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Timeless Love Songs

The Ultimate Vocalist

What does it take to be the absolute best in the music industry? For a singer, specifically a soloist, perfect pitch and strong fundamentals are a good start, but it takes much more. To be considered the best at anything takes talent, hard work, and a "gift." Luther Vandross possessed all three, and when it came to the love song, he was the ultimate vocalist. The ideal combination of smooth, silky, and sexy, infused with a superb vocal pitch and a magnificent range, that was the one and only Luther Vandross. His velvety smooth voice captured every last bit of romance and intimacy in the songs he sang. He was the ultimate crooner and there will never be another quite like him.

"I need to have you next to me, in more ways than one and I refuse to leave till I see the morning sun . . . The time is right, you hold me tight and love's got me high. Please tell me 'yes,' and imitation bvlgari b zero ring review don't say 'no,' honey, not tonight. Move a little close to me, you owe it to yourself and I will selfishly take a little for myself and it because of you that love won't let me wait. . . ." (Lyrics from the song "Love Won't Let Me Wait" "Any Love" CD)

For some, bvlgari b zero1 mens ring fake speaking the language of love is difficult, for others it comes quite naturally. Such was the case for Vandross, he had a tremendous talent for singing the slow and sultry love song. His ballads were filled with passion and romance, and he never resorted to offensive vulgar lyrics. His songs always spoke the language of love.

Credit: Luther Vandross CDBecause It Really Love

"I used to be afraid that you were never going to love me this way, but I feel better now. No one could ever say to me it's such a shame you're a lonely guy because your love is mine. And now we know our love is ever so true I think we know it cause you feel the way I do. I can't imagine me without you my dear and I'm so glad about the reason that you came here. Because it's love, because it's love, because it's really love." (Lyrics from the song "Because It's Really Love" "Give Me The Reason" CD)

Although Vandross first came on the music scene with the fast paced tune "Never Too Much," he really hit his stride with the slow love song. These slow jams ignited and reignited the passion in many relationships. His love songs were the cr de la cr by which all other romance ballads were measured.

Credit: Luther Vandross CDNever Too Much

"If this world were mine I would place at your feet all that I own, you've been so good to me. If this world were mine I'd give you the flowers, the birds and the bees, and with your love beside me that would be all I need. If this world were mine I give you anything." (Lyrics from "If This World Were Mine" "The Essential" CD)

The public got their first taste of the music of Luther Vandross in 1981 with the release of his debut album "Never Too Much." It contained one of his most memorable love songs "A House is Not a Home," written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Vandross never looked back and went on to release a series of successful albums.

Credit: Luther Vandross CDSo Amazing

"I thought sometime alone was what we really needed. You said this time would hurt more than it helps but I couldn't see that. . . . So I left the one I loved at home to be alone, and I tried to find out if this one thing is true, that I'm nothing without you. I know better now and I've had a change of heart. I'd rather have bad times with you, than good times knock off bvlgari b zero1 mens ring with someone else. I'd rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself. I'd rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apart, I'd rather have the one who holds my heart." (Lyrics from "I'd Rather" "Hidden Gems" CD)

Vandross received his first Grammy Award for "Best Male R Vocal Performance" in 1991. He went on to win eight Grammys and sold over 25 million albums. He helped Aretha Franklin make an award winning come back knock off bvlgari b zero ring white gold with her album "Jump To It" which Vandross produced in 1982. In 1997 Vandross was asked to sing the National Anthem during Super Bowl XXXI.

Credit: Luther Vandross CDA House is Not a Home

"A chair is still a chair even when there's no one sitting there, but a chair is not a house and a house is not a home when there's no one there to hold you tight and no one there you can kiss goodnight." (Lyrics from the song "A House Is Not A Home" "Always Forever The Classics" CD)

Luther Vandross suffered a stroke on April 16, 2003. Two years later on July 1, 2005 he died of a heart attack at the age of 54. The music world, his fans, and everyone was stunned and deeply saddened. In late 2005 a group of his close friends got together and released a CD titled "So Amazing: An All Star Tribute to Luther Vandross." Artist on the CD included Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and the late Teddy Pendergrass and Donna Summer.

Credit: Luther Vandross CDAlways and Forever

"Always and forever, each moment with you is just like a dream to me that somehow came true. And I know tomorrow will still be the same cuz we got a life of love that won't ever change . . ." (Lyrics from "Always Forever" "Always Forever The Classics" CD)

The first time I heard a love ballad sung by Luther Vandross I was in awe. In that instant I became his "number one fan." For me, he was by far the best at what he did . . . the slow and sultry love song.

Although Luther Vandross is gone, his music remains and is timeless. His songs will always remind everyone, especially those in love, of his tremendous talent, heart and soul.
Trout poaching 'worst in a decade'

A trout poacher has been jailed for a year while his co offender is now on the run in what's been called the most serious poaching case to come before the courts in 10 years.

In the Rotorua District Court today, Thomas Tawha, 41, of knock off bvlgari b zero1 mens ring Kawerau was jailed for 12 months for poaching as many as 60 spawning trout from a stream near Lake Rotoiti last June and July.

Eastern Fish Game officer Anthony van Dorp told the Rotorua Daily Post this was the first case he knew of where a poacher had been sentenced to a jail term.

Thomas Tawha in court last year.

Tawha's co offender David Pake Leef, 35, of Te Teko failed to appear in court and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Judge James Weir said it was the most serious case of its kind in the last decade in New Zealand.

When Tawha and Leef first appeared last year they refused to acknowledge the court's jurisdiction and guilty pleas were entered on their behalf. They were found guilty at a hearing in November.

Yesterday, Judge Weir ordered a man out of court who claimed he was Leef's 'representative' and demanded the judge stand down because his position wasn't recognised under the Maori Land Act.

Leef's mother shouted at Judge Weir, saying her son's conviction was being appealed in the High Court.

He said Tawha's sentencing would be a legal benchmark as no one had been sentenced under a new act that doubled penalties for poaching.

"This case is the most serious to come before the court in at least a decade,"Mr Bodie said.

He said the effect the poaching had on the progeny of the trout taken was incalculable.

Tawha's lawyer, Moana Dorset, said her client had been replica bvlgari b zero ring white gold surprised to learn the impact his offending had on the spawning ground and recognised the court must consider imprisonment.

Judge Weir referred imitation bvlgari ring zero 1 to a letter to the court from a respected Ngati Pikiao kaumatua who'd pointed out Tawha and Leef were not members of the local iwi.

The kaumatua wrote it was offensive and disrespectful for the men to claim they had the customary right to take the trout, he said.

The judge noted Tawha had 38 previous dishonesty related convictions and had been jailed for violent offending.

Eastern Fish Game region manager Andy Garrick said the sentence reflected the seriousness of the offending.

"The sentences the copy bvlgari b zero1 black ceramic ring judge imposed today serves as a very stern warning to others that poaching trout is just not worth it," he said.
Trainer's Wife Makes Best of a Sad Ending

Twelve days before last Christmas, Steve VanBebber left Sam Houston Race Park to drive the 90 miles or so to his Texas horse farm. Janet VanBebber, his wife and assistant trainer, had just traveled from New Orleans and remained in Houston to supervise their stock.

VanBebber didn't reach the farm. He checked into a motel in nearby bvlgari ring zero fake Brenham and killed himself with a handgun.

Steve, quarter horse racing's premier trainer, had been accused by the Texas Racing Commission of illegally drugging two of his horses. Even after paying lawyers more than $40,000 to fight what he considered spurious charges, VanBebber, 50, figured he was looking at a five year suspension for each case.

"He talked often about what those 10 years would do to him," Janet said. "He said that his life with horses would be over. Everything that he had built his life around was going to be gone."

Besides his wife, VanBebber left behind a 19 year old daughter from a previous marriage, the 3 year old daughter he had with Janet, and a stable of 100 horses.

"Most people would have spent six or seven months feeling sorry for themselves," another trainer said recently. "But not Janet. She's tough as nails, and she grabbed the copy bvlgari ring zero 1 bull by the horns and went with it."

Janet VanBebber says she had little choice. She had young Taylor Anne to support and her father, Gene Newcomb, was also on the payroll at the farm.

"I guess there were a few options," VanBebber said. "I could have bought some of the horses from the estate and went out with them. But I chose the toughest option. I just picked up the reins and kept going. Most of our clients stayed with me. Either through emotion or just faith in our program, they stayed on."

One of those 100 horses has stayed on too. Tailor Fit, trained by Steve VanBebber and voted world champion (horse of the year) in 1999, is a 6 year old gelding now and still winning races. Overall, he has won 19 times and earned $976,065. Janet VanBebber will saddle him Sunday night at Los Alamitos, where he'll try to win the Champion of Champions race for the second time. It was Tailor Fit's Champion of Champions win in 1999 that clinched his world championship. Also in the field for Sunday's $500,000 race is A Ransom, last year's Champion of Champions winner and eventual world champion.

Even when her husband was training Tailor Fit, Janet VanBebber had an affinity for the horse. When he was a yearling, she picked him out at an auction and bought him on behalf of knock off bvlgari b zero1 mens ring client Tom Ward for $24,000.

"I thought he was good value for $20,000 but when the bidding continued, I didn't know if I should stay in," she said. "Then I decided that if the price was going to be more than $20,000, I would pay the extra $3,000 or $4,000 myself."

Ward raced Tailor Fit for two years, winning about $150,000 in purses with him, then got out of racing and sold his horses in a dispersal. Betty Jane Burlin, a Texas realtor and longtime client of Steve VanBebber, bought Tailor Fit. Janet said the price was a six figure sum, but couldn't remember the exact amount.

Tall and red haired, VanBebber wore big cowboy hats mostly black and was usually seen wearing smoked glasses. He was a solid horseman, but was also known as a guy who could readily persuade a client to buy a horse if he liked one.

"I would have quit the business a long time ago if it hadn't been for Steve," Burlin once said. "He's the main reason I'm still in racing."

VanBebber won 1,947 races and in 2000 alone his horses earned $2.2 million. On the track, he left his widow some tall mountains to climb, and Janet VanBebber, 35, is proud of what she's accomplished this year: 14 stakes wins overall, a high winning percentage, and at Sam Houston she replica bvlgari b zero ring white gold won 58 races, tying her husband's track record.

"I've tried to run a stable that's more quality than quantity," said VanBebber. "To establish my credibility, I needed to keep the numbers up and maintain the same level of success."

Of the title at Sam Houston, VanBebber said:

"It was bittersweet to win it without Steve. I'm glad we just tied his record, and didn't exceed it."

The VanBebbers met at a horse auction in 1989. She was a California bloodstock agent who trafficked in both quarter horses and thoroughbreds, and she sold him a horse.

"The next thing I knew, I was living in Vinton, La., [the home of Delta Downs]," she said. "That was real culture shock. I grew up in California and went from living in Huntington Beach to a place that had two stoplights and a Dairy Queen."

The VanBebbers had tried for five years to have a baby before Taylor Anne was born. But the child's exciting arrival and the plaudits for national training awards in 1998 and '99 were overshadowed by the horse drugging charges. Janet VanBebber said she worked hard to lift her husband's spirits.

"Looking back is 20 20 vision, of course," she said. "But living it, if you had asked me then if I ever thought Steve would do what he did, I would have said no. I used to tell him that this drug thing was just God's way of slowing us down. But his anxieties wouldn't go away."

She was asked what she would eventually say to her daughter about her father.

"I'm glad I'm very much involved in my faith to help me through all this," she said. "I'll tell her that her daddy's an angel now. I'll tell her that he's gone because for a moment the devil got hold of him."


At a Glance

Sunday: The $500,000 Champion of Champions, a 440 yard race for quarter horses 3 years old and up. It will be the 13th race on a card that begins at 5:30.
Top 8 Reasons Why You bvlgari ring zero fake Need a replica bvlgari ring zero Personalised Email Address for Business

Free email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail may not be appropriate for business email for a number of reasons. This type of first impression is an important aspect that you can afford to ignore.

A personalised email gives a professional impact, giving an air of serious business to your company. Having your company name in your email address helps you more strongly establish your brand. To build trust with customers, make sure to get professional email. This will make your company look fully committed.

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When you use a generic email address in your business correspondence, your message tends to look like spam. With better categorisation, you can create different inboxes for each function. With separate emails for each department, the company will have more efficient organisation.

Google is following Domain based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, or DMARC policy. This standard prevents fraudulent email marketing by disallowing bulk email campaigns sent from a free provider, such as Gmail, Yahoo and AOL. This applies if the sender uses email marketing software such as Mailchimp and Soundest.

With this imitation bvlgari b zero1 mens ring policy, many emails that use free providers are not sent to their intended recipients and will bounce, leading to less revenue and effectivity. The best and only solution is to get a professional email with your own domain.

Promote your business

When you use free providers such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, you are effectively promoting their product and not your business. Free email involves ads, and the messages you send are used for data mining for targeted ads. In the end, the free provider uses you as the product for sale. To prevent this, get your own email for business to more efficiently market your name wherever you go.

Control and security

Professional email has a higher security level than free providers. There is better filtering against spam, phishing and hackers.

Ever noticed that in spam folders most of the messages use free email hosts such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo? Spammers are less likely to spend money on creating emails addresses that end up getting banned or shut down.

With a professional email, you can take advantage of technical support and secure sensitive information better. This gives customers reassurance, helping build business relationships that last.
The Testament of Mary

Mary, the mother of Jesus, has given Christianity a good name. None of the negatives that have made Christianity a byword for tyranny, cruelty and licensed hatred have attached to her. She has been free for centuries of the "blame Mom" syndrome, representing endless patience, loving kindness, mercy, succor, recourse.

The problem with all this is that it has led to centuries of sentimentality blue and white Madonnas with folded hands and upturned eyes, a stick with which to beat independent women. In my youth, stores sold items called "Mary like gowns," which meant you could go to your senior prom looking as undesirable as possible in the name of the Virgin.

Colm Toibin's novella "The Testament of Mary" never even approaches the swampy terrain of sentimentality. Consider, for example, the elderly Mary's wish in relation to the Evangelists who persecute her with their insistent visits: "When I look back at them I hope they see contempt." Traveling by ship after the death of her son, she realizes that she longs for a wreck, a drowning. "I had developed a hunger for catastrophe." Contempt. A hunger for catastrophe. She's a lot closer to Medea than to June Cleaver. When the character's life is a part of "The Greatest Story Ever Told," the ante goes way up. His awareness of these complications leads Toibin to make a deft strategic move at the very beginning of his book by weaving the creation of a text into the structure of his tale. It is, after all, entitled "The Testament of Mary," knock off bvlgari b zero1 ring white gold and the word "testament," which we might be tempted to slide over in our association with its biblical meaning, in fact suggests both the act of witnessing and the preparation of a legacy usually composed near death.

Continue reading the main story

Throughout the novella, Mary is involved in questions of writing. She sees herself as a victim, trapped by men determined to make a story of what she knows is not a story but her life. The making of the Gospels is portrayed not as an act of sacred remembrance but as an invasion and a theft. The Evangelists which are they? . . . Luke, perhaps, or John? are portrayed as menacing intruders, with the lurking shadowy presence of Stalin's secret police. They have an agenda: They know what they want to write and, almost faute de mieux, they have to interview the mother. They need to lay down the foundation for a future understanding of Jesus, and this must include the conviction that he is the Son of God, and that his death saved the world. But Mary will have none of it. In his telling, Mary did not ask Jesus to turn water into wine at the wedding at Cana; she was, in fact, there only to urge him to come home, to keep himself from danger. Most important: she fled the site of the crucifixion before her son was actually dead. She was frightened, she tells us; she wanted to protect herself from the violence she knew would be unleashed. Her fear and desire for self protection drowned her grief and sympathy for her son's fate. "The pain," she says, "was his and not mine." So much for the Piet. The cage is too small for the hawk; the bird is angry and frustrated, and the man keeps feeding it rabbits, although "the bird did not seem to be hungry. . . . The cage became full of half dead wholly uneaten rabbits. . . . Twitching with old bursts of life."

Atmosphere is powerfully created; we share the bodily realities of events that, through repetition, have become almost generic and so, abstract. Fleeing the violence she fears, Mary sees stars as "leftover things confined to their place, their shining nothing more than a sort of pleading." As the guests wait for Jesus' appearance at the wedding at Cana there is "a hushed holding in of things." The tension preceding the crucifixion is chillingly evoked: "I knew that I was facing into something ferocious and exact."

We learn the psychological implications of events through the precise evocation of their physical manifestations: "There was a dark vacancy in the faces of some, and they wanted this vacancy filled with cruelty, with pain and with the sound of someone crying out." "Everybody's blood was filled with venom, a venom which came in the guise of energy, activity, shouting, laughing, roaring instructions as they paved the way for a grim procession to a hill beyond." With a poet's gift for imagery, Toibin describes the scene of the crucifixion: "It was like a marketplace, but more intense somehow, the act that was about to take place was going to make a profit for both seller and buyer."

Very occasionally, an anachronistic slip up can distract. Mary complains twice about ill fitting "shoes" and speaks of someone knock off bvlgari b zero ring review seeing to her "bills." Now, it's certainly possible that people wore shoes and paid bills in first century Roman Palestine, but it almost doesn't matter. This copy bvlgari b zero1 diamond ring is a place where our associations sandals and piles of coins versus shoes and bills create doubts that hang in the air, like an annoying buzz. Or like a tiny pimple on an otherwise beautiful face.

For "The Testament of Mary" is a beautiful and daring work. Originally performed as a one woman show in Dublin, it takes its power from the surprises of its language, its almost shocking characterization, its austere refusal of consolation. The source of this mother's grief is as much the bvlgari b zero ring white gold fake nature of humankind as the cruel fate of her own son. Her prayers are directed not to Yahweh but to Artemis, Greek not Jewish, chaste goddess of the hunt and of fertility, but no one's mother. Mary's final word on her son's life and death is the bleak declaration: "It was not worth it."
Two Part Silicone Mold

UPDATE I'm going to include some FAQ's to answer some of the questions I've received. {FAQ}This tutorial will demonstrate how to reliably reproduce cast objects using a two part silicone mold. This technique, when skillfully applied, can have incredible resolution, effectively cast very complex shapes, and can yield parts that need little cleanup. This type of mold is most useful for parts that are fairly small, and therefore will not consume a massive amount of silicone to cast. To save material on large castings, techniques such as glove molding and matrix molding are often applied.

I chose a figurine from a comic shop as my demo to mold. This will be what is called the master. I glued down the small parts that my figurine came with which originally snapped together. I took a cotton swab and got out all the grit and dust from every tiny crevice. Remember that everything you see on your part will be cast into the mold, even down to fingerprints. These will become funnel shaped holes in the mold. You need them so you can get your casting material into the mold so don't forget to put them in. I usually use the tops to bottles or machine my own, but you can make most any tube or funnel shaped object work. If you'd like, you can even make your sprue out of clay. I usually smooth the seam in between the sprue and the master as to not catch bubbles on the very bottom of the part. Try to think ahead when you're molding a part, if something looks like it will trap bubbles, try to orient things to avoid it. Your goal is to create a mold that will produce the best quality parts with the least amount of work and fiddling.

Once you've prepped your part for the show, it's time to lay up the first half of the mold. Draw a line that defines the very outermost edge of its curved surfaces. You want one continuous seam tangent to a majority of the curves on your part. The goal is to evenly split the part in the mold so it comes out easily without damaging anything. You want it to be some sealed volume that at least extends an inch above the part, and an inch to the sides in all directions. I glued the top of a paper mixing bucket to a masonite panel with hot glue. Lay your part in this container securely with some clay. The clay is going to have a tendency to stick to your part, and will need to be cleaned when you begin the second half of the mold, so do yourself a favor and coat the part in a spray release, or wrap it in clingfilm and cut the film away at your mold line. Cleaning clay off your part will most likely result in it pulling up out of the mold before you begin the second half, which will mean that you'll get some silicone dribbling in between the part and the mold and screwing up your texture. Begin making a rough border around the part with clay, coming up to the line you drew earlier. Work the clay layer until it is smooth and even around the part. Leaving a texture to the clay will only make the mold harder to pull apart.

Step 3: Inscribe a Key

For most organically shaped parts like action figures or prosthetics, your mold will fit together in a very specific way. The seam line that these organic shapes have just naturally locks together in one position. For more geometric or mechanical parts like legos or usb drives, your mold seam may be nearly flat, and therefore difficult to align or register. To make sure the mold goes together the same way each time, you add a seam line or a key to the mold. I prefer to make a quarter inch trench along the border of the part, not only to fit it together well each time but to also prevent material from leaking out when I'm casting the final parts.

Step 4: Mix and Pour Your Silicone

Silicone is a great molding material because of its natural tendency to not stick to things. This bvlgari necklaces and pendants copy makes it ideal for casting a wide variety of things from plastics to plaster. However, it does love to stick to itself. If you don't make sure the mold is properly sealed in between castings, you'll find yourself with a big block of silicone with an action figure prize inside. I try to gauge the volume of my mold by some simple geometry. Always mix a little more than you think the mold will actually take to fill. It's very difficult to mix up a new batch of material on the fly when this happens. Also, before casting, inspect your entire mold to make sure that there are no possible holes or leaks.

Step 5: Walk Away

I have a tendency to fiddle with the mold, hoping to improve things as it cures. This doesn't often work to my advantage. The more fiddling you do, the more chance you have at screwing things up. What you should do is vibrate the table the mold is on to dislodge bubbles for a few minutes, and then go somewhere and read a nice book. You should let the mold do it's thing. For me, that meant cutting the bottom off of the mold container (the paper mixing bucket) and turning the whole thing over. Remember to apply a generous coat of sealant. I use Smooth on SuperSeal spray. It requires two thorough coats spaced twenty minutes apart.

After the second silicone piece has cured, you're done with the mold. You can take your master out and inspect the mold. Now you're ready to clap it back together and cast your final parts. I usually hold molds bulgari gold necklace copy together with rubber bands wrapped tightly enough around the mold to keep it together without distorting it. Remember a few key factors:Each molding material has a different cure time, viscosity, and surface tension. Some of these materials are prone to capturing bubbles in the mold. I found that this mold tended to catch bubbles in the little spheres that stick out from the base. Since silicone is so eager to stick to silicone, it makes sense to extend your materials by mixing in chunks of cured scrap silicone with large castings. It saves a lot of material. You can also cast excess silicone into sheets in a loaf pan or muffin tins to use as mixing boards. There is a great tutorial on a more complex molding technique on ConceptArt. I would recommend you use mold soap or SuperSeal to coat the mold. Spraying a coat of PVA in the mold before casting will also provide a solid seal. For casting parts out of your mold, silicone usually doesn't need any release or sealant, but the particular resin I was using met some cure inhibition against the RTV. Cured silicone has an average shelf life of five years and will hold up to thousands of castings. It will break down depending on what material you use, but that's still in hundreds of castings with the most abusive materials. You're going to pay more per oz by buying smaller batches, but it's easier to live with the expense. The material I used comes in a 2 pint batch at $22 { manufacturer's site }. The polyester resin I used was CastinCraft clear resin, and cost $15/pint. You can pick this and the colorants I used up at most craft stores. I also used SmoothCast for the white model you see below and C 1515 for the translucent model. Each of these are about $15/pint as well. I heard you can use molding rubber. How is it used?A: Actually, if you're using a molding rubber, your process is a little different. When you take out your original part, and lay it up in clay. Before you pour your rubber over bvlgari necklace men knock off you'll need to coat it in a molding sealant and then a release. I recommend you use something like PVA, liquid floor polish wax (wax is both a seal and a release), SuperSeal, or Mold Soap. SuperSeal is pretty easy to find, and usually comes in a spray bottle. Personally, I love the mold wax. You'll want to clean up everything with a soft brush if you see any streaks. Then you apply a release like EZrelease, or Universal Mold Release. After doing all that, you can pour up your rubber. Wait for it to cure, flip the mold, clean out the clay, repeat the seal/release process and pour again. Once your mold cures, you remove the piece, apply a coat of seal to the mold, and then a coat of release (this is why I prefer silicone, because you don't have to fiddle with releases.) After everything is sealed and released, you should be ok to cast. If everything's done right, you should be able to produce some nice shiny pieces. Allow the plastic to cure overnight and wake up to some brand new toys.

I just want to say I used your Instructable tip about using a key line for a pair of pattern plates I 3d printed to make silicone molds for a personal project. I showed my manufacturing processes professor my silicone molds when we were going over molds in class, and he was highly impressed with the keys. I tried using type keys before and I couldn get my halves to line up properly. Even though I didn use clay, your method worked out highly for me. So I just wanted to say kudos and thank you!

I carved some rings out of jewelers wax and I like to cast silicone molds for them so I can cast polyester resin versions. Do you think Sculpey will work for the clay up? I totally new to the whole process and I become weirdly attached to the wax rings.

(Not sure I asked this before) I need to cast lead, from a steel piece (3/4 long), which has a couple of (from the same material) around itself. Can I use silicon (please specify if special compound of it is required for lead melting temp) to mold the original part and make the casting mold? Should I use mold rel;ease on the part and silicon sides of the mold?

HI we were going to cast a lead design its ok to use and we were looking at casting a dragon would this be too complicated to use for this or what would you suggest

I only wish you could cast aluminum in it.

You can cast many low melt alloys into silicone it can withstand many hundred degrees celcius; it can do pewter, bvlgari copy heart pendant or lead no problem. Not sure about aluminium.

Seriously watch out for moisture and water if casting aluminium. Ensure the mould is totally dry, and above 100 C, before a steam explosion ruins your day. Silicone won take that heat from liquid aluminium, though.
Top 10 Tips voor het schrijven van een goede persbericht

1 U bent schrijven voor journalisten

Persberichten zijn niet voor klanten of consumenten, die ze voor verslaggevers, journalisten die ze als uitgangspunt voor een grotere verhaal of functie gebruiken. Schrijven van uw verhaal als je willen zou om het verteld te hebben. Persberichten geschreven als verkoop stukken worden volledig genegeerd. De punten die u aanbrengt in uw persbericht en de volgorde waarin u ze kan de journalist direct in hoe om het verhaal te ontwikkelen.

De eerste alinea van het persbericht staat bekend als de "voorsprong". De leiding moet sterk, communiceren uw bericht snel en beknopt. U moet uw kop en de eerste alinea effectief gebruiken zodat ze standalone en dat als alleen die delen waren om te lezen, zou er voldoende informatie om te begrijpen wat de release is over. De fake bvlgari heart necklace rest van uw persbericht dient het bvlgari knock off rose gold necklace detail. Journalisten zien misschien duizenden persberichten per dag, je hebt een paar seconden om te grijpen je hun aandacht.

De media zijn altijd op zoek naar een goed verhaal. Uw persbericht moeten we meer dan alleen. feit, het moet worden nieuwswaarde. Inzicht in waarom journalisten interessant zou vinden uw verhaal is de sleutel tot succes. Denk na over de release van de journalist oogpunt, zet jezelf in hun schoenen. Het is het beste te maken van uw persbericht tijdig en te koppelen aan de huidige gebeurtenissen of sociale kwesties indien mogelijk. Vinden van een goede hoek, een goede nieuws haak en u het begin van een goede press release.

4 Wie, wat, waar, wanneer en waarom

Een goede press release bulgari knock off gold necklace moet beantwoorden al de vragen "W" (wie, wat, waar, wanneer en waarom), de journalist te voorzien van nuttige informatie over uw organisatie, product, dienst of gebeurtenis. Als uw persbericht als een advertentie of verkoop toonhoogte leest, dump het.

5 Waarom zou iedereen die zorg?

Bedrijf lanceert, nieuwe websites en wijzigingen van het beheer van de tijd gebeuren en dus zijn niet interessant. U moet zich concentreren op wat uw nieuwe bedrijf, website, CEO of product uniek maakt. Stel jezelf de vraag, "Waarom zou iemand zorg?" Concentreren op de aspecten van uw persbericht dat het anders maakt.

6 De menselijke aanraking toevoegen

Gebruik altijd echte levensverhalen over hoe uw organisatie een probleem gedentificeerd en opgelost. Hoe heeft uw service of product voldoen aan een behoefte of helpen de Gemeenschap. Voorbeelden uit het echte leven communiceren de voordelen van het gebruik van uw product of dienst op krachtige wijze.

De beste manier om te communiceren uw nieuws is om te spreken duidelijk. U wellicht te gebruiken sommige specifieke lingo jargon of industrie, maar beperken tot het minimum. Industrie specifieke voorwaarden zijn alleen begrepen door de mensen in dezelfde sector waar als uw pers release is gericht op een algemeen publiek.

9 Toevoegen van een sectie "Over"

Zorg ervoor dat u een "About" sectie, waar u uw bedrijf en de diensten beschrijven toevoegen. Zulks zal zitten nuttig voor het bepalen van het persbericht in een context. Vergeet niet om de URL van uw website toevoegen.

10 Goede contactgegevens toevoegen

Als een journalist picks up op uw persbericht die ze willen met je praten. Alleen het toevoegen van uw website URL is niet genoeg. Minimaal moet u de naam van een contactpersoon en een e mailadres toe te voegen. Zelfs beter een telefoonnummer waar u kunt worden gecontacteerd toevoegen.

Verwante artikelen in zelf publiceren

Mensen die genteresseerd zijn in het bovenstaande artikel zijn ook genteresseerd in de aanverwante artikelen hieronder:Meer betaalbare technologie en groeiende toegang tot het internet betekent dat een groeiend aantal mensen gebruiken het internet als pendant copy bvlgari hun universele bron van informatie. Bedrijven die eerder hebt gebruikt traditionele publiceren deze trend hebben omarmd door de publicatie van catalogi, brochures, onderzoek en zelfs hele boeken digitaal en online. Deze nieuwe technologien uiteindelijk informatie en media bedrijf producten maken toegankelijk van overal in de wereld.

In de afgelopen jaren is de vraag naar digitale publicatie omhooggeschoten over de gehele wereld. Dit is een gevolg van een verscheidenheid van redenen. Namelijk, de kosten voor papier afdrukken is buitensporig hoog, technologie heeft gevorderd tot een positie waarbij kwaliteit publiceren kan worden geproduceerd, en digitale publicatie vertegenwoordigt een perfecte markt voor een groene economie.
Tuesday TV highlights

SERIESThe Flash Series costar Tom Cavanagh directed this new episode, which takes Barry (Grant Gustin) to the year 2024 in a bid to save Iris (Candice Patton). There he finds future versions of his friends also trying to protect Iris. Jesse L. Martin also stars. KTLA

Brooklyn Nine Nine Jake and Charles (Andy Samberg, Joe Lo Truglio) bvlgari copy heart pendant try to track down and apprehend a prolific bicycle thief in what could be their last case together. Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero and Andre Braugher also star. Fox

The Mick When Sabrina (Sofia Black D'Elia) declares that bulgari gold necklace imitation she wants to have some changes made to her physique, bvlgari necklace men copy Mickey (Kaitlin Olson) tries to dissuade her by having her test the alterations in public. Fox

Great News Premiering with two episodes, this new sitcom from Tracey Wigfield and "30 Rock" executive producers Tina Fey and Robert Carlock is both a television workplace and a mother daughter series. Andrea Martin, Briga Heelan, Horatio Sanz, John Michael Higgins and Nicole Richie star. NBC

Prison Break As they make one last bid to escape from Ogygia, Michael, Whip and Ja (Wentworth Miller, Augustus Prew, Rick Yune) make a dangerous deal, while T Bag (Robert Knepper) seeks more information on Michael from Kellerman (Paul Adelstein). Sarah Wayne Callies, Amaury Nolasco, Rockmond Dunbar and Mark Feuerstein also star. Fox

Genius Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush shares the role of Albert Einstein with Johnny Flynn in this limited series from executive producer Ron Howard. Knight as J. Edgar Hoover. National Geographic

Face Off The final three contestants create animalistic kung fu masters for a fight scene in the season finale. Syfy

Imaginary Mary Alice (Jenna Elfman) isn't sure about having her friends meet Ben (Stephen Schneider) in this new episode. Natalie Morales guest stars and Rachel Dratch supplies the voice of the animated Mary. ABC

48 Hours: NCIS This new unscripted series takes the "NCIS" franchise into the real world and examines the operations of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Rocky Carroll ("NCIS") narrates. CBS

Chicago Fire Casey (Jesse Spencer) works with a former colleague (guest star Kamal Angelo Bolden) whose squad's rig has bvlgari heart necklace imitation broken down. Madame Hydra (guest star Mallory Jansen), prepares to put her endgame into effect and Daisy (Chloe Bennet) forges a surprising alliance. KOCE and KPBS

The Americans A secret brings Elizabeth and Paige (Keri Russell, Holly Taylor) together in this new episode of the espionage drama. Syfy

The Detour Nate and Robin (Jason Jones, Natalie Zea) live out their action movie fantasies as they make their way to the kids (Ashley Gerasimovich, Liam Carroll), who are doing just fine without them in the opener of the two episode season finale. TBS
Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Momentum by Marja Botha van Doorn

Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Momentum

It is bvlgari ring copy necklace May bulgari gold necklace imitation and most of us are back into the full swing of living our life and running our businesses. In January we explored New Year resolutions as a means of setting personal and business goals.

If you are like most people, then you'll have a limited window of opportunity during the first few days of January to harness your motivation. After that, most people forget their resolutions completely.

As business leader, it is your responsibility to keep the ball rolling, utilizing and maintaining momentum to not just achieve immediate objectives, but your long term vision as well.

When good leaders see momentum developing within their organization and harness it, positive results happen at a much more rapid pace and success becomes almost second nature. But to keep momentum going, you must revisit what started it, re set goals, and re energize, recognize and reward your team.

In this month article we discuss 5 tips for maintaining momentum:

Perhaps the easiest thing to do to maintain momentum for your team is to keep raising the bar. Once a goal is achieved, it is easy for your organization as a whole to ease off the accelerator, pull back and catch a collective breath.

Setting new company wide objectives each time one is achieved will consistently keep you moving full steam ahead corporately. Keep the new goals attainable and in line with what got you started make sure they fit in with the overall vision you have already created.

Individual efforts within your organization helped create the initial momentum, and they will be crucial to helping bvlgari onyx necklace replica maintain it.

In addition to establishing new corporate goals, meet individually with each player on your team. Evaluate their contributions for the previous momentum push and outline the next steps needed from him or her to keep things accelerating. Also gauge their perspective of where things were, where they are now and where they are going to keep an active read on the momentum pulse of your corporate culture.

You do not want to be a task master, constantly pushing people to the brink of exhaustion, to keep momentum. Give subordinates a break when appropriate to prevent burn out it is a corporate outing or simply a day away from the office them to get re energized and refocused on the task at hand.

Just be wary of too much of a break and keep the focus on re energizing, not relaxing.

Something started the momentum you are experiencing. While you may not be able to completely recapture what created the initial buzz, you can facilitate events that will remind your team of what got them here.

Holding corporate outings, retreats, training sessions, and team building exercises on a regular basis will rekindle the original vision bvlgari heart necklace replica and purpose of the team, helping further a sense of excitement and keep your pace.

Being a part of something big can get anyone excited and build momentum. But once the newness is gone, catering to the individual can keep things rolling for your team. Celebrate victories that have been hard earned to generate the momentum by rewarding your team, either with symbolic accolades or real value awards.

Offer ongoing incentives for team members who routinely go above and beyond and recognize their efforts on an organizational wide basis. Not only will it encourage recipients to continue their efforts, but others will be motivated as well.
Trump wound up in surveillance intercepts

intelligence operations that were monitoring foreign espionage targets, a top Republican said Wednesday in a major twist in the real life spy drama unfolding in Washington. intelligence agencies, Devin Nunes, made that announcement to the news media, then went straight to the White House to brief the president on what he'd found. surveillance by legally obtained security court orders.

But he suggested the material was then improperly spread.

He offered a crisp one word answer when asked whether Trump's own communications were picked up: "Yes," he said. Later in a news conference, he elaborated only slightly: "It was clear who was in those reports."

The dramatic events came just after the FBI announced that it had launched a criminal investigation into email hacking and collusion between Russian government entities and the Trump campaign team.

For some Trump fans, this latest event was something to celebrate. To them, it proved the president's claim that he was illegally monitored by the previous president and unfairly targeted by political enemies.

Trump himself appeared to agree when asked whether he felt vindicated: "I somewhat do."

Wednesday's revelations weren't quite what Trump alleged. The intelligence was collected in a legal way, Nunes said but he said the material was improperly spread around to tar American citizens.

"I think the president is concerned and he should be," Nunes said.

Yet this isn't necessarily good for the administration.

It was this kind of dissemination from intercepts that cost Michael Flynn his job. He resigned as Trump's No.

Flynn has subsequently been immersed in even hotter water.

Now the House intelligence committee has demanded documents on his paid work for agencies linked to Russia's Putin bvlgari rose gold copy necklace government this on the same week as reports that allege Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, hid millions in revenues from political work for Putin.

Nunes himself shot down the idea that Barack Obama wiretapped his successor, a claim Trump made that later caused a bvlgari necklace men imitation spat involving him, Fox News, Germany, and the United Kingdom's spy fake bvlgari onyx necklace agency.

"That never happened," Nunes said of Trump's allegations against Obama, adding in a later CNN interview: "(Trump's) not right about that."

"It looks like it was legal collection (from espionage targets). Incidental collection. There's nothing criminal (about the collection itself)."

Nunes added new clues to the spy story at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. intelligence courts, and he confirmed that he saw details that might have intelligence value.

To obtain those warrants, American officials must convince the Foreign bulgari necklace replica Intelligence Surveillance Court that an espionage target is either a foreign power or the agent of a foreign power.

Nunes specified that he read dozens of documents and none were related to Russia.

It's unclear who selected which documents to show Nunes and who provided them. spy agencies.

The system was created after multiple revelations of abuses of power at by the CIA in the 1970s, which led to the creation of committees in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Nunes is the chairman of the House one.

His Democratic colleagues were livid Wednesday they called it unprecedented that he would run to the media with classified material before sharing it with his colleagues, then share it with the president involved.

That's why they want an independent inquiry into Russia's involvement in the last American election. They do not trust the Republicans.

"(This) casts quite a profound cloud over our ability to do our work," said Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on Nunes' committee.

"The chairman will need to decide whether he is the chairman of an independent investigation. or he's going to act as a surrogate of the White House. Because he cannot do both.
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