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Ghost Story Ghost tour how to add more careers

Ghost Story Gaming through continuous revision update, but also have more fun to play, while small partners have to seriously study the attributes between the various occupations, so as to play Fun Ghost tour more easily, then now all major occupations How to add a point, let Xiaobian to tell you the property point Xiangjie (pictured below)

Ghost Story Hand Tour 90 magic agility once again pit, 90 magic two joint agility only 35 points, root 60, intelligence, strength 40 points (so ready to go agile flow friends want to know in the walk, hey! ) About deadly equipment only 5, rings, bracelets, necklaces

(The landlord suggested as long as the fatal, the minimum on the 100 (perhaps the landlord feeling, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, after feeling 100, seems to be more deadly)

Rings, necklaces, bracelets

Rings and necklace for 100 109 purple wash double fatal (about 9 on average guarantee)

Bracelets dig 2 deadly red bracelets, deadly on the copy pink gold cartier love bracelet 100, the percentage increase in fatal injuries also have about% 30

Alchemist and archer, it is certainly a deadly flow

Heterogeneous, doctors, turtles: a certain basis can be deadly flow

Charm: honestly think of your hits! ! ! Weapons, said the more controversial under the 2 occupations (personal recommendations, the gods casual, do not laugh)

Shooter and stranger (hands, hands, hands) The landlord is recommended to follow the level go, you can fake cartier gold bracelet buy later, but must buy

'' '' But '' GE GE GE GE GE GE GE GE GE GE GE GE GE GE7078 GEOOTOR70-08 GE7070-08 GE GE GEO GE GEO GEOOTOTOTOT GE7070 GE GE GEOTSOTOTOR GE GE GE GEOTOTOTOT GE GE GE GE7078 GEO '' '' '' 'GE GE GE GE replica cartier classic bracelet GE707870-08 GE7070 GEO GE GE GE GE7078 GEO GE GE7070-08 GE GE70-08-08 GE GE GEOTOTOT GE GE GE GE7078

Alien: 66 weapons Liu Cheng Wang, cartier love bracelet pink copy 90 Weapon City King (109 before the transition), 109 buy clothes, full of 109 ghost weapons, (money slowly like it)

Shooter: 70 weapons, 90 weapons transition, (109 are the transition before, just take a weapon before 69) 109 to buy clothes, full of 109 ghost weapons

Can not afford to buy 109 ghosts, you can dig a shot with 110 empty weapons to reduce the level of a stone (personal advice is to change 109 ghost)
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