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Annette Sword Raiders DNF three genre equipment recommended and plus points

The first is the most boring no brain flow thorn warrior, commonly known as poke fighters to spurt as the main output, van arpels and cleef necklace copy all other skills to help flow thorn, skills will be selected full red dot plus cross over to strengthen the thorn damage, the so-called one second World, two prickly mountains and rivers beating heaven and earth, sting of the injury I believe we all know, the absolute choice of civilians players. Optional equipment, the left slot Shoulder sword mark three-piece suit, the belt is the perfect choice to force the s powder, Enchanting National Pearl 1 30 skills +1 shirt and leggings choose double breath strength, and the bracelet can Choose Sky Sword bracelets, and then Armor with a pair of breath easily puncture, or can bring 10 strong bracelets, but also a good choice. Necklace Hunter> Peirce> is strong. The ring is only 2 kinds of choices, is a strong or bone ring. Is a 40 big bone ring. Instead of the 65 small bone ring. Magic stone is a strong choice. Ability to enchant 10 strong. Then there is the ability to ss is strong This is the standard stabbed soldiers stabbed with jewelry, and van cleef arpel necklace copy some people say that I did not have time 2 no money, you let me how the hunter is a strong ring Some people say that the double The atmosphere is not so successful. And beyond boundaries can not beat. Then you can first run with the pieces for the sword 3 random parts, and then with a single atmosphere to punish the outside world to add point, pure poke warrior recommended full flow. Full of cross cut, full of red array, abandoned the van cleef and arpel necklace imitation sword, in the ghost fencing, and crit do not point. Pure flow thorn is thorns, sword dancing and other colorless skills supplemented. Tyrant weapons good words, exactly the opposite. Poke soldiers or suitable for civilians. Tycoon can play poke, but can not play the power of ghost warriors. Now it is fire, under the influence of e brother, more fire, ghost warriors as the name suggests is the main output in the ghost, the other skills are all auxiliary, the current version of the limit in the ghost warriors, armor 3 fluctuations. Ghost leggings, the perfect enchantress set Baozhu, supporting Maken scabbard (ss not included). Shoulderguard Long Shoulderguards, Jewelry 3 Ares, the magic stone really man tears or a strong, pet 3s. Title crit damage. This is the ultimate body of the ghost warriors, most people after all, hard to reach the hands of the Ghost Warriors, fluctuations 3, Strike Belt, Phantom Leggings, Parts of Spirit 1, Jewelry God of War 3, magic stone is strong, of course, need National Envelope Orb attached, and to have 3s civilian level in the Ghost Warriors 3s pet, cc set National Day Orb, help at random, the best jewelry Ares 3, or the remains of hand, the necklace can be used Dance of the Wind or the hunter, the ring is Strong, or auxiliary magic stone ring with Geras additional injury 3 sets, are possible. See here you can see that there must be 3s pet, personal advice, no 3s pet best not to touch the ghost warrior skills plus point, the ghost is full, red full array. Personal advice flow to give up flow. To pull the knife full, and even the bursting point 10 used to float, not to mention the light Saber, must be full, Saber mastery and red array skills in the orbs and 3s increase, you can be much stronger. To be full of skills play, blunt dizzy, and then knock in the ghost. Of course not so simple, or need more practice in order to master the slap in the face.
42 diversity plot introduction finale 26

Xu Meixuan saved kidnapping quiet injury

Peace finally woke up in two days and two nights in a coma. Shi Tianming and Yang Jia together to see her, uncomfortable expression sad face embarrassed. Yang Jia sincerely apologize to her and explain everything. However, peace or worry that he may be destined to do nothing with Shi Tianming. Other people do not know what it means, Shi Tianming is very clear. Shi Tianming to comfort tranquility to deal with Shi Tianming find Jiang Dawei. Jiang Dawei just worship dead wife, Shi Tianming heard him very strange. Shi Tianming apologized for those words that day, Jiang Dawei laughed. Shi Tianming came to him with a letter sent to the front desk. Jiang Dawei curious to open the letter, turned out to be quiet kidnapped photos. Had a bunch of friends had no pleasure to hear the peace and happiness of the older brother was actually Jiang Dawei, so heartless malicious kidnapping Chiang Dawei. Shi Tianming worried aside asked him not afraid of the kidnappers tear it, Jiang Dawei told him that it is a negotiating tactic, the more emphasis on the performance of the more proud of the kidnappers, the more do not care but the more the more favorable to the quiet. Shi Tianming did not agree with this practice. The kidnappers were very disappointed with Jiang Dawei's reply and were very annoyed. Tranquility is being reported in the hospital to comfort her group, do not mix with them. Ease does not feel moral peace of justice. Ease looks like aroused peace of suspicion, she let Xu Moxin secretly followed by the well-being. Peace of mind to find peace, is about to be her bound by her gang of sisters surrounded. Elan finally believe peace, these people really are not moral. They also complacent to ease, poisoning in the peace cake shop is them. Ener very regret not hearing the peace then report them earlier. These people are afraid of easy to leak wind, but also tied her up. The joystick next to the stick with them desperately. Xu Mo Hin hurried over. Energetic let him hurried quietly left, with their own resistance for a while. Surprisingly Sister unwilling to take the knife chase quiet, when she cut the knife to the quiet, Xu Mo Xuan with the right hand to seize the blade. Police arrived in time to knock off van cleef and arpels necklace clover capture all Xu Mei Xuan was sent to the hospital, he used to draw the hand because the injury is too heavy, the future may not draw a picture, Xu Mo Xuan is very painful, but he was van cleef flower necklace copy afraid of quiet remorse, so quiet Surface does not matter. Quietly moved, take the initiative to put forward to be reconciled with him, to a complete peace quiet to Jiang Dawei broke up and told him to remarry Xu Mo Xuan. Chiang Dawei thought she was blame their own prenuptial agreement, so face tore the agreement can be quiet or set your mind you are my sister Episode 38th plot

Xu Muxuan quiet for the sake of leaving completely quiet

Jiang Dawei went to the hospital to find Xu Mo Xuan and told him that he could help him create the gallery. He could make him a famous painter to make his paintings worth a hundredfold as long as he gave up quiet. Because his hands can not be painted later, life will become a problem in the future, it is impossible to take care of quiet mother and daughter, will only drag the quiet again. Xu Mo Hin thought Chiang Kai-shek think very reasonable words. In order to complete the quiet, he made France a rich woman who had pursued his own to take him to France to do an exhibition, for the future, he would quietly break up and leave her. Quiet did not think he was as irresponsible as in the past, sad to leave Shi Tianming sent home to peace, he should bring the bracelet Grandmother to bring tranquility, tranquility do not want to immediately accept, so to listen to the meaning of God, if She will agree to accept it tomorrow when it rains. Today, sunny high lighting may rain is too small. Sleep at night peace, suddenly heard the sound of rain outside the house very happy. She opened the window to find that Shi Tianming was hired to make artificial rainwater pipes. Shih-Ming Shi told the peace with action, love need to fight for their own Xu Muxuan told his true thoughts and practices Shi Tianming, Shi Tianming criticized him. Shi Tianming told him that he used to be like him, but also made peace for the right choice that he thought was the best for each other, but he did not worry about each other's feelings. He let Xu Moxuan can not be quiet instead of doing what he thinks is a good choice for quiet, he should listen to quiet views. Tranquility Xu Muxuan told the real idea of ​​quiet, quiet to know Xu Muxuan misunderstood. But when she took her daughter Ann intends to find Xu Mo Hin only to find that he secretly discharged to the unknown Song Yang told quiet he found Zhang luan round did not keep him to accompany the ten-year agreement, want him to follow her life. He did not want his good years to accompany the old woman, he wanted to fetch a lot of money before leaving her. So he said quiet looking to work with her to make money, quiet do not want to ignore him. He told him that there was a way to find Humeh quiet, and he just sat down to hear him talk about cooperation. The original Zhang Liyuan company and Jiang Dawei's company competing at the same time, are now ready for bidding. Song Yang already know the subject of Zhang Liyuan, he let go quietly to probe the standard of Jiang Dawei. Quietly told him that although Jiang Dawei used a mobile phone to work, but the mobile phone was encrypted, she could not see it. Song Yang told her to immediately be safe from the detention center, she is a computer expert quiet, tranquil and white Lily three to pick up the detention center. Comfort said that in this life no longer want to come to this place, after that he will be well planned future. Enerhu wanted to set up a studio, but did not start funding. Peaceful come up with 150,000 of the demolition money that year as shareholders of shares of newborn computer studio. With the help of everyone, the formal establishment of the safe studio you are my sister Episode 39th plot

Quiet steal Jiang Dawei's trade secrets

Quiet by Chiang Kai-shek secretly sneaked away his cell phone, and then called peacefully unlocked the password lock Jiang Dawei phone. Quietly put his mobile phone Shi Tianming do tender program copy to the Song Yang, Song Yang know the flourishing standard of 180 million. But quietly told him this piece of land has other significance to Jiang Dawei, he is determined to win, and even willing to go out to 4 billion. Originally in the mind of Jiang Dawei this piece of land related to his commitment to Shi van cleef flower necklace imitation Tianming mother. However, in order to prevent others from maliciously raising the price, he has been a rather low profile. Song Yang told Zhang Liyuan about these valuable information and Zhang Liyuan some doubts the quiet sincerity. Song Yang told her that quiet is to make money to Xu Muxuan open exhibition. Zhang Liyuan believes in quietness. Yang Jia advised Zhang Liyuan to leave Song Yang, and Song Yang hurt her video to Zhang Liyuan and told her that if it is not a quarrel, then jail will be quiet. Song Yang even his favorite woman can sacrifice, let alone Zhang Liyuan. Yang Jia again told Song Yang all these years the act of collecting money and collecting Zhang Lianyuan criminal evidence to tell her Zhang Liyuan can not believe that Song Yang will do such a thing Zhang Liyuan cleared his mind, she took the initiative to find Shi Tianming, tell him about the piece of her All the information you have explored. Shih Tian-ming did not expect such a commercial secret she could even know. And she will make Shi Tianming defeat Jiang Dawei become flourishing chairman. Shi Tianming silent auction, Shi Tianming and Song Yang bid together, that piece of land quickly to 180 million. Shi Tianming violated his meaning, when Song Yang called 200 million yuan, Shi Tianming gave up. Jiang Dawei very angry, all the directors in the board of directors think Shi Tianming do right, that piece of land can not really raise the price. However, Jiang Dawei stubbornly wanted to look for Zhang Tianming Shi Tianming talk, we must buy back that piece of land peacefully know the situation, go first to ask for peace, ease and recognition of Jiang Dawei secretly unlocked cell phone. Ease and find quiet, told her this is a commercial crime. And if Xu Mo-hsien knows the origins of the money, he will not agree to use the money to open a painting exhibition. Quietly told her Shi Tianming also participated in the plan, and said that encounter this power and interests of every man will make this choice. Peace know that Shi Tianming did not because of money and power.
Jimmy Choo custom series released new material

A number of classic shoe bag styles can be customized according to the customer's personality preferences, different colors, patterns and gloss unique style. The tradition of tailor-made services dates back to the founding of the brand, and as the brand evolved, Jimmy Choo was transformed into a global boutique footwear brand Choo by London-based shoe custom workshops, providing unique and personalized service to our customers . Customized services focus on every detail of the shoe, creating only one pair of shoes at a time, serving only one customer. We know directly about customer preferences and requirements, so that we focus more on maintaining this personalized traditional services, so that every custom customer wearing Jimmy Choo shoes are unique. Sandra Choi. ROMY is the latest van cleef arpel necklace copy masterpiece of shallow mouth shoes. ROMY series has six heel height, both 110 mm high heels, but also the choice of flat. As a final part of personalization, customers can choose to use letters, numbers and symbols made of metal to form initials, short sentences or commemorative dates, decorated in their own customized shoes. Customers can choose from a variety of materials and Among the colors are the individual's favorites, except the exquisite lambskin, the dazzling satin, the gorgeous leather, the shining crocodile leather or the exotic snake skin. The latest selection is luxurious velvet. There are seven kinds of color scheme of velvet can be selected for dinner bag series is the new CHANDRA handbag. Featuring a signature chain-mail bracelet, this handbag brings more color and fabric options to CELESTE's refined silhouette. Both models can be further personalized, such as customers can choose gold or silver trim, and the name can be the first letter combinations or special engraving on an internal nameplate, the finished work unique custom service will be exemplary Jimmy Choo handmade, luxurious materials and fully customized personalized choice the perfect combination, is ideal for want to design

JIMMY CHOO is a classic brand of international luxury brands. Women's shoes as the core van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra imitation brand products, and at the same time introduced handbags, small leather goods, scarves, sunglasses, glasses, belts, perfumes and men's shoes and other products. Brand President Pierre Denis and Creative Director Sandra Choi are committed to making JIMMY CHOO the most valued luxury brand in the world. At present, JIMMY CHOO has more than 141 specialty stores all over the world and has counters in the world's most prestigious malls and knock off van cleef arpel necklace specialty stores. JIMMY CHOOPLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol CHOO.
DNF Yuen Swordsman brush plus point sword equipment with experience

DNF Yuen Swordsman brush plus points Jianzong equipment with the experience of reading Jianzong in the Korean uniform is almost 1 line to the 2 line level, but not optimistic about the position in the national dress. After all, the national dress various castration, and then a variety of weapons high prices. Jianzong is accompanied by the assassin in the Hanbok van cleef wedding ring knock off (and van cleef and arpels wedding ring knock off assassin almost standard), LZ did not play assassin does not remove the assassin is what kind of situation, this text is for reference only some of the views on behalf of personal point of view, the game is playing on their own, someone else's words Always refer to, do not like do not spray PS: Many players are asked after the harmony Hanbok, Jianzong now what level?

LZ asked me inside a hanbok group, their answer is:

1, Jianzong in the Korean uniform is almost 1 line to the level of 2 lines, but not optimistic about the status of the national service. After all, the country serving a variety of castration, and then a variety of weapons of high price 2, Jianzong in the Korean uniform is van cleef cosmos ring knock off accompanied by assassins (and assassins almost standard), LZ did not play assassin does not remove the assassin is what kind of situation, this text is for reference only Jianzong job description: Due to the difference between Korean version and national dress version, the difference between Korean version and national dress name also appears above:

Hanfu did not transfer: ghost swordsman, transfer: Jianzong (according to the English literal translation is a master of sword, landscaping translated into Jianzong, Jianzong name henceforth) Awakening: nobility (literal translation)

National service: No transfer: Ghost Swordsman, transfer: Yu Swordsman, Awakening: Jianzong

PS: Due to cultural differences, perhaps in the Korean aristocracy has the special meaning of the word, but the country clothes here if the personal feeling in accordance with the version of the Korean version of the clothes or very bad, the national dress this personal design or actually feel good, many of my friends do not like Yuen Sword no need to name the too entangled, and now Level 50 awakening is very fast, just a transitional name, a little patience under the past. Would you like to be a week of Jianzong, and then withstand the second half of my life in the brush map, or the transition with the Yu Swordsman, and then the sword of the rest of my life it (N years after the 2 title title or change)?

DNF85 Jianzong Brush plus points equipment articles

Jianzong brush figure armor (light armor)

The final set of brush drawings is undoubtedly the overblown set of basic following options:

CC sets (to 65,70 for the best, the word strength is not necessary)

Fake purple sets (3S crit sets the best)

Jian Zong brush map weapons

Recommended Sword, high-based priority, high-strength personal ability (in the high damage provided by the giant sword in front of other weapons, unless there is very good enhancement level, otherwise it will eclipsed)

Jianzong brush figure jewelry

Perfect configuration: gold bracelet, soul fall, bone ring Civilians configuration: BM bracelet, BM necklace, is a strong or outside the ring Sword brush title

At present, the best title of the royal family relatives, after the holiday title has a good attribute, non-local tyrants do not specifically start.
Step into the Belt and Road Initiative to help deepen exchanges between China and foreign countries

Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, Japan and Japan Electricity Issue: 'Culture' Stepped into 'One Belt, One Road', Sham Shui Po to Boost Sino-Foreign Exchanges - van cleef and arpels ring price knock off A Summary of the 13th Shenzhen ICIF

Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Yuxuan, Wang Feng, Wang Xiaodan

The thirteenth days of China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair came to an end. At this ICIF, all kinds of 'cultural' new formats showed a trend of deep integration with science and technology and industry. At the same time, with the 'One Belt and One Road Initiative', traditional Chinese culture has more 'going global' channels and more active cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. From the 'Press and Publication Hall' in the past to the 'Press and Media Integration Hall' , The change of name reflects that the media convergence characterized by 'culture and technology' has gradually become the standard of 'standardization' in the development of the media industry in the 'press and media fusion hall' and the attention degree of a set of Chinese learning materials called 'Easy Chinese' Very high, many foreigners on the scene to learn Chinese, the use of specialized mobile phone software scanning text page, the software can read the contents of the text range, students can also follow, the system automatically recognize the correct pronunciation of such digital interactive project in this session Fair can be seen everywhere. Sichuan Xinhua Winshare publishing media company's geography teaching solutions will enhance the combination of real technology and printing, the use of specialized mobile phone scanning decoding, printing equipment can textbooks in the topographic map printed out to an intuitive three-dimensional image to enhance student learning effect. Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House launched a 'virtual science laboratory', supporting publishing technology books, enabling students to operate the physical and chemical experiments online State Administration of Press, Publication, Administration of Digital Publishing Division Zhang Yi-jun said since the year, the financial The Department has supported a total of over RMB100 million in digital transformation and upgrading projects in the press and publication industry through two channels: state-owned capital budget and special funds for the development of the cultural industry. One batch of projects has been oriented correctly, with accurate content, high technical content, good user experience and good market response Good digital products to the market Fair official data show that in years, the country's exports of cultural products amounted to 100 million US dollars, is times the year. In the face of the tide of export, how to further develop our country's culture 'going global'? At this ICIF, a group of new models of 'going global' for traditional culture and new channels attracted people's attention. UNESCO announced the adoption of the 'Ceramic Culture: Protection and Innovation' declaration submitted by Jingdezhen College. The chair program is the main way for UNESCO to promote knowledge and cultural exchange between universities and other institutions of higher learning. Zheng Feng-yin, deputy director of the department of art design at Jingdezhen College, said: 'Through this new channel, we can face The world carries out cultural dissemination and training to promote our ceramic culture while also seeking partners internationally. '

More facts show that the 'going out' of traditional culture is gradually combining with the everyday life of the common people outside the country. On the United States and the United States Group is a cultural tourism creative industries enterprises, is currently in Cambodia and Nepal, respectively, the layout of Sichuan culture and Tibetan culture as the theme of 'cultural tourism' project. Miao embroidery from the Miaoxi area in Chongqing has integrated modern and fashionable elements, and creative products such as satchels, scarves and accessories are favored by European consumers. According to Miao Embroidery craftsman Chen Guotao introduction, a museum in Venice, Italy Miao embroidery has opened a special museum 'through the way of business operations, the traditional culture and leisure and leisure life of ordinary people together, this is a culture of' going out 'a good way 'Yu Jieguang, director of the Mideast Group Convention and Exhibition Center, said that a craftsman wearing a red headdress sat cross-legged in the' Belt and Road International Pavilion. ' He will be a red, green, gold tri-color strips of rubber into a ring, placed in a small electric furnace iron plate, and then a metal ring embedded in plastic ring, then set in the wooden columnar tools, Ikbar Sheikh, a craftsman from India, is making a shellac bracelet that symbolizes luck and abundance. Liu Chen, an exhibitor from Beijing, made a customized bracelet to his family after seeing the bracelet making process. van cleef and arpels frivole ring knock off 'These bangles have the same pattern and unique color, full of exotic features.' Liu Chen said the reporter learned that this ICIF's 'Belt and Road. International Pavilion' invites a total of countries and regions participating exhibitors with their own characteristics Cultural Products In Egypt, hundreds of pieces of bronze art, stained glass gypsum products and inlaid seashells have van cleef emerald ring knock off attracted a large audience. According to Tariq, director of the exhibition, Egyptian handicrafts were very popular during the ICIF and the day before yesterday they sold a total of more than handicrafts. 'During the ICIF last year, the exhibition in Egypt was primarily showcased. This year, the sales segment was increased. We will make more Much better handicrafts will be brought to China, hoping that the Chinese will pay attention to Egypt, understand Egypt and have more exchanges and cooperation in the future, 'Tariq said.
IT168 network communication area

With the rapid development of market economy and people's increasing demand for information exchange, the status and role of communication room are becoming more and more important. Reasonably and effectively make full use of communications room, for the operation and maintenance of equipment, rapid processing equipment failure, reduce costs and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises of great significance First, the communication room of the environmental requirements

Room management and maintenance include electrical environment, temperature and humidity, dust, fire and rodents, etc. (1) electrical and environmental requirements

Requirements of the electrical environment mainly refers to anti-static requirements and anti-electromagnetic interference and other anti-static requirements Communication equipment, internal circuits using a large number of semiconductor MOS, CMOS and other devices. Due to the sensitivity of these devices to static electricity is 251000V, and the electrostatic voltage generated by static electricity often up to thousands of volts or even thousands of volts, enough to break through various types of semiconductor devices, so the engine room should be laid anti-static floor, floor bracket to Grounding, the walls should also be done anti-static treatment, the engine room can not be laid chemical fiber carpets. Staff into the room to wear anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes, to avoid wearing chemical fiber clothing into the room. The cabinet van cleef gold ring knock off door should be closed normally. Staff should move lightly when moving equipment and spare parts in the equipment room, and try to reduce the number of back and forth walking in the equipment room to avoid the static friction caused by the friction between the objects. For equipment that is long-running but can not be cleaned frequently It is necessary to clean the equipment. In the long-term maintenance work, sometimes encounter a circuit board alarm, if the circuit board re-plug, clean the dust around the circuit board pins, the circuit board will return to normal electromagnetic interference on the communication equipment hardware and software Are likely to cause damage, electromagnetic radiation generated by the communications equipment itself will also have an impact on the neighboring electronic devices. Therefore, the equipment should be installed at a certain distance from nearby electrical equipment. If necessary, the equipment room should be shielded to avoid any interference between adjacent electronic equipment. Offline wiring of communication equipment is best to cross with FireWire and try to avoid long distance close to parallel (2) Temperature and humidity requirements

Telecommunications equipment, especially switches and other equipment on the room temperature has a higher demand. Temperature is high, easy to make the machine poor heat dissipation, the transistor operating parameters drift, affecting the stability and reliability of the circuit, can also cause serious damage breakdown components. Communication van cleef and arpels wedding ring knock off equipment during long-term operation, the machine temperature control between 1825 is more appropriate. Do not install the communication room heating and as far as possible to avoid heating pipes from the engine room through the humidity of the communication equipment is also a great influence. Air humid, easy to cause corrosion of the metal parts of the device and the connector pipe parts, and reduce the insulation of the circuit board, connectors and wiring, can also cause short circuit in severe cases. Air is too dry and easy to cause static electricity, threatening the safety of communication equipment. In order to keep the relative humidity of the communication room up to the standard, the humidifier or dehumidifier can be configured according to the specific situation of the computer room. Do not operate the humidifier too close to the communications equipment, and the spray port is not facing the communication equipment, to prevent the spray of the fog impact on the equipment. Humidifier and dehumidifier according to the room thermometer display data at any time to adjust. In general, the relative humidity within the engine room to maintain the range of 4060 is more appropriate (3) dust-proof requirements

Electronic components, metal connectors and other components if the accumulation of dust can cause reduced insulation and poor contact, can cause serious short circuit. There is a great deal of suspended matter in the air, and there are countless pollutants that are hazardous to communications equipment. Once in the engine room, contaminants will be adsorbed on the circuit board, forming the dust that people can find and can not be found with the naked eye. With the passage of time, more and more dust adsorbed on the circuit board, the dust will affect the normal operation of the equipment through different ways to varying degrees, the harmful effects of the pollutants on the communication equipment are mainly as follows: the change of the design value of the component design ; The signal transmission frequency changes; The input and output value is unstable; The system movement is unstable; The system warning, sometimes can not restore at the time of restarting; The circuit board breakdown, after the test, Can not repair, Occurred, if the maintenance staff did not solve in time, equipment maintenance has become a passive maintenance in fact 2 Security

Communication room should be 724 hours of professional security personnel, users enter the room, you need to register or hold a pass card before entering. In order to ensure the safety of the user's managed equipment, communication room should have TV monitoring and access control room system to achieve the entire floor without monitoring the blind zone requirements; TV wall monitoring system should be dedicated 724 hours on duty, all video preservation for more than 3 months; Access control system shall adopt advanced database management, user ID card holds the cardholder number, access to regional restrictions and time limits, etc., only authorized personnel to enter the important area 3 Fire Protection

Communication room should be fire-proof frame and materials, fire-fighting ability to meet the carrier-class standards, with multiple emergency access; room and corridor should be equipped with temperature smoke detectors and fire alarm probe, in case of fire the system automatically alarm and Start the inert gas fire extinguishing system. In addition, the engine room can also be equipped with a portable, trolley fire extinguisher 4 supporting power protection

With the intelligent and highly integrated power equipment, all kinds of power equipment should have good electromagnetic compatibility and electrical isolation performance in the integration of program design, does not affect the normal operation of other equipment. Integrated power supply scheme in the overall design to ensure that the main equipment uninterrupted power supply, but also in the power equipment to ensure data communication between the good compatibility and versatility. A variety of data protocols can be well-formed to form a complete power monitoring network system, the effective implementation of interactive and associated control, which is undoubtedly a multi-product service providers to provide a test of Second, the management and maintenance of equipment

1 hardware management and maintenance

Under normal circumstances, the normal operation of communications equipment, printed circuit boards and connectors and other components can not be touched (except for hot-swappable plate), maintenance personnel on the daily management of communications equipment and hardware maintenance is mainly dust And technical maintenance Technical maintenance is the maintenance staff on the hardware part of communications equipment for daily observation and regular testing. Find out the problem in time. Its main work includes regular detection of equipment health, processor load, etc., according to alarm information promptly detect and repair suspicious parts, and according to the needs of the work to adjust the position of the circuit board, replace the faulty circuit board and components, In addition, the terminal should also be maintained in a timely manner, billing and console consoles anti-virus software to protect the security of the host and software hardware for communications equipment, technical maintenance, should be strictly in accordance with the norms of operation and manufacturers instructions. Especially when replacing the circuit board, the operator should take the 'anti-static bracelet' or touch the metal shell of the rack until the static electricity on the body can be released. On the replacement of the circuit board to be promptly put into a dedicated anti-static plastic bag. For the circuit board repair, generally require a special testing equipment before it can be made to help manufacturers repair, the user is best not to rush to disassemble 2 software management and maintenance

Communication equipment software management and maintenance include: add and delete and modify user data; delete and modify the office data; regular testing of user functions; Cooperate with manufacturers to do software remote vca ring knock off maintenance work; do a good job of software anti-virus and anti-virus work.
Man mentality is analyzed from giving gifts

Alice's boyfriend Nico's classic quote is: life with you, is God's best gift to me. But the man who received such a great gift - a good businessman, never thought of a mean man, surely every woman had met, generous men each had their own generosity, but miserly men same. According to Nico's words, their lives have been like kings and nobles, Alice is not satisfied with what? Do you have to spend money on 'tricks'? All in all, all the extravagant, non-food stuff is what he calls 'a lie.' As for the small GUCCI watch on Alice's wrists, Nico gave her her birthday before breaking up It was only downtown that it was nothing more than a nuisance to Nico's business trip to Hong Kong on a business trip to Hong Kong if your boyfriend would do the same:

What we have to admit is that being stingy is often not an obstacle to the success of men. Instead, it makes them outstanding, and Clinton has never had any money. Blair is a famous sting. More often than not, miserly men make us more at ease: a man who watches his money with great care, at least we know he's rich, but to avoid being saddened by the cheap stuff we had in his old age, At least we van cleef ring copy must understand that this man is sincere to us, even though he handed him a bunch of white radishes on his knees - he was reluctant to give anyone even white radishes. In addition, he never proposed to make an AA system with him, and van cleef perlee ring replica copy he pays the bill he paid. Generous man

Is man's generosity innate? should be. Andy's father, a well-known generous man, did not hesitate to give all her possessions, together with her house, generously to her men when divorcing Andy's mother and had no direct bearing on his financial viability. Even in college without income, Andy would spend his pocket money asking his girlfriend on the restaurant from his parents, when one of his feats was to buy his girlfriend a bottle of imported nail polish in a month's dish gold and rely on himself Lending money, hungry full meal until the end of the month. Such a man with income, the generous degree of his shot conceivable, watch, brand-name clothing, senior club fitness card ... ... Not long ago he just used the year-end bonus to the new girlfriend bought a POLO, 'save her crowded subway 'I just pondered over my spoiled girlfriend, who had been dating for three months and said:' You are so poor that there is no other way to express love. '

If your boyfriend is like this:

We will not be so critical picky, such a man more and more scarce, it is not easy to catch a. But psychologists tell us that extreme generosity and extreme miserliness are morbid. To an over-generous man, he gives gifts to enhance his value. Andy's girlfriend is very lucky, and her man knows that he's changing Give her a present. If a man is sent to send are the same thing, it is worth to worry about: for example, expensive sexy underwear. 26-year-old Mimi drawer is full of all kinds of luxury black sexy underwear, each one hundreds of thousands of dollars, are her 'abnormal' boyfriend sent close observation of these generous man: they are good A lover, even a woman who recalls the past as 'my best lover,' always retains one or more of their 'generous gifts,' no matter how long the passage of time: a sapphire ring, a fur, Even a set of apartments. Their purpose is fulfilled. Their value is uplifted by these gifts. But generous men seldom become good husbands. First, he will not save. If not, their accounts are often emptied of gifts and even debts. Generous men are throwing money and money is just a tool they prove. If you count on him to make a fortune in finding a fortune, you find the wrong person. In addition, a generous man refrains from interfering with his power over money. If he is willing to pay for the entire table or send a beautiful secretary to the front desk, Shi's scarves, you quarrel with him is useless. Fake generous man

There is no doubt that in the eyes of his girlfriend, Oliver can be regarded as a generous boyfriend, from the day he met, he almost no empty-handed appointment, a bunch of flowers, a piece of chocolate, a delicate hairpin, a bottle of the most fashionable Perfume, coupled with a basket of sweet talk, a table of talent and decent work to coax his girlfriend very happy but since it is a fake generous man, it will certainly reveal its true colors. Oliver slipped through the company's exasperation when his girlfriend tried on the famous tri-color gold bracelet hanging around the Cartier counter. After the incident also did not mention, and later his girlfriend inadvertently found a lot of gifts Oliver gave her a lot of his gifts to participate in public relations activities, which let his girlfriend suddenly realized if your boyfriend is this:

Fake generosity is more damn than stingy. Because he knows how to make mistakes Women like to love Unfortunately, Oliver is a very popular woman, and he knows it very well. In the office, he kept a small favoritism to the secretaries around him. No one said his bad things. But you van cleef & arpels wedding ring copy know, it's hard for a man to be a good husband, no matter how good his word of mouth is - it's hard for him to go all out to treat another person as a gift:

Psychologists say that a good gift is another language that impresses each other. Think of yourself as each other, looking for his interest. If you think right, giving gifts is by no means a hard-working errand.
24-year-old beauty stolen 200,000 yuan gold foil exposed stolen goods police car map

Original title: 24-year-old beauty stolen 200,000 yuan gold foil exposed stolen goods possession of police car at the end (Figure)

3, 12: 49, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Jianggan Branch official microblogging 'Pingganjianggan' issued a message: 'Jianggan Public Security 5-hour break gold theft, stolen goods all recovered! Today 7:30, then Xintang Road Tesco Supermarket 1 floor, a jewelry report, said the store more than two pieces of safe large pieces of gold stolen by the police investigation, the suspects identified: Zhu, born in 1992, Shangrao, Jiangxi, with a forged ID card, 'Shen Xin' After the appointment of the waiter, the use of his position to steal.Through intense follow-up tracking, the suspects have been captured, stolen goods have been recovered, the trial is a breakthrough!

1 pm, Jianggan police verified the news, the police also quickly released a more comprehensive and detailed information:

At 7:30 on the April 3, Xintang Road Tesco supermarket on the first floor of a jewelry store reported that: the store more than one large piece of gold stolen, involving more than 20 million yuan. To arrest suspects, to maximize the economic recovery Jianggan police to give up the Qingming small holiday of their bereavement, shed the sky network, non-stop pursuit and recovery of stolen goods 'After careful investigation, Jianggan police quickly lock suspects identity information: Zhu, 1992, Shangrao Jiangxi, before She used forged ID card 'Shen Xin' shop clerk. Through vigorous follow-up, van cleef and arpels butterfly ring copy at 11:50 on April 3, Jianggan police arrested Dongjianyuan in one fell swoop and chased all stolen goods (gold ornaments worth about 200,000 yuan). The suspect Zhu had in October 2014 in Dingqiao Wumart jewelry shop using the same means of committing the crime, involving more than 10 million yuan. At present, the case is under further investigation. '

At 3 pm, we arrived at Xintang Road, Qingchun East Road, Tesco supermarket Qingchun shop. Stolen jewelers in the supermarket on the first floor of the north side of the storefront is open, it is located in the hall, an area of ​​less than 20 square meters. You can see the main counter selling gold, half empty. Several restaurant staff nearby told us that at noon when the salesperson on duty at the jewelry store has gone to the police station with the investigation of the jewelry store stolen five or six meters away from the ground floor hall there is another considerable volume of jewelry shop . Although the two stores vaguely competitive, but are here for many years, the salesperson of the two are good relations with each other, the stolen store in the 'guard against theft,' Zhu, on the opposite side of the jewelry store on duty Xu Sister Clearly 'she was on March 29 to internship, she came to me and she said to me, the company recruited a new intern, she took a few days and then go.' Xu sister said Zhu Master, a 40-year-old eldest sister, has also been working here for nearly 10 years. Recently, he was preparing to change jobs and was in a hurry to go. But that big sister is also a very responsible person, Zhu lunch on the 29th after a shop, sister immediately taught her some of the basic business store. 'We both work and rest, the process is exactly the same, the 7 o'clock in the morning to go to post, 10 o'clock in the evening, the store counter keys, safe keys are van cleef alhambra ring copy kept by the salesperson on duty the same day, when the counter required to lock the gold safe.'

Xu Sister said that when the store was adequately staffed in the early years, the clerks had a strict mutual supervision system that stipulated that there must be two clerks present at the same time when putting things in the safe. However, in recent years, manpower has become less than adequate and slowly Slow, the provisions of the presence of the two is no longer strictly required. However, although the keys are all kept by the clerk on duty, but for so many years there has never been a case of guarding the stolen pirates. 'The main girl is gentle and virtuous. You absolutely can not imagine that she would steal the stuff!' We also See the police released a photo of the suspect, Zhu Moushu eyesight, with a long hair, dress up is indeed a gentle image. 'On the first day of her 29th, Master taught her which key box to use for her safe deposit box. The procedure she went to work everyday told her that she still learned her earnestly, but by the next day and the third day she Master kindheartedly taught her something on the counter how to look good, how to chat with customers, these things she has no interest at all, a face cold, as if you do not bother her, she looked at her like this , Too lazy to care for her, 31 left himself.

These days to work, Xu sister of this 'learning attitude is not good,' the intern is also aware of the increase, I saw her every day after work is staring at the counter after a day, neither try to talk to customers, nor 'I had thought that she may be worried about children at home. When she first came we talked to her and asked her about her family situation. She said her hometown was in Shangrao, and now she is with her husband. Hangzhou, her husband seems to be working in the Riverside, the couple has two children, a large 5-year-old, small only 100 days, the elderly help children with .100-day children at home, for me and I am absent-minded, So these days I still feel that she is quite pathetic and can not think of her thinking about stealing things ... In the end, she had a few days before her intern with Master. Yesterday it was actually her first day of independent duty, Hesitated. '

Xu Sister said, 'I found the stolen gold is their duty shop today, but also a 40-year-old woman with her new girl is staggered on duty, one day, ah do not recognize In the morning, when you came to see the safe key stuck in the door, the rough necklace and bracelet disappeared and the alarm was quickly scared.

Xu Sister said that after the police arrived, the suspect was locked in the night before Zhu class (of course, when we all thought she was called 'Shen Xin'), but for a time has not yet determined the whereabouts of Zhu. What is very surprising is that about 10 o'clock this morning, the alarm clerk suddenly received a micro-channel message sent by Zhu. 'She (the police clerk) showed me the cell phone, and the woman said she had put it back and placed it under the police car next to the police room, asking her to pick it up and say it would not She owed nothing in the store.And she estimated she also knew that the shop had called the police and the police looked for her all around.He thought he could not do anything.And then they went looking for it and they recovered the stolen goods van cleef and arpels perlee ring price copy under the car.

This police room we also found on the scene, Tesco supermarket in the southwest corner, but the police parked here in the morning have been evacuated Obviously, although Zhu smuggled back the stolen goods, but can not escape the legal punishment . After Jianggan police still tracked her Sanliiting station, she was ready to go to the station and escape from Hangzhou.
DNF Anniversary Set Awards Xeon PK attributes 6 anniversary necklace

DNF dungeon and Warrior Anniversary Spirit Carnival rewards in an essential part is the Anniversary package awards, divided into bracelets, necklaces and rings three-piece suit, and three knock off van cleef and arpels pendant necklace pieces of equipment is the most famous bracelet reward, because the bracelet parts and equipment increased Physical, magical damage. The Xiaobian today and we introduce is the 6th anniversary necklace set necklace set, because it has the strongest PK properties This is the 6th anniversary of the necklace necklace and the 9th anniversary of the street compared to the property, except Magic Defense is the 9th anniversary of the necklace Three times more than the other 9 anniversary of the necklace weaker look at the properties of the duel field, 6 anniversary necklace attack speed up to 7.8, 9 points higher than the necklace of 3 points. Merely by 3 o'clock speed, it is the most powerful necklace yet?

The world martial arts is not broken fast, especially for the knock off alhambra necklace physical occupation, the speed is very important. To know the duel field balance, the properties of the equipment is based on level, grade to assess the property, the higher the level and grade van cleef and arpels diamond necklace replica attributes will be higher. For example, we take the top 90 equipment, the highest grade is epic, then the legend, followed by the artifact. Can be seen 90 epic necklace IAS +5.8 only, legend +5.5, and Artifact only +5 not 6 anniversary necklace player, necklace part of the highest attack speed property can only be 90 epic level of 5.8, and 6 Anniversary necklace is also high 2, and it is only a 60-level artifact necklace. So now also have the old players of this necklace, you can consider the role of cross-border often PK.
98 karat blue diamond ring auction will be auctioned in Hong Kong up to 85 million Hong Kong dollars

Christie's Hong Kong held the spring auction special jewelry preview. The auction assistant vice president and jewelry and jade jewelery department expert Jiang Zhao Feng told reporters that the blue is among the more rare color diamonds, the color level, a lot of blue diamond concentration is not enough, the color subdued, superior blue diamond at least to achieve Thick color standards, and the auction this blue diamond is bright, is the highest color grade he continued, the current world record breaking a blue diamond price per carat more alhambra van cleef necklace copy than 300 million US dollars, Christie's spring shot this Blue Diamond per carat price of about 2000000 U.S. dollars In addition, the three pieces of jadeite jewelry from Burma also quite attract attention, these three pieces of jade jewelry pure color, high uniformity, the head transparent. Among them, a double jade bead necklace valued at 50 million to 80 million Hong Kong dollars, a jade bracelet valued at 25 million to 35 million Hong Kong dollars, a pair of emerald egg van cleef and arpels diamond necklace fake earrings valued at 5.8 million to 8 million Hong Kong dollars Christie's Hong Kong Spring 2017 knock off van cleef diamond necklace The beat will be held May 26-31. Among them, the jewelry will be held on May 30.
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