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Tianya Mingyue District how to quickly improve skill

Open a new area tomorrow, and do not know how many small partners will fall into the pit of this knife? In fact, the upgrade is one aspect of the game, to enhance their skill is also very important. Followed by the task to upgrade, and then hit the books, doing activities like the main is to enhance skill, many novice do not know how to improve their skills, just simply think that upgrade just fine. So today we mainly talk about how to improve the skill of players in the main task of the novice when the green gift system are left with a decomposition button below the package. All decomposition can be decomposed When the player's equipment can be Seiko go Seiko, are basically 30 things after the. But the material still must have. Pre-Seiko are to three, do not underestimate the three (Tips: rely on the main task of decomposition of Seiko equipment is far from enough to put all of your body 30 full of green equipment)

At 3140 when the game will be open to challenge Longshan mountain ordinary words and nights to explore the two copies of the Dongping County mansion these two copies will be out of a set of more than 30 purple equipment, small partners can team up to get hit Purple equipment do not change the imitation bvlgari heart pendant first time, a copy of the green and blue equipment directly into Seiko material Seiko 30 to continue to green equipment to 3, after the first copy of the dragon to obtain purple equipment Seiko to level 3 after 30 Green imitation pendant bvlgari equipment Seiko full of equipment inherited in the past you will be surprised by the first copy of the first dragon to obtain a purple equipment Seiko grades directly into a full level. Nights to find a copy of the palace north of the night to obtain purple equipment and above mentioned using the same method of getting. Here I am not sure about the small partner to the body after the purple equipment Seiko skills generally about 28003000 or so. (Tips: If you Seiko materials enough, then you can use to help tribute Gang in the gang of shops for Seiko Seiko material) after the equipment Seiko I now said the method according to the picture draw scoop on the line, copy bvlgari heart pendant it will make You save a lot of money in the equipment knock off bvlgari pendant Seiko. 41 after the auction will open, small partners through the auction to buy other players Consignment Seiko rapid rapid increase in equipment Seiko level two, the choice of equipment properties

50 in the new district after the partners can begin to choose to equip the equipment enchant it. Proposed small partners daily routine and arena material used to obtain daily life skills to use their equipment or go to other people's booths foundry. Good luck, then get some equipment with additional properties of equipment This time we are inherited by the equipment inherits the equipment you are equipped with the equipment used to enhance their role in the game Tianxiang Vocational Enchantment Enchanting Attributes Recommended: the main weapon, headdress choice Yellow arms; deputy weapons, blouses, lining, necklaces, rings, clothing, shoes, easy to choose water; hidden weapon, bracelet, cuff choice Ovary 50 in the new district easy water, ovary, It is very expensive but these attributes double 8, double 10, double 12 are acceptable to our civilian population. Late in the game these double 16 familiar water, ovary, yellow towel is the price of cabbage three, stone and heart of choice

1 main PVP Tianxiang (Sword incense) heart and stone

Copy of the heart: Luo Zhen must, Shura, gluttonous, Bing Xin, because the sword incense in a copy of which to hurt the main, so the heart is naturally to increase their ability to DPS heart of the wild: choose more conventional options for Luo Ying, quenching Flow poison, Ling Su, absolutely destiny. If not, the second election long days, no raw, ice heart, gluttonous heart of the heart: sad back wind, quench flow poison, nine infants; second choice Bing Xin, Shen Zhou, Jade broken. Triangle stone selection Shuangquan, life; round stone selection Heng Fu or Hengmin; Square stone selection tough
How to prevent insect bites dermatitis in summer

Summer can be said to be a beautiful stage for women. However, women should pay more attention in the summer, especially in terms of making-up and dressing. The following should be done:

1. Lack of eyebrows: easy to sweat in summer plunge will not only impair physiological functions but also because of the destruction of hair follicles and make-up paints stimulate the local infection

2. Do not wear metal jewelry: summer sweating more metal jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets contained in nickel, chromium will dissolve in sweat and can penetrate the skin and thus cause contact dermatitis

3. Sprinkle perfume: paint the site of the perfume by the sun's rays will cause chemical changes produce stinging serious pain will develop into dermatitis

4. Do not paint cosmetics: lipstick with more days of hot lipstick oil more easily penetrate the human skin and through the decomposition of saliva adsorption on lipstick on a variety of harmful products can take the opportunity to enter the mouth easily lead to 'lip allergy'

5. Not remove the armpit hair: In addition to the armpit hair can easily cause bacterial infection in the axillary region is not only local pain uncomfortable but also prone to lymph nodes and other symptoms

6. Not long to wear stockings: If the long stockings stockings not only sweat pores can not affect the discharge of sweat and sweat in the skin metabolites can also irritate the skin itching or even dermatitis

7. No others cosmetics: Summer is a high incidence of infectious diseases cosmetics may become a disease vector so do not mess with others make-up cosmetics do not use their own cosmetics free to others

8. Night skin care cosmetics without the daytime: people should not be used at night skin care dew, cream, grease and other semi-solid cosmetics

Many people will panic when they see patients getting sick, and I do not know what to do with them. In fact, measures are not complicated to deal with the following considerations: 1. Stay calm, do not be afraid. 2. Prevent patients from getting hurt. For example, move the patient away from the pool, height, stairs, to help remove the glasses, remove sharp objects near the patient, soft objects under the patient's body, etc. If the patient is standing attack, should help and guide the patient, To prevent patients suddenly fell to the ground or to dangerous locations. 3. Do not attempt to hold the patient's body in the patient's convulsion. 4. Do not put anything in the patient's mouth, do not try to water, medicine and other food; especially not to put your finger in the patient's mouth. 5. Note how long the attack lasts. If the attack does not stop (> 5 minutes), call the ambulance immediately. 6. After the onset, many patients do not immediately awake the brain, due to the mouth of many secretions or vomiting may occur, in order to prevent suffocation or aspiration, the patient can be moved to the lateral position or the head to the side of the deflection, Easy to pull out the mouth of the object. 7. Wait for the patient to awake before leaving (usually 510 minutes), or to help contact the family. 8. In patients with seizures, if possible, you can use cell phones and other timely contact with the patient's family or doctor, under their guidance. The vast majority of seizures in 12 minutes will stop on their own, others can not take measures to stop the attack. Taken to press the man in the hole

For solar dermatitis, we must first be based on prevention: 1. To take protective measures, not to direct exposure of the exposed parts of the skin, the choice of sunscreen; 2. Should eat light food, detoxification, a fundamental change in physical factors The formation of light-sensitive state; 3. To maintain the spirit of ease, in order to facilitate the smooth flow of qi and blood to promote skin metabolism 2) sun dermatitis skin has occurred, we must actively take maintenance and repair measures, from the inside and outside conditioning, drinking water In terms of professional guidance with Banlangen or Daqingye soak on behalf of the tea drink, played Qingrejiedu dampness effect in the skin care and maintenance, we can choose beauty salon professional sun dermatitis repair treatment: 1. Clean; 2. Deep cleaning; 3. Cold spray; 4. Special effects mask. In the entire care must be prohibited massage, reduce the external stimulation of the skin. Some of the light-sensitive substances such as oral sulfa drugs, food containing some more porphyria-containing substances such as cabbage, rape, Sophora japonica and other flowers can increase the sensitivity of sunlight, medically called dermatitis and plant dermatitis . The sun exposed parts of the skin redness, swollen, burning and itching pain and other symptoms. Blisters can occur in severe cases, eyelid swelling. Prevention is mainly to avoid light-sensitive substances and direct sunlight. Treatment can take chloroquine, vitamin B2, C, nicotinic acid amine, severe hormone available and oral chlorpheniramine, etc. These are suggestions on 'how to prevent insect bite dermatitis in summer?', I hope for your help, I wish you good health!

Prevention of acne to do the following:

1. Do a face clean. Excessive skin oil secretion is the main cause of acne, easily lead to clogged pores. In order to avoid this situation, we must pay bvlgari copy ring necklace attention to clean, wash the face of the grease and dust to prevent the occurrence of clogged pores, the best choice of natural, non-irritating cleaning supplies 2 to ensure regular rest. Want to prevent acne, no matter what the reason, we must stay up all night to avoid the situation before 11 o'clock should sleep, the skin metabolism started after 11 pm, a good quality of sleep can help skin rest and promote body discharge Toxin, to the purpose of skin care. Very good for the prevention of acne 3. pay copy bulgari gold pendant attention to diet. Many people like to eat chocolate, butter, coffee and fried foods, these eating habits should be corrected. To prevent acne, should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, do not eat high oil, high sugar, high calorie junk food. These unhealthy eating habits can easily lead to acne or lead to aggravating 4. Avoid some unclear material contact with the skin. Often contact with the skin items, such as: bedding, towels, etc. must ensure clean, frequent cleaning, it is best to dry in the sun, to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Do not touch the cheeks often, easily lead to bacterial infection, induced acne ';

Hello, you can tell me the details of the situation is more serious you go to the best local hospital to find an expert treatment, you can also Shanghai epilepsy cause: epilepsy patients should be more intake of acidic foods. Acidic foods provided to the human body rich in vitamin c, vitamin b6, etc., is conducive to the synthesis of neurotransmitters, thus making up for the lack of some neurotransmitters in patients with epilepsy, especially in patients with primary epilepsy

Epilepsy treatment: According to the study, no clinical seizures, but the EEG shows sporadic sporadic release can also damage the memory of the accumulation, memory and memory process. Therefore, specific spikes and non-specific slow waves, wave outbreaks and wave deficiency may be related to learning difficulties, cognitive disorders, followed by genetic factors convulsive brain damage, social psychology, family education, emotional factors and anti-epileptic drugs Improper use can cause mental retardation Suggestions: rest on time, to ensure adequate sleep, diet, mainly light, easily digestible food, eat more fruits and vegetables, they are nutritious, and to avoid spicy and other irritating foods, smoking cessation liqueur. These are suggestions on the issue of 'How to prevent insect bites dermatitis in summer?' And hope to help you and wish you good health!

Hello there! First of all wish you an early return to health! Let me talk to you about solar dermatitis. Summer hot weather, the sun shines. The summer of this year is the burst of high temperature, excessive UV exposure pervasive, the incidence of solar dermatitis in the population is increasing. So in such a hot, hot and harsh environment, how to maintain our face, to prevent the occurrence of solar dermatitis?

Sun-based dermatitis according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is 'sun disease' category, also known as 'sunburn', the main reason is exposure to the sun by the heat outside the virus invasion, rheumatic heat Yu skin pruritus, eczema Or erythema 1) In general, this skin damage is caused by the UVA rays in the sun over the acute inflammation caused by UVB effects of superficial, limited to the epidermis, sun exposure caused by epidermal keratinocyte necrosis, the release of the media Lead to dermal vasodilation, tissue edema, followed by melanocytes accelerate the synthesis bvlgari pendant fake of pigment, skin pigmentation

1, patients with solar dermatitis should avoid strong sunlight, many patients because of the disease is not clear understanding of the relevant knowledge, during the illness, often by strong sunlight, causing disease recurrence, as To avoid the recurrence of the disease, the patient should avoid strong sunlight 2, patients with solar dermatitis often have some symptoms of itching, itching is more common, patients in the event of itching must use some anti-itch drugs to treat the disease and avoid The recurrence of imitation bvlgari pendant the disease, so patients must do a good job in disease prevention. Patients should be cautious hormone drugs.
I am very grateful to these miseries made me strong

Ni Ping, who rarely appeared in public, appeared on the stage of 'Reader' last week. Ni Ping came back. If it is not because of the stage of 'Reader,' and the current 'CCTV sister' Dong Qing realized rare 'Century On the same stage ', perhaps many people have never seen such Ni Ping. Stature fat bloated face covered with wrinkles, smoking for many years led to the teeth no longer white, and cotton and linen texture of the large clothes, plus a pair of flat shoes, so wearing a dress is a 'flying self' means that is now Ni Ping. Since 2014, she has picked up her microphone in 'Awaiting Me', a tracing section of CCTV. Apart from this, she rarely appeared in public and has not taken any new films and films for a long time. She is 58 years old this year, really old, especially compared with the audience image of the graceful and modest image of the host. But like this, she seems more sensible. 'True' is the most evaluation she has received over the years, she likes 'you remarry at age 60, mom does not want to review again'

Last Saturday night broadcast 'Reader', Ni Ping many years ago suddenly left CCTV, bid farewell to the screen of the re-mentioned. Aura, once because of the 'CCTV a sister' name shrouded in the first half of her life, and once left CCTV, people are not fully aware of her current situation. Prior to the program recording, Ni Ping did not communicate with Dong Qing, but with each bvlgari sun pendant fake other's trust, starting from the Spring Festival Gala in 1999, talking plainly about his life trajectory changed due to his son suffering from congenital cataracts. That year's Spring Festival Gala , Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan's classic novel 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow' is also ridiculed 'Ni Ping is the only goddess', Ni Ping is always smiled copy bvlgari heart pendant like a flower. No one knows that she had just become a mother this year, two months ago suddenly found her son had congenital cataract. She was in the original 'Variety Grand' director Liu Tiemin's great invitation, holding 'can not let the audience down' mood, wiping tears barely 3 years after the operation, the tiger surgery, and then need an annual review of the United States, which And she was in CCTV at the time of the work is obviously hard to find both ends. In 2004, Ni Ping, who presided over the 12th Spring Festival Gala in succession, formally announced his departure from CCTV and just wanted to take good care of his children. In order to cure the child, she once went bankrupt and even prepared to sell her house. At that time, a Shandong meat friend came to her house, without saying a word to throw a large bag of banknotes, open a look are 'gross', but enough to have more than 70,000 yuan, it was her life-saving money. 'In the past ten years, I have hardly given my mind to work, all my son, who is occasionally returning from the United States to play in the country to make money and then to pay medical bills.' Until the 10-year-old Huazi doctor examined her, advised her The next time you can wait for 'the child is married' review, which means that the treatment of the phased victory. She immediately said with her son: 'You remarry at age 60, my mom does not want to review again.'

'These experiences have made me strong and I am grateful for the suffering.'

Suddenly interrupt the prime minister of the cause, there have been moments of regret it? Ni Ping seemed very indifferent to the impossible hypothesis. 'These experiences have made me strong. I am grateful to these miseries.'

Times will not stop because of individual stay, CCTV CCTV presided over in 2014, 'waiting for me,' Ni Ping found that many familiar things are changing, 'the first time into the Studio Studio, I was staggering , Where I kept screaming like a maze, shy of the past.Remember that year when I just left the post of host, several local desk leaders look for me, I hope I can go there to do the program .Not young I vomit wildly, 'which athlete you hit the national team and then hit the provincial team? 'Now, the provincial team is playing the national team! This change was something I could never expect then.'

Ni Ping, who once was dominated by 'sensationalism' and 'main theme,' is another example when it comes back to the stage. She Tucao himself presided over the Spring Festival Evening was 'stepped on the neck of a chicken,' to the 'waiting for me' to imagine the same people often talk show often sad story of life, when the audience and the director could not help but wept tears, Ni Ping was unusually calm, she would let her father fan slap unfaithful, will be a word out on the guests will be driven out. So, people saw a home-like Ni Ping, she will be the same as the next door aunt and guests chatter, never deliberately guide emotions, 'a host, when you heart to this society, to people in society, to human nature The most essential things, with the basic respect and the intense curiosity, you will not always talk nonsense, bvlgari copy men necklace you will not choose those gorgeous words to smear yourself, crookedly is the most terrible. Audience is the most intelligent, you do not Right underestimate them. 'The program group said,' no sensational '' no money 'is her two major criteria for this program, and sometimes the situation is difficult to shed tears on the stage, she will specifically instruct the director cut the lens 'What have been tasted before we know what can be regenerated in life'

Ni Ping said that at the beginning of the connection, 'Waiting for me,' the program team had thought about her 'all-round packaging,' and she shouted back. 'We do a good job in the program, and the restaurant will have repeat customers You worked hard to build me, who can make it, can pack up to 18 years old? This is very unpleasant, so I removed all the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, give up gorgeous dazzling clothes, simple, clean Played out. '

In the words of host Jing Yi Dan, Ni Ping is 'very Shandong.' She could draw an enormous hi hi figure because of the albinism girl who was 'waiting for me' because of distress. She only hoped to 'sell more money and help her.' The misery did not make her a bitter person, look at her microblogging, almost all of life and assistant Xiaoqian between the trivia. She Tucao their fat, ridicule Xiaoqian toast craft, and occasionally mentioned we all know Zhao Zhongxiang and other celebrities, but also a friend Intermittent discordant tone. She once appeared rare in the variety show 'Everyday Up' for Zhao Zhongxiang platform, but frequently with poison tongue posture Jie old partner of the old, 'Zhao to the hotel to eat, do not even point, a table on the point of a 23 Chicken with money, finished eating left. '

Such a transparent Ni Ping, after years of fading out of public view has long found his own philosophy of life, 'the public sense of the name and interest are far from satisfying our inner desire, this desire to say immeasurably large, that small Infinitely small, the size of their own heart to follow the true needs and aspirations of everything tasted, everything has, you bvlgari copy necklace know what you want, what you can swallow, what can be in your life Regenerate.'

She knows very well that personal choice is always about the heart. In the future, she will also take over film and television drama. She will not exclude variety shows and her writing will continue. The theme is 'Write a cold mother.' To her, living as her mother and her grandmother, obeying their innermost feelings, is the optimal pursuit of life. 'The more clothes we wear, the more shoes we wear, the less we look in the mirror, the weigher, the door and the door. A person, live more simple, as if the world only you own, how others look at you, you do not care about not living for others, only for their own life. '(Reporter Li Xiazhi)
Turkey blue eyes can ward off evil

In Turkey, people can see a beautiful 'gadget' in bvlgari copy necklace uk their homes, shops, taxis and cabins, in the cabin of the aircraft: in a large blue glass, a smaller, shallower one Blue glass, light blue glass is also embedded in knock off bvlgari pendant a 'black eye' looks like a small black glass blocks. This is what the Turks call 'Nazar', which the Chinese call 'blue eyes.' People like 'blue eyes', I believe it can 'evil.'

Turks believe in 'blue eyes' for a long time. Legend has imitation bulgari pendant it that once a billionaire had stared at a cow passing by his house, he said to his wife, 'Today, I did not see anything finer than this one.' The fat man pegged to the rich man He fell to the ground and his wife cut off the beef

Take home. People call the story of the rich man's bulgari pendant fake eyes 'jealous eyes', I believe this look has a huge 'terrible power' is that it killed the cow.

The Turks have concluded that the children most vulnerable to 'jealous eyes' are children, beauties and people who stand out in the community, because children are weak and beautiful and successful are all very eye-catching. In order to protect themselves from 'jealous eyes' damage, Turks chose 'blue eyes.' Locals said that 'blue eyes' can 'jealous eyes'

Attracted, such as 'blue eyes' burst open indicates that the disaster has been resolved, thus protecting people from harm.

In the Asian part of Turkey, Anatolia, the notion that 'blue eyes' can 'ward off evil' is still prevalent today. If a well-born and beautiful child dies unfortunately, locals blame the 'jealous eyes' on the sudden death of a sturdy animal at home. In order to 'ward off evil,' people often place 'blue eyes' where they think 'jealous eyes' are most likely to occur, such as the front door, backyard, children's shoulders, cow's forehead, and the like.

Processing workshops in the country

At present, Turkey's 'blue eyes' processing workshops are mainly in the villages. According to the traditional artisan craftsmen, in the flat ground with brick and clay brick or round oval kiln, and then paste it into a horseshoe shape. When firing glass temperatures up to 800-1200 degrees Celsius, so the kiln life of only 1 year.

The 'blue-eyed' kiln is generally divided into several parts: the part of the molten glass called 'Tawa', burning pine resin called 'Kapa Pak', 'blue eyes' after the completion of the production for cooling is called 'Kavala '. Each kiln also opened two or three small holes, used to extract the glass melt.

When making, artisans generally first use a 50-60 cm long iron rod from the 'tower tile' to remove the glass melt, placed on a wide iron plate, and then with a 30-40 cm long steel bar beat , Stereotypes, and finally with a fine steel stick to the stereotypes of the glass after adding black 'eyeball.' In this way, a 'blue eyes' will do a good job.

Producers of 'Blue Eyes' typically buy clear glass directly from the glass factory, while the glass, such as purple, brown, green and red, is made from wastes acquired.

An old Turkish craftsman told me: 'The light blue part of' blue eyes 'should actually be yellow, so' evil spirits 'will be better.

Become a popular fashion

'Blue eyes' are inextricably linked with the life of Turks. Not only did they hang 'blue eyes' on pious ceremonies, such as weddings and funerals, to pray for the sanctity of the gods, and in normal times many people put their 'blue eyes' in their breast pockets.

Shrewd businessmen have devised a variety of jewelry or souvenirs inlaid with blue eyes, such as exquisite bracelets, bracelets, earrings, rings, head flowers, necklaces and keychains. And 'blue eyes' are no longer just the blue, red, yellow, green 'eyes' with the needs of people came into being. 'Blue eyes' is not just glass, gold-plated,

Inlaid silver, crystal, wood, a wide range.

People can choose their own favorite 'blue eyes' according to their colors and styles. 'Blue eyes' have gradually evolved from 'evil spirits' into Turkish fashion jewelery.

Ordinary glass 'blue eyes' only a few dollars, beautifully crafted, complex process points need twenty or thirty dollars to buy. Many tourists who buy 'Blue Eyes' not only bring souvenir gifts back to their families, but also wish them good wishes for their loved ones.

Ah Jin, a beautiful Turkish college student, has 'blue eyes' keychains, necklaces, bracelets and bracelets. I thought she wanted to 'ward off evil spirits.' She did not expect her to reply: 'The blue-eyed ornaments are very beautiful, Outgoing personality, foreign students in our school are like, they envy me very much .If you can 'evil' I did not think about it, but my mother is very concerned about this matter, she saw me so very dress rest assured.'
CCTV inspection of the ancient city of Lijiang jewelry 8 percent unqualified

Whenever a long holiday comes, tourism will become the theme of many people's holiday life, the current tourism has long become an industry, people from the past simply to travel by train to develop the current food and drink, shopping and entertainment A full range of travel. With the growing demand for public travel, as well as the growing cake of the domestic tourism market, the development of the tourism industry has drawn the attention of the whole society. Lijiang in Yunnan Province is a famous tourist area in China. During the 11th of this year, Lijiang received a total of 484,500 tourists from home and abroad, up by 22.38% over the same period of last year. The tourism comprehensive income was 502,990,600 yuan, an increase of 23.5% over the same period of last year. Many tourists come to Yunnan to buy one or two pieces of silverware. Some of these pieces of silverware are called hundred-year-old ones, some claim to be made by hand and others claim to be famous designers. So what are the fineness of the silver jewelry? In the end there is no existence to deceive consumers behavior?

Reporter Li Xuefeng: There are many silver resources in Yunnan Province, where a high purity silver snowflake is produced. There are over 300 silver and silver stores in Lijiang City, an area of ​​large and small, for example. Some claim to be a hundred years old. Some claim to be handmade silver. Some businesses even hit a fake pay a lose ten slogans, so in the end these merchants sell goods, fine how?

Business: silver, rest assured. This is absolutely silver. Silver content is a little lower, 92.5 percent of the silver content. You go elsewhere seven eight cents, eight eight cents a gram to sell, and now we are eighty one, are specials to sell This is the eleven holiday this year, CCTV Financial 'economy half an hour' reporter in Lijiang Pictures taken by the ancient city, the ancient city of the long street gathered more than 300 silverware shop. The reporter saw the silver jewelry sold here, divided into two kinds. One is the amount of 999 silver is thousands of silver denominated in grams, the general price of 10 yuan to 30 yuan range. Another is the amount of 925 silver, the general sale of the pieces, the price ranged from 80 yuan to 200 yuan in the interview, the reporter found that many businesses selling 925 silver bracelet also marked the 999 mark business: you do not know , People say this is 999 of a gram of 999, a bracelet 200,300 pieces. This is now 80 specials now. In fact, this is 925, you rest assured that the merchant: as long as you buy can give you an invoice, you can go to test. Its name is bracelet, specifications are grams, special effects will give you to write, if you want, I will write to you business: I have a look at the scene fire, gold and silver are not afraid of fire, if the more pure silver burn out brighter White, silver impure words, a burn becomes black in each business has its own testing methods, direct silver products on the fire on the business to the consumer explanation is that silver is not afraid of burning, white after the fire Is pendant bvlgari fake pure silver, after the black fire is fake fire. In order to verify the authenticity of their own words, the sales staff from the counter, to reporters took samples for comparison businesses: ah this is just burning out of the pure silver burn out the more white, if false, burn out Toothpick is the color. Inside the bracelet, my name is playing fake a lose ten, you can go to the Quality bulgari gold pendant fake Supervision Inspection inside. Is less than 999, fake a lose ten tourists: you seem to be more precautionary ah, like this, outside to sell a dozen dollars, we are afraid to buy, a question is more than a hundred. Outside are put a plate twenty yuan a This shop called the ancient road Yinfang shops, is the most prosperous business of Lijiang ancient silverware shop, come to select a lot of tourists, can see tourists trust in this store Degree is still high. September 30, 2014 China's 999 sterling silver price of 3.922 yuan per gram, but the reporter saw the shops selling silver jewelry prices are not low, 12 yuan per gram, a full three times higher than the price of pure silver. Under the boss's persuasion, we purchased a small bracelet 999 999 silver In the survey, reporters found that due to the large number of tourists during the 11 holiday, so in the ancient city of Lijiang to buy silver jewelry tourists are also numerous. In order to sell silver jewelry, business sales strategy is also very direct, first, verbal commitment, one hundred percent silver, fake a lose ten. Second, the product comes with warranty card, there are problems to complaints. Third, the sale of silver jewelry is equipped with appraisal certificate Merchant: You now use the micro-channel sweep on it, open the bulgari pendant fake link, you can also lose it directly to the Web site business: Dali quality testing. Can check, can not find this is a fake, found to be real, this is one hundred percent snow silver reporter through mobile phone scanning two-dimensional code, open the link and see the certificate of conformity, in order to verify their own The goods are genuine, businesses also use the same way to fire once again to reporters for further inspection. The final reporter bought a bracelet at 999 yuan per gram for a price of 11 yuan per gram. Reporters learned from the merchants, in addition to these grams sold under the bracelet, the outside of these cheap bracelets are also popular customer Lai business: Yes, if you want to give you seven. Silver was so soft, not silver, you can not break off, not silver, the sound muffled. You can knock on the stone to listen to the business, told reporters that she is cheaper prices of these goods is not a quality problem, but sold at wholesale prices so cheaper, mainly for the puerile. The final reporter at the shop bought a 925 silver bracelet for $ 15. Reporters found that in the sales process, businesses are made to reporters and tourists if you suspect quality problems, you can go to the quality inspection center located in the ancient city of identification and promised fake a compensable 10 CCTV Financial 'economic half an hour' Reporter: In order to distinguish Authenticity, I was guided by the silverware shop owner in the ancient city of this called the City of Quality and Technical Supervision of the Integrated Services Testing Center of ancient city service points. However, we have just noticed that there are not many natural and colorful ethnic cultures represented here, such as the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Glacier, the Old City of Lijiang, the Naxi Patong Culture and the Mosuo Culture, which have attracted many domestic and foreign tourists. Lijiang is a silver-rich place, Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain also has the corresponding precious metal minerals, silver here, people call Lijiang snow silver. Reporters interviewed in Lijiang, met many shops selling silverware, they all promised to reporters, leave a compensable ten, but also suggested that reporters go to the service station to detect, but the service station is a mere place. Imagine, during the 11 holiday, if you buy silver products, in fact, here is simply impossible to detect, it is impossible to distinguish the authenticity of the product. So, these silver products in the ancient city of Lijiang come from? These silver products really as good as the merchants promised it?

Through the days of Lijiang in the ancient city of Shuhe ancient silverware shop interview that most businesses sell silver jewelry are produced in Heqing County, Dali, Yunnan, in order to find the source of these goods, reporters and his entourage came to Heqing Xinhua Village According to staff guidelines, the reporter saw the wall in a room the publicity card, the approval authority for the Dali Development and Reform Commission, the ticket price of 198 yuan per person, the date of submission of July 16, 2010. According to Yunnan Provincial Tourism Administration National Day Golden Week ticket prices down the public display, and now the ticket price of 158 yuan per person. Nearly half an hour's observation by the reporter found that the ticket was not paid by everyone. Vehicles with Yunnan license plates passing through the entrance of the village were not intercepted to purchase tickets while foreign vehicles were stopped by Yindu Shuxiang Scenic Area staff : Or else from elsewhere. You do not need to get in here. From there, you have to pay for it. Because this entrance guard (place) it belongs to scenic reporter: It is for you to charge you from here. Here it belongs to the scenic door you have to charge the door?

Reporter: This belongs to the toll, ah, you did not become a toll, and we do not enter the area, the key that you do not enter the area, then you go copy bvlgari pendant necklace anywhere else under the helpless reporter and his entourage, had to buy the ticket was released. Into the door leading to the area only one road, both sides of the road is some ordinary houses, the immediate scene is difficult to be associated with the 4A-level scenic spots, the vehicle driving along the village road nearly 1 km before I saw a roadside Silver shop one by one. Down four or five meters along the silverware shop, the reporter saw the door of the scenic area are silver, which means that if tourists want to enter the village to buy silver jewelry, then you must first buy silver water scenic spots , Otherwise you can not shop Reporter: I think this is mandatory consumption, I do not go to your area, I just go in and buy silver jewelry, you know, you have to let me buy a ticket, do not buy tickets can not enter, This is unreasonable ah, right, you set the door scenic area is not finished, why set the door to the village?

Silver Water Township Scenic Area staff: Then you see, this ticket is actually the NDRC set there, but this location is also the NDRC scenic Silver Water Township area staff: because it itself must form a tourist village Ah, that's it.
Only beauty can not forget

Dan Lin met that year, I read the sixth grade primary school. Accompanied by several partners to an actor recruitment class registration, the result was unexpectedly selected by the teacher. On that day, the same time being selected by the teacher and Dan Lin interview before Danlin and her mother stood in the hallway to speak. Flaming sweater, there was also very popular at the foot pants. Can not describe the first time I saw her heart faintly shocked, her beautiful face like the very flower I planted in the campus sunflower flowers. Pink, goose-yellow, orange flowers, delicate and dazzling she is tiptoe proudly performing a dance action to the mother to see, long neck, like a proud proud of the swan. Yes. Dan Lin does have enough bvlgari pendant fake capital to raise her proud head. Vanity is an attempt to build an inherent high degree of self-confidence through external acclaim, and pride is based on the pre-existence of such strong self-confidence. In fact, many years later I always thought so: pride is deserved signature Dan Lin I try to get close to her. Young children do not know what is meant to meet, just a kind of instinct of love led me to approached her. She had taken off a red glass bracelet to give me, but unfortunately soon after I hit a bracelet opened a gap, I could not help but look at it gradually split the depths, and then broken into several sections. Across the distant past 20 years of space and time, I still clearly remember the appearance of the bracelet - red fire, there are a few strands of goose yellow and light red meridian twining intertwined. Such exquisite craftsmanship as if the bracelet, wanted to come originally with only Tan Lin that slender wrists strike our fate. After the training class, Dan Lin and I became the same junior high school classmates. She still remembers the afternoon that afternoon when she came to the smiling face in the classroom of Class 133 and remembered she said to me: When I saw your name on the roster of 133 classes, I strongly demanded that I be assigned to this class. Unfortunately, people are over, I was in your class next door, we could have been very good friends. If at the time, I can overcome my jealousy Dan Lin's presence attracted the attention of many people. A group replica bulgari gold pendant of followers soon gathered around her, and stars were often surrounded by her. She was bvlgari chain imitation necklace secretly called 'national color' in her white shirt, blue skirt and combs, and then the title 'school girl' was undisputedly placed on her head. Ten-year-olds were sensitive and vulnerable . I'm afraid to get closer to Dan Lin, because her more outstanding beauty can not be inferior. Her beauty makes her have an unspeakable temperament. She walked in the crowded campus, you do not think she is a part of those 'pedestrians', but will feel all the pedestrians, all the noise, including Dan Lin, the sky is only her background oval face, thick Black eye, watery eyes, porcelain skin and slender limbs. A normal hookup sweater, jeans, she is wearing it looks so good-looking. Good to see most people around helpless and frustrated. There's one more in this frustrated crowd. Before Dan Lin transfer to 21, I was praised by many students 'pretty', since Dan Lin came, her beauty is everyone talked about topic. Dan Lin what dress today, friends, who are in the pursuit of Dan Lin, Dan Lin and who the relationship between the best friends, and so on, behind her innumerable double pairs of curious and concerned eyes. So, jealousy of inferiority and inexplicable emotional drive, I heard Dan Lin is a 'stove' such a rumor, I have not even figure out what it means to 'stove', it hurriedly relay it out until today I understand, The 'stove' is a vicious adjective. When I saw the mysterious appearance of ignorant people who spread the rumor, I only vaguely felt that replica bulgari pendant this was a bad word. As for how 'bad' and what kind of harm was done to the parties, I never thought Dan Lin and I Absolute diplomacy. Although she did not explicitly say to me but I also understand why. We are taciturn to become strangers. Until the year of graduation, the moment we were about to leave school, I mustered the courage to ask Danlyn for a smile on her black-and-white photos, with her eyes on, without looking at the camera. The frozen moment did not fully interpret her beauty, perhaps only showed one-fifth saw Dan Lin again, is a casual dinner. I play host in the casino stadium to earn tuition and living expenses. The circle of the year there is a popular rock singer Wang Lei, a long shawl hair, thin, facial contouring like knives carved. First-class singing, never attached to the stage on the audience, the expression is always arrogant and apathetic. On the night of the dinner party, accidentally saw the quiet Dan Lin sat beside him. Beige thick sweater, simple horsetail, but still glamorous makeup at the time I and the generous she just exchanged a look. A look of the moment, junior high school era of her envy, jealousy, admiration, guilt and so complex feeling in my heart. Face is still revealing the slightest trace of her arrogance sitting on the side of rebellious Wang Lei, looks so harmonious with the pity I have not felt at the time I was told Tan Lin and then for many years later, I met Wang Lei. Knife-like outline disappeared, together with the arrogant expression that year was so cool. Want to come because it has experienced a lot of social and practical grind. Schopenhauer said that usually 'pride' is always blamed, but I think only those who are not proud of themselves derogate from the character of 'pride.' Such as Dan Lin, such as Wang Lei, if the 'proud' of the engraved in their bones to wash away the sign, they will no longer be able to avoid mediocrity Wang Lei told me that Dan Lin and he had already become the past, she is now married to a business woman or two people Mutual concern of friends. I asked him: Dan Lin she's okay? He seems hesitant for a moment, immediately laughed: Fortunately, good morning to see a friend blog article 'same sex', suddenly thought of writing Dan Lin. Since Dan Lin, see more beauty, no one ever gave me this feeling. Very regrettable, then ignorance I have become one of jealous people who hurt her, I have never had the opportunity to say sorry for her and I have always been her, faint, unspeakable love. 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Azure Lucia Pandora rose gold snake bone chain

Today, this short, short as if a microblogging or circle of friends recently Australia Pandora doing activities to buy rose gold series over 179 knife to send this rose gold snake bone chain, this chain in the domestic official website to 900 Soft sister coins, bulgari gold pendant fake so super budget. I placed an order from the official website early on the first day of my activity. Buying the three beads on the picture, a total of 187 knives, Pandora sent the chain is really not imitation bvlgari pendant discounted perennial, but will give some gifts from time to time, the biggest gift is to send bracelets twice a year in Australia. This is the first time to send snake bone chain, but also rose gold, the price is higher than usual pendant imitation bvlgari to send a pendant bvlgari fake lot of bracelets it, really buy is made of rose gold is actually more than the silver lining color, especially nice to wear , I intend to slowly start some rose gold beads, the string full, certainly super-US anxious to update this article because activities extend the time, and now buy or you can enjoy the free snake bone chain activities, so you need to replace You can contact me, contact information on my personal home page, thank you.
New Ghosts 69 Charm Raiders comprehensive selection of equipment and career PK skills

Weapons: strong mixed ghost piano, with the best attack speed, professional skills +2, it is not impossible Qijue skills +2 and a hit

Clothes: Seven must, three agile or law hide, the landlord is a Unika take a law to hide

Belt gloves: Qijin band sensitive, Guards, or five diamonds, this is the most basic, after all, less blood, but the landlord has given up

Shoes: six must 3 Min is good, it is impossible to bvlgari copy necklace uk Qijiang two sensitive (fixed one) fixed a bracelet, and strive to double anti-bar, double fatal what's useless, Qijindong hit is not bad

Necklace, do not wash it, the most pit, mixed coat +3 best

Ring, the wash resistance, the best percentage

Pumping ice, the first wrist clothing hat shoes ring bracelet bracelet gloves belt to send copy bulgari gold pendant you a word, away from heaven and earth bag, eventually became rich and handsome

Nursing mirror: mixed resistance, or mixed anti-percentage, seven anti-Optimum best resistance again high, all of a sudden get killed immediately. Strap strong chaos +9, the best band hit

Stone Spirit articles

Stone Spirit: 1 for civilians 2 for well-to-do 3 for God 1, 2 uncertain (Nirvana), phase no definite attack speed, Nirvana is hit

3 properly delusional 1 a life or death or root dust to make

2 recognize the original heart or mindless line

3 made no mistake or good root Health 1,2 parry, can be red dust. Great equality or not to say

3 bvlgari copy necklace gold parry all, substantial fearlessness 1, 2 look copy bvlgari pendant necklace at the personal preferences of the people or the real test
Pediatric constipation how to massage

Pediatric constipation how to massage? I believe in life, we all know that pediatric constipation can be used to relieve symptoms by massage. However, many newborn babes who do not know how to massage. Below, let Xiaobian introduce it for everyone!

Pediatric constipation how to massage Constipation refers to the stool dry and hard, reduce the number of intervals, extended, or although the meaning, but the discharge of a disease permit. Children due to improper diet, too spicy food, incense, broiled goods or food is too fine, resulting in hot knot, bowel conduction disorders, causing constipation. Can also be due to congenitally, the weakness of the large intestine or wound healing fluid, constipation. Due to the difficulty of defecation, some children can occur loss of appetite, restless sleep, or may be too much force when it is, cause anal fissure or hemorrhoids.

Empirical mainly due to diet. Card see dry stool, then the hard stem, the shape of particles, hot naked face, bad breath, lips red, yellow urine, chest fullness, reduced sodium food, abdominal swelling, thick yellow fur, fingerprint color purple. The treatment should be Qi stagnation, Qingrong laxative. The main methods are:

1, clear large intestine: large intestine point in the radial margin of the index finger. Operation by the tiger's mouth to the fingertips, 100300 times. To treat dampness, diet, phlegm and other closed intestinal, gas machine obstruction of constipation, abdominal burning, jaundice and so on.

2, retreat six fu organs: six organs in the forearm ulnar edge, Shenmen point to the elbow into a straight line. Operation, to the index finger pulp, from the elbow to the palm root, 100500 times. Can bowel purulent heat, bowel diarrhea, for the Yang Ming Fu Fu solid full solid firm.

3, kidney water: located in the little finger thread bulgari pendant fake surface. Operation, push the little finger from the little finger root 100 times. There Bushenzhu, heat diuretic effect.

4, Mount Abdomen: Use the palm or four fingers lightly abdomen, slowly clockwise shift. Have to reconcile the spleen and stomach, Jiangni descending, spleen and stomach the effect, can be directly followed the gut to promote bowel movements.

5, pushing down seven bone: located in the fourth lumbar vertebra into a straight line. Operation, from top to bottom, rub the skin redness for the degree. With the spleen and stomach, conditioning two effects. Apply to all heat syndrome, such as irritability sleepless, constipation and so on.

Mainly for the appearance of virtual cardography pale, fatigue-shaped, bvlgari pendant necklace fake stool effort hard to earn, stool quit, pale tongue coating, fingerprints pale. Treatment should imitation bulgari gold pendant be Qi and blood, open plug catharsis. Techniques are:

1, Spleen: spleen is located in the radial margin of the thumb. Operation, from the tip to the root of the finger 300 times. Can regulate the spleen and stomach, strengthen the spleen and stomach function.

2, push the three off: Located in the forearm radial side, too Yuanxue to Quchi hole into a straight line. Operation, pushing 100500 times from bottom to top. With warm and cold, warming the effect of blood. For a variety of virtual evidence, such as weakness, Shenpi gas shyness, complexion and so on.

3, Chiropractic: the first thoracic vertebra into a straight line. From bottom to top 30 times. Adjustable yin and yang, qi and blood, and organs, through the meridians. Where the spleen and stomach card, are available.

4, the other can also be used to clear the large intestine, rubbing Shenshu to Ziyin Runzao, diarrhea laxative.

Note: Children with constipation should be regularly scheduled bowel movement training, a reasonable diet, increase activity. Should eat more crude fiber foods and grains, vegetables.

Pediatric massage Notes 1, pediatric massage for children within 9 years of age.

2, to pediatric massage, should choose to shelter, avoid glare, noise, small places; indoor should be kept quiet, clean, fresh air, the temperature is appropriate. Tuina attention to avoid wind, eat cold.

3, massage parents should keep their hands clean, remove the rings, bracelets and other accessories. Nail often pruning, just cut nails, must use the nail file rasp level. Winter massage hands warm.

4, children hungry or over-fed, are not conducive to massage effect. Crying in children, we must first appease children's emotions, and then massage.

5, pediatric delicate skin, massage do not scratch children's knock off bvlgari sun pendant skin. Family massage can generally use massage oil or talcum powder and other media to prevent skin damage when massage.

6, the sequence of operations of manipulation of children: general head, face first, second upper limbs, chest and abdomen and then back, and finally the lower extremities; also be the first focus, the general; or to the main point, the distribution points.
Xinmin Evening News digital newspaper

Jing who like painting and calligraphy, writing and painting, the desk will naturally have a paper knife. The kitchen knife, of course, is not available. Cut choppers, fruit knives, cookware of these chefs, how can make writing room? Paper house paper, paper and ink, and even pen, pen holder, arm resting, paperweight, printing box, printing regulations, Yan screen, ink drop, Shui Cheng, stone, all practical appliances, but also to replica pendant bvlgari watch the elegance. Are not near human fireworks. Today, many of the stationery, practical functions have long since been degraded, and have completely become a plaything. As for the paper cutting, though it is an indispensable work, in addition to being practical, the elegant and tasteful cutting knife is still necessary. My desk, put two paper knife. A copper one bamboo, an ancient one. The ancient is the bronze scrape of the Spring and Autumn Period, black lacquer ancient, bright pulp, light can learn. In the same kind of thing, its commendable is that the knife end of the positive and negative plate a dragon. Compared with the ordinary knife ring, natural workmanship. Excellent copper, it is hand pressure. Not only can cut paper, and can double as town ruler. Nothing in my hand, I feel warm and ancient, seems to be able to cross. This system is a benefit from a Tibetan friend in Harbin, to my hand, quite a waste of time. That time just Nanjing held 'Youth Olympic Games', all the knives, chemicals, are unable to enter Jiangsu. After payment, friends find a number of courier companies, were declined. More than ten days later, the event was settled, just arrived. It can be considered a good thing to grind it. Bamboo knife is Jiading Bamboo Brother An Ann handmade. An bamboo, shallow, openwork, leaving green, thin to Yang Wen, all without exception. His eighteen arhat engraved arms and pen holder on the scales are all contemporary masterpieces and will surely be loaded with the history of literature and history and will stand shoulder to shoulder with Three Songs, Wu and Wang. In recent years, he suddenly gave up engraving, think all the carving means are used in bamboo are superfluous. He has continually emphasized the concept of 'bamboo.' Bamboo is a gift of nature, lovers of bamboo, know bamboo, will naturally 'find thousands of degrees in the public,' destined to find the heart of bamboo, made it into artifacts. Often due to material construction, along its nature. Device for the soul of bamboo, workers are craftsmen's heart. People and bamboo, is a search for each other, a communication, a tacit understanding, but also a decoding and expression, is a bamboo moral, for bamboo lyric. Ann's life, in addition to studying drinking, it is with the bamboo team. He bought a hill in western Zhejiang. Variety of bamboo, as if Tao Gongzhi Ju, Xi's goose. copy bvlgari pendant There he was Friends Bamboo wife and bamboo, accompanied by bamboo, and bamboo relative, and bamboo total sleep. Yes, he personally collected bamboo, produced bamboo couch, bamboo Zen chair copy pendant bvlgari and so on. Of course, replica bulgari gold pendant there are tea spoons, wishful, sachets, bracelets, longevity locks and other plaything, all made of bamboo. These objects, its elegant and elegant, unspeakable. It is a bamboo recitation, bamboo singing, bamboo talk, whispering bamboo, bamboo meditation. This bamboo knife is also a god product. Seemingly simple, but elegant lines, as if a tail slender fish. Throw it into the water and swim like a tail. This system not only follows the natural bamboo pattern, but also in the shape of a special heart. Looks pleasing to the eye, with it smoothly. Paper cutting with such tools, simple work, seems to have become an act of art. Life imitates art, which is what I always try to achieve. Then in the choice of utensils, can get the peace of bamboo knife and the like, it is really blessed. 'The quality is straight, the shape of the song, the song can be straightforward .Type is elegant, the name is vulgar, non-vulgar non-Yuan self-sufficiency.' This is the Shanghai Museum Shi Yuan An Yong's system of a poem. Use it to praise bamboo knife, no exception.
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