Robinson, director of the Rise Foundation, an Erbil based charity that caters to the most deprived refugees, said, "This was already an existing humanitarian emergency with the Syrians, but now with internally displaced Iraqis, we're stretched to capacity."
Row over Meerut mayor's Vande Mataram diktat

A group of Muslim councillors left the Meerut Municipal Corporation House as soon as other members started singing Vande Mataram, following which a proposal to terminate their membership was passed.

The proposal put forth by Mayor Harikant Ahluwalia of the Bharatiya Janata Party also made it clear that any members opposing Vande Mataram will not be welcome in the House.

The Muslim members, however, said that they will continue to boycott Vande Mataram "as the Sharia law does not allow them to sing it and that they will move court over the issue if necessary".

Ahluwalia said, "The seven Muslim councillors of the House had walked out of it on Tuesday when other members started singing the national song. They returned after some time, but I refused to let them in."

The proposal to terminate their membership was on Wednesday passed at a meeting of the municipal board, the mayor said.

He said that it is a serious issue and all members, barring Muslim councillors, were sincere about singing "Vande Mataram".

"We will not allow members, who are against the singing of Vande Mataram, to sit in the House, when van cleef diamond earrings imitation it assembles next. We will even go to jail, if required, over it," he said.

Reacting to this, councillor Shaahid Abbasi said: "We are being looked at with suspicion even when we ready to lay down our lives for our country."

Councillors Diwanji Sharif and Arshad Ulla van cleef flower earrings imitation said: "Our religion, the Sharia law does not accept Vande Mataram. We are ready to tender resignation but would not sing it."

Terming the mayor's proposal to terminate their membership as a "Tughlaqi diktat", they said they would move court against it. Republication or redistribution of PTI content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the van cleef & arpels earrings imitation prior written consent.
star US flag that was first on Utah Beach on D

Historic 48 star US flag that was first on Utah Beach on D Day, complete with bullet holes from German machine gun is up for auction

The flag has been kept by US Navy Lieutenant Howard Van Der BeekIt was carried by troops on to Utah Beach during WWII on June 6, 1944The 48 star flag was flown from the stern of Landing Craft Control 60The torn and tattered flag that is replete with a bullet hole from a German machine gun is expected to fetch as much as $100,000 in the auctionBy

'This flag is easily one of the most significant artifact of the D Day invasion that exists in private hands,' said Marsha Dixey, a Historical expert and Consignment Director at Heritage Auctions.

'We all know the harrowing story of those chaotic dawn hours as America made its push onto the beaches of Normandy.

The flag is expected to fetch as much as $100,000 in an auction. Pictured above are boats and seagoing vessels used to convey a landing force van cleef and arpels necklace clover fake from the seat to the shore on D Day

'The fact of its survival is nothing less than a testament to the irresistible force of the American will.'

The torn and tattered flag that is replete with a bullet hole from a German machine gunis expected to fetch as much as $100,000 in the auction.

According to Heritage Auctions, the 30 feet by 57 feet banner is the 'sole war souvenir of US Navy Lieutenant Howard Van Der Beek' when it was flown from the stern of Landing Craft Control 60.

After the war, he went on to become an English professor and wrote about the moments before they charged the beach in his memoir of his war experiences titled Aboard the LCC 60: Normandy and Southern France, 1944.

'At some point I looked astern and saw what lay at sea behind us: the greatest armada the world had ever known, the greatest it would ever know,' he wrote in the book.

Marsha Dixey, Consignment Director at Heritage Auctions, said'This flag is easily one of the most significant artifact of the D Day invasion that exists in private van cleef arpel necklace copy hands.' Above US troops disembark landing crafts on D Day

'I must have been overwhelmed by the sight as I clung to the rail for a moment to take in the magnitude of that assembled fleet, many great, gray ships majestically poised in their positions; larger numbers of unwieldy landing vessels heaved by the heavy sea; and countless numbers of smaller amphibious craft tossed mercilessly by the waves.'

According to Heritage Auctions, American flags that have been involved in battles have long occupied the 'upper strata of military collectibles.'

Nearly a decade ago, flags that belonged to JEB Stuart and George Armstrong Custer fetched $956,000 and $896,000 respectively.

The 48 star US flag is set to go on auction Jun 12 in Dallas, Texas.

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EXCLUSIVE: First photos of Ariana Grande van cleef and arpel clover necklace imitation since Manchester. The schoolgirls massacred by ISIS coward: Five teenagers. Help for the homeless heroes: Millionaire West Ham owner. Father of Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi claims his. Theresa May warns a fresh terror attack is feared to be. 'Like bits of fire': Mother and daughter share photos of. EXCLUSIVE: Ariana Grande's hero mom who helped bring. Britain on lockdown: Army deploys 1,000 heavily armed. 'Our little princess has been so lucky': Father's joy as. Mother of teen, 18, killed in Manchester terror attack. Tourists watch in horror as armed police arrest man. Horror on the M6: Lorry driver is arrested after four. More than 24 hours on, desperate families still search. Aaron Hernandez's hell behind bars: NFL star killed. She STILL doesn't wanna hold his hand: Melania leaves. Terrorist's brother arrested: Dramatic moment armed. 'I won't forget what you said!' Trump tells Pope after. BREAKING NEWS: My son is innocent, insists father of. MOST READ NEWS Previous.
The best and worst of the new fall shows

This past week, the four big networks unveiled their fall schedules and all the brand spanking new sitcoms and dramas that will start premiering in September. the short trailers based solely on a first episode.

Of the 50 some new shows, a few of the most promising don't even have trailers out for public consumption yet. (I'm talking to you, NBC's "About a Boy" and "Crisis.") Among those that do, there are many dude centric sitcoms, many new re imaginings of famous tales (Dracula, Alice in Wonderland, and even Ichabod Crane) and even one show that stars John Malkovich as a pirate. Watching all the trailers, I kept reminding myself that pilots are difficult to make and not necessarily indicative of the series to come. First episodes are sometimes better than what follows, but usually, thankfully, they are much worse, especially for comedies, which need to need time to clarify tone and character. I kept reminding myself of this because I had to: the new shows don look very good. Fox plays a guy very much like himself: a beloved TV figure who returns to work even though he has Parkinson Is it shamelessly self referential and heart tugging? You bet.

Nine Nine (Fox) and Fun Night

I'm lumping these two sitcoms together because I found them promising in similar ways: the trailers are not all that funny, but they are also not total whiffs. In Nine Nine Andy Samberg plays a cop. In "Super Fun Night" Rebel Wilson plays a young woman who decides to start being more social. Both Samberg and Wilson have charisma to burn, and the fact that neither show seems like a disaster from the trailer is a small victory (compare with Anna Faris in Chuck Lorre's "Mom"). The show looks taut and complicated and even a little pervy and since it only 13 episodes, like it should stay that way for a whole season.

Intrigued by ( by Millers

"The Millers" stars Will Arnett as a new divorc whose parents move in with him. Those parents are Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale. Based on the trailer, "The Millers" seems more like a Margo Martindale van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra imitation show than a Will Arnett show, but one where she constantly makes masturbation and fart jokes. For this she is not a regular on Americans Martindale is great but even she might not be able to make this work.

Hollow (Fox)

This is Fox's take on the Ichabod Crane tale, in which Crane wakes up in the present day having slept for a couple hundred years (like another Washington Irving character, Rip Van Winkle) and has to help the cops track down the headless horseman. It from Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who wrote the Trek movies among other things, and it is getting an early push from Fox, but it seems like a Nicolas Cage movie come to television: strange and van cleef arpels clover necklace copy campy, not necessarily good.

This may be heresy against Joss Whedon and his body of good works, but the TV spin off of "The Avengers" starring Clark Gregg seemed like nothing special to me. ABC tried this superhero thing, with a tighter concept, just two years ago with "No Ordinary Family, and that tanked. The trailer has a couple good Whedon zingers, but it seems very vca necklace copy standard. It getting the network plumb slot, after Vampire Diaries. But the trailer is 30 seconds long, and features, like every CW show, a very pretty in a non threatening way young woman doing almost nothing. I not sure from the trailer that the main couple Stuart Townsend and Hannah Ware have chemistry, which is extremely relevant, but I am a sucker for soapy, tortured romance when done well. Fingers crossed.
The 3 questions the show still has to answer

In the movie a Wonderful Life, George Bailey meets a guardian angel who shows him how things would have turned out for his loved ones if he had never been born.

In the penultimate episode of Bad, Walter White experienced his own, twisted version of a Wonderful Life. He didn't encounter a guardian angel named Clarence. (To be perfectly clear: because of Walter White, absolutely no one will ever get their wings.) But after extricating himself from his family's life assuming the identity of Mr. Lambert, confining himself to an isolated New Hampshire cabin and rendering himself non existent to his wife and kids Walt got to learn how his family was functioning without him. His informant was the opposite of Clarence: it was Saul's fixer, a no nonsense, unempathetic "vacuum repair salesman" played, in a bit of very smart casting, by Robert Forster.

As Forster the Fixer explained, a few months following Walt's departure, the Whites moved out of their home on Negra Arroyo Lane. That house is now up for auction and has been vandalized by kids who considered it a tourist attraction. (Hence, the spraypainted Heisenberg we saw in the previous flashforward.) Skyler is working as a taxi dispatcher to make ends meet. She's still taking care of Flynn and Holly, and she's facing a potential hearing before a grand jury for crimes that her husband primarily committed and for which he is currently the target of a nationwide manhunt.

It's funny that both George Bailey and Walter White two characters who otherwise have next to nothing in common both reach a personal crossroads in their stories because of money. George's problems are eventually solved when all of his friends and associates hand him the cash he needs, an expression of their appreciation for the many selfless things he's done. Walter White's problem, on the other hand, is that he has a barrel filled with millions, can't get it to his family and doesn't have a single soul he can trust to make sure they receive it. If, as George ultimately learns, no man is a failure who has friends, then Walt is a huge failure, the kind who has to pay a guy he barely knows $10K just to sit with van cleef turquoise necklace replica him for an hour.

In this episode, we saw Walt at his weakest, both physically and mentally. But even self administered, occasional chemo and complete isolation from society couldn't wipe out his determination to remain Heisenberg. We saw that quite clearly when Walt dug out his Heisenberg hat, popped out its dents and walked down to the edge of that snowy New Hampshire property, determined to defy the fixer's instructions and expectations by leaving without getting caught. Nevertheless, he opted to stay put and keep his dual copies of Magorium's Wonder Emporium company. His health and, perhaps, his own fear forced Walt to hunker down at the cabin for months, until he felt compelled to get some money to his family and, following that disastrous phone call with Flynn, turn himself into the DEA. Then, right after his pseudo surrender, something happened. Walt saw his old friends, Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz, talking to Charlie Rose on a TV inside the bar where Walt had just ordered a glass of scotch neat, exactly the way the late Hank Schrader would have liked it.

The Schwartzes, those van cleef turquoise necklace imitation two upstanding, exceedingly wealthy science geniuses, were saying that Walter White now officially known across America as a very bad guy didn't make any significant contributions to Gray Matter, their successful pharmaceutical operation. Walt had "virtually nothing to do with the creation of the company and still less to do with growing it to what it is today," Elliott said, lying just as smoothly as his former partner does. "The sweet, kind, brilliant man that we once knew," Gretchen added, "he's gone."

The implications of the statements made in that interview that Walt wasn't smart enough to build Gray Matter, that, as Rose noted, Walt's signature blue meth was still being sold without him, and that, according to Gretchen, Walt was once just some super nice guy instead of the one who knocks were the final straw. That's when Walt decided to take matters into his own hands and do what he had to do to uphold his legacy. The name of this episode was "Granite State," a reference to the nickname of New Hampshire, where Walt was hiding. But it also seemed like an apt description for where Walt's mental state landed by the end of this 75 minute installment. After vacillating between hiding away or turning vigilante, his decision was set in stone. He's Heisenberg forever, dammit, even if it kills him.

As usual, Walt emphasized over and over in this episode that his actions were motivated entirely by a desire to protect his family. But, again, as usual, his behavior didn't back that up. He selfishly refused to take Saul's sage advice that he turn himself in, prevent Skyler from going to prison and live the rest of his brief days in jail, knowing he had done the right thing. (By the way, I know the Bad spin off Call Saul is a prequel. But for the record, I would totally watch a show that focuses on Saul's attempt to navigate the "sticky" workplace politics that arise while, under his new, assumed identity, he manages a Cinnabon in Omaha, Nebraska.)

Even Walt's phone call with Flynn, which alerted his son to the money he had sent in the mail, was incredibly selfish. To call that kid out of chemistry class (irony), convince him there's a terrible emergency and do it under the pretense that the caller was Marie the widow of the beloved uncle whose death Walt indirectly caused was beyond insensitive. Walt loves his son. He does. He just has no idea at this point how to put his child's needs ahead of his own. Flynn's embittered response to his father "Why are you still alive? Why don't you just die already?" was harsh and sad, but justified. It was a small form of punishment for a man who really does deserve to be punished for all the terrible things he's done, but probably won't be, not fully.

All the wrong people are being punished instead. People like Andrea, who was shot in the head by Todd Why did she open the door? Why did she step outside?? to dissuade Jesse from ever again attempting to escape his meth cooking prison pit. (In a way, both Jesse and Walt really did go to jail for their crimes.)

All I could think about after Andrea died was what Brock would do when he woke up and found his mother's body on the front porch. That poor kid. I don't know who's going to be more traumatized by all this insanity: Brock or Holly White, who once again was surrounded by kidnappers when Todd and co. broke into the Whites' house and told Skyler not to say anything about Lydia to the police.

Lydia, who met Todd in the same restaurant where she once connected with Walt, did not seem satisfied by Todd's assurance that Skyler would keep quiet. She practically demanded Skyler be killed, as a matter of fact, which is interesting considering that Lydia is a mother who once had to beg Mike for her life to be spared. We can assume that, based on her excitement over the 92% clarity in Todd's crystals, that she decided to back off. But for how long?

And why is Todd so motivated to be, in the words of Jesse Pinkman, such an Opie Deadeye Piece of Shit just because he has the hots for Lydia? Clearly there's more going on with Todd than a mere desire to attract the hot drug lord in heels. Like his mentor, Walt, Todd is motivated by pride. He's less fixated on wanting to having sex with Lydia and more concerned with seeming like a formidable force in her eyes. Todd is a younger, potentially more frightening combination of Walter White and Gus Fring, all foolish hubris, deceptive politeness and endless appetite for the extreme. "This is millions," Todd told his uncle. "No matter how much you got, how do you turn your back on more?" Todd still respects Mr. White, so much that he wants to not only protect his family but, slowly and surely, become him.

Only one episode of Bad remains, which means there's just one more opportunity to answer all lingering questions and resolve all dangling plot threads. Here are three of the most important issues that need to be addressed:

What will become of Jesse Pinkman? When he MacGyvered his way out of his meth cook hellhole with a paper clip, then dashed away, it was impossible to refrain from yelling, "Run, Jesse! Run!" like Jenny from Gump. Alas, Jesse couldn't run, or van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace imitation climb a barbed wire fence, fast enough. By the way, it's important to remember that Jesse had a few chances to avoid this whole situation. He could have hopped in Robert Forster's van a few episodes ago, like Walt told him to. He could have done a better job of hiding under the car during that shoot out. Or he could have stayed at the Schraders instead of riding along to apprehend Walt in the desert. Nevertheless, he is where he is now. The fact that Gretchen and Elliott resurfaced this week makes me think we actually might get an answer to this, finally.

Who is the ricin for? It's fair to assume that the guns Walt acquires, as shown in the previous flashforward, are the ones he plans to use to mow down Todd and his Aryan Nation Crew. But the ricin could be for a number of people.

Last week, I concluded it was for Jesse, and I still think that's a possibility. The fact that Walt tried, on two separate occasions, to convince Jesse to administer the poison would make it fitting for Walt to finally give it to him.

It also could be for Lydia. Her tea seems like a logical place to put it. And the past two episodes have certainly made a point of focusing on her beloved tea.

Or, as actor Adam Scott said in this week's edition of Bad and many others on the Internet also have noted, the ricin could be for Walt himself. When Walt considered administering ricin before, it was to knock out two men who were clear commanders of the meth business: Tuco Salamanca and Gus Fring. If Walt has decided that, as Walt Junior suggested, he should just die already, a suicide by ricin would be the way to go. It would allow him to go out without ever being apprehended by the police. It also would be a way for Walt to declare that, ultimately, the boss who was bigger than Tuco or Hector or Gus or anybody else, was Walter White. In fact, Walter White had virtually everything to do with the creation of a million dollar, international meth business and even more to do with growing it to what it is today. That guy? He truly led a wonderful life.
The Case For Adding Some Into Your Diet

Remember the fat free boom that swept the country in the 1990s? Yes, we know from the Salt readers who took our informal survey that lots of you tried to follow van cleef pendant necklace copy it. And gave up.

"I definitely remember eating fat free cookies, fat free pudding, fat free cheese, which was awful," Elizabeth Stafford, an attorney from North Carolina, told us in the survey.

Back then, she avoided all kinds of foods with fat: cheese, eggs, meat, even nuts and avocados. Most of the experts were recommending a low fat diet to prevent heart disease.

And, as a result, her diet was full of sugar (lots of fat free, sugary yogurt) and carbohydrates, like bagels.

"Fat was really the villain," says Walter Willett, who is chairman of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. And, by default, people "had to load up on carbohydrates."

The Salt

Why We Got Fatter During The Fat Free Food Boom

But, by the mid 1990s, Willett says, there were already signs that the high carb, low fat approach might not lead to fewer heart attacks and strokes. He had a long term study underway that was aimed at evaluating the effects of diet and lifestyle on health.

"We were finding that if people seemed to replace saturated fat the kind of fat found in cheese, eggs, meat, butter with carbohydrate, there was no reduction in heart disease," Willett says.

Willett submitted his data to a top medical journal, but he says the editors would not publish his findings. His paper was turned down.

"There was a lot of resistance to anything that would question the low fat guidelines," Willett says, especially the guidelines on saturated fat.

Willett's paper was eventually published by a British medical journal, the BMJ, in 1996.

Now, nearly two decades later, a more complicated picture has emerged of how fats and carbohydrates contribute to heart disease.

For instance, it's clearer that some fats, namely plant based fats found in nuts and olive oil, as well as those found in fatty fish, are beneficial. Willett says there's strong evidence that they help reduce the risk of heart disease.

But here's where it gets interesting: "We've learned that carbohydrates aren't neutral," explains Dariush Mozaffarian, an epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School.

"[Carbs] were the base of the pyramid," says Mozaffarian. The message was "eat all carbohydrates you want."

Americans took this as a green light to eat more refined grains such as breads, processed snack foods and white pasta.

"But carbohydrates worsen glucose and insulin they have negative effects on blood cholesterol levels," he says. The thinking that it's OK to swap saturated fats for these refined carbs "has not been useful advice."

He says it's clear that saturated fats can raise LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol. But that's only one risk factor for heart disease.

There's now evidence that compared with carbs saturated fat can raise HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) and lower trigylcerides in the blood, which are both countering effects to heart disease, he says.

"When you put all of this together," says Mozaffarian, what you see is that saturated fat has a relatively neutral effect compared with carbs. He says it's "not a beneficial effect but not a harmful effect. And I think that's what the recent studies show." He points to a review of studies published in 2010.

He also points to a highly publicized recent meta analysis that concludes there's no convincing evidence to support the dietary recommendations to limit saturated fat.

The findings in that knock off necklace van cleef paper have created quite a bit of controversy. For instance, the American Heart Association says it stands by its recommendations to limit saturated fat.

"This research simply means that we lack the data from controlled clinical trials that truly test this question of how much saturated fat is knock off van cleef turquoise necklace acceptable," writes Linda Van Horn, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. "When you're looking for a few chunks of pork for a stew, you can resume searching for the best pieces the ones with the most fat," he wrote.

This didn't sit well with Alice Lichtenstein, a nutrition science and policy researcher at Tufts University, who wrote a letter to the editor arguing that green lighting the return to butter and fatty pork was off.
Surviving A Divorce For Men

Men begin with an emotional disadvantage when it comes to relationships and their failure. I think the general misconception is we are supposed to brush off these negative feelings and not be affected by heartbreak. If we show our emotions, we are weak and it can be emasculating.

We are the bad guy out of the gate. Whatever the issue may be, we seem to be blamed for the falling out. That is when I realized surviving a divorce for men can almost become literal. We face the feeling and incorrectly receive perception from the outside that it was our fault, when in fact, it is not true.

My divorce was the end of my relationship with the woman I had married. Once I understood this and viewed my divorce as a death to that relationship, I began to understand the natural flow of what mourning should be and it helped me find a way to recovery.

Surviving a divorce for men can be so difficult. Many times you may feel yourself caught up in unfamiliar feelings. You may simply just not understand what is happening. There are so many emotions you are going to go through, it helps to have a "road map" on the general flow of these feelings.

Denial: You don't believe this is happening. There is simply a misunderstanding and everything is going to be ok. You may just brush it off with an "it will pass" thought. Many of us fear change and the uncertainty that comes along with it.

Anger/Resentment: This powerful stage can cause more problems for you if you act on emotion rather than logic. It will be important to stop often and think things through right now. You wouldn't want to do anything that may hurt you later on.

Bargaining: The back and forth feeling of excitement and disappointment can be present. "If I do this, then that will happen", so you get excited because of "this", then "that" never happens. We try to use bargaining as a tool to get back what we think we have lost.

Depression: When all else has failed, we begin to draw inward and may look at ourselves as the problem, when this not true at all. Depression can be a very dangerous stage. If you feel overwhelmed by your emotions by now, perhaps professional counseling would be an option.

Acceptance: The wonderful feeling and realization of what is, is. It may feel that it is going to take forever to get here, but it does eventually come. And when you finally feel that relief from acceptance, you will know it is possible to move on.

As you progress through these stages, you will have a tendency to jump back and forth bracelet fake van cleef alhambra between them, going from depression, to anger, to bargaining then depression again. imitation van cleef & arpels bangle This is normal and expected. Just understand this is the natural process that your recovery is going to take.

Surviving a divorce for men will be one of the most difficult stages in your life. But there will always be a sense of accomplishment when you van cleef bracelets imitation understand what you have gone through and how you can grow from life's experiences.
Telx Completes Acquisition of Clifton

Data center operator Telx announced on Wednesday it has completed its purchase of its new NJR2 data center from Mountain Development Corporation, as well as attained Tier III status for its NJR3 data center.

The purchase of NJR2, located at 100 Delawanna Avenue, allows Telx to an advanced data center campus and future technology center for the evaluation and development of new data center products and services for clients, according to the press release. NJR3 data center, located at 2 Peekay Driv,has achieved Tier III status from the Uptime bracelet fake alhambra van cleef Institute for its Concurrent Maintainability design.

The property has 215,000 gross square feet of high power density, energy efficient space and more than 100,000 square feet of customizable colocation space.

intend to develop both assets into a world class interconnected property with both buildings adhering to some of the most stringent compliance requirements, said Telx CEO Eric Shepcaro. are also excited to be able to fully control this entire location with new operating procedures, a secure perimeter and the development of a new Telx technology center for future R and product development. In fact we have already begun evaluating wireless and other technologies between this location and our Manhattan datacenters. all of its data centers, Telx Clifton Campus is a managed, carrier neutral, secure environment built for enterprises, digital media and bio pharm companies, financial services, network providers and carriers.

The campus is interconnected by diverse fiber back to Telx Manhattan locations as well. In addition, the new NJR3 data center follows energy efficient standards in accordance with LEED requirements.

Last month, van cleef fake gold bracelet Telx expanded its CHI1 data center at 350 E. Cermak in Chicago, along with its PHX1 facility at 120 E. Van copy van cleef and arpels bangle Buren in Phoenix.

Talk Back: Do you think this was a smart move for Telx to expand its data center footprint in the New Jersey market? How important do you think it is for a data center to have a tier 3 status? Let us know in the comments section.
The children who have never been to school

Mr Benson Pope confirmed his ministry had been trying without success to get the Far North children into school since 1994 and it had no idea if they could read or write.Child Youth and Family is aware of two of the families and has declared the children safe.The parents of the 19 children told the Herald van cleef gold clover necklace replica on Sunday they had no intention of providing a formal education for them.Anahera Van Duin, who has four children, said she and her siblings wanted to educate their children themselves. "They were trying to find a way to put us in a box. They can't." Mrs Van Duin lives at Mokau, on the coast between Herekino and Ahipara, with her brother Stephen Tango, his wife Phillippa, and her sister Stephanie Samuels, with her husband Luke.Between the three families there are 19 children who have never been to school, including 18 year old Faith Van Duin, who has started a new generation of children to be brought up outside the system with her daughter Rangimarie Twaddell, 3.It is at least 45 minutes by rough four wheel drive track to van cleef and arpels necklace butterfly imitation the small community. There is no power or running water, and the families rely on fishing and foraging to provide much of their food.Mrs Van Duin said education officials had been refused access to perform academic tests on the children. However, she said the children could read and write, although she did not rate education as vital to their development. "I think if their basic life is fine and their thinking is fine they can do anything."Mr Benson Pope said a social agency had jailed the Tangos in 1995 for failing to provide for their children, only to have the families vanish on their release. The ministry then lost track of them for two years."I think this is a remarkable case. It's an extraordinary tale. If people hide their young people, as this family has, I don't think any system will catch them."Mr Benson Pope said he wanted to explore other options to get the children into structured education. One option was taking the children from the parents, although Mr Benson Pope said he did not favour that.However, he questioned whether the ministry should keep trying in the face of such adamant resistance. "If people go to such extraordinary lengths to cut themselves off from what we would regard as more normal society, what can we do or would we want to, to actually try to include them?"He said that about 10 years ago Mrs Tango was registered to home school the children. This was cancelled shortly after. However, he believed there must be an option that would fulfil ministry requirements and the families' desires.Violet Paparoa, Northland practice manager for CYFs, said the service was aware of van cleef pearl necklace replica two of the three families: "We have no concern for the safety of these children and young people, and continue to work with other agencies to achieve the best possible resolution."Education expert Dr Sarah Farquhar said the New Zealand system gave little room for parents to have a voice in their child's education, and some parents would probably find appeal in the Mokau families stand.National education spokesman Bill English described the Mokau case as being serious: "The kids would be better off being educated."Our Regional News StoriesThe Northern AdvocateBig haul at Special Olympics Swim CarnivalFar North based swimmers performed well at the Special Olympics Swim Carnival.Our Features Top StoriesDrivenWhat's it like driving James Bond's Lotus Espirit? Never meet your heroes? Well, it's not always the case.
The Island's top 20 under 40

Vancouver Island's next generation of business and community leaders were celebrated during a black tie gala Saturday night knock off van cleef and arpels heart necklace in Nanaimo.

Eight Island mayors, executives of major companies and small business owners were among the sellout crowd at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre for the unveiling of the Island's Top 20 Under 40 Business and Community Awards.

"We are very proud to have created an event that honours the exceptional young business professionals under the age of 40 who are outstanding leaders in their chosen fields and are shaping our local community's future," said event chairman Roger McKinnon.

"They are entrepreneurs, executives, manager and professionals in the public, private and non profit sectors," said McKinnon. "They have varied backgrounds, but what they share in common is their demonstrated excellence in business, judgment, leadership and significant contributions to their communities."

More than 150 nominations were received for the annual event now in its fourth year and picking just 20 from that crop proved a difficult task considering the sheer variety of young business people and their accomplishments.

From lawyers and accountants to retail owners and young philanthropists, all have a track record of success in business and giving back to their communities.

The Island was split into three regions south, mid and north, each having a regional judging panel. The decisions then went to a five person executive judging panel who made the eventual top 20 picks.

"It was very, very tough when you have such a talented field of candidates," said executive judge Keith Dagg, a Victoria business consultant. "We have a very capable field of future leaders."

Joining Dagg on the executive panel were McKinnon, Victoria lawyer , of Island West Coast Developments Ltd., and Edd Moyes, co owner and operator of the Black Finn Pub in Comox.

For McKinnon, the Top 20 Under 40 Awards hold a very personal place. His son, Blair McKinnon, was a co founder and executive of the Young Professionals of Nanaimo when his career was cut tragically short by a fatal seizure in 2010 at age 30.

The younger McKinnon was active in charity work and was fundraising to restore the E train station in Nanaimo before he died. A foundation in his name continues today, raising funds through various events for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Vancouver Island, Vancouver Island University Scholarship Foundation and Nanaimo Community Hospice Society.

Roger McKinnon said the Top 20 Under van cleef style necklace replica 40 Awards paves the way for future business leaders.

"I think it shows that the Island is in good hands for years to come," said McKinnon.

"We've got people nominated from ages 21 to 39 who have done some amazing things for their communities and their own careers."

McKinnon is widely known in Island real estate and business circles. He also built the award winning Old House Village Hotel Spa in Courtenay.


Island Optimal Health Performance Chiropractor

After graduation from the University of Victoria, Avender pursued his doctor of chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, where he graduated in 2007 with the distinction of clinical honours. He moved back to Nanaimo in 2007, where he and his partner built Island Optimal Health Performance and Moksha Yoga Nanaimo from the ground up. His passion for health, sport and maximizing human performance in all aspects of life is reflected in devotion to helping everyone that seeks his care and expertise.


Brink Events

Creative director and founder

Henry is the founder and creative director of Brink Events, an event design agency based in Victoria. The company specializes in unique signature events and private parties for corporations and private clients. His ideas have transformed empty venues into spectacular social events, including Diner En Blanc Victoria, Gold Medal Plates Victoria, and Hungry Hearts. Brink Events is the preferred event planner for the Robert Bateman Gallery. Henry holds a business degree from the University of Victoria and has years of experience in the entertainment and hospitality industry. His inspiration stems from van cleef black clover necklace copy memorable guest moments and experiences. Spurling joined the family business after tiring of corporate lawyer life on Wall Street and Bay Street. Spurling is proud of Proline's commitment to community and the numerous charitable organizations that are supported annually. He loves to go on long runs in the woods.
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