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After the girlfriend to do the wedding was found to be a wife

Online marriage sign a 'Korean' girlfriend, Shaanxi guy Jia Ming (a pseudonym) is very happy, in order to successfully married, and even sent generous gift many times, eventually without a permit to do a wedding banquet. The next day, the 'wife' admitted that all three relatives were paying for the money. After that, the 'wife' left for the sake of going home to see her parents and played 'missing.' Eventually, he found out that the 'wife' Shandong is not a Korean national. What made him unimaginable was that two months before he married herself, 'wife' had been registered with another man in Xi'an for registration. Jia Ming, 26, was a member of the Weinan people a month later. 'Zheng Li 'said she was going back to China and took a kid less than a year old to meet with Jamie in Xi'an and have a relationship. Jia Ming said that in September of that year, 'Zheng Li' expressed his intention to engage in an engagement. 'She said that for such an extended period of time, she went to her house to engage in an engagement if she found it appropriate. She also said her parents urged her to marry other rich people People, want me to give her the first gift of bridewealth, and then agreed to marry me. 'So Jia Ming to the' Zheng Li 'brother account hit 30000 yuan, after Zheng Li said the parents agreed to get married, but has not taken him to see Her parents According to Jia Ming, since then, 'Zheng Li' has been to Xi'an for about three times. Every time he comes, he asks for money on the basis of marriage. He gradually gives her cash or transfers tens of thousands of yuan. In December the same year, the two held a wedding ceremony in Weinan, Jia Ming's hometown. Jia Ming said that 'Zheng Li' did not receive a marriage certificate with him. The reason given is that she is a Korean national and later she wants to have several children. She will be subject to policy restrictions after obtaining the permit. The ceremony came when she came home three people, said to be relatives, but the wedding ceremony the next day, she told me that the three she was hired to hire, I did not think much about. 'Then, the two came To Xi'an, not long, 'Zheng Li,' said to go back to Shanghai to see their parents, the two separated. Finally met in Xuzhou, 'Zheng Li,' said a few days will go to Xi'an, but Jia Ming returned to Xi'an, left and right, nor 'wife' disappeared. Feel deceived, Jia Ming reported that the police woman is actually pink gold cartier love bracelet copy a native of Shandong claimed to have married after the divorce of Korean children and then remarried

On the cartier love bracelet pink replica evening of August 25 last year, Jia Mou informed the police after he met his wife Chang'an South Road in Xi'an and 'Zheng Li' was arrested. A check, 'Zheng Li' is just a pseudonym, she actually Guo, 30, Shandong. Investigation agency investigation shows that the criminal suspects Kwak confessed to his fictitious identity confessed last September, Kwak Mou was arrested on suspicion of fraud by the Yanta District Procuratorate arrested the investigating authorities found that Jia Ming's 'wife' Not much to know, only seen 'wife' classmates. He remembered that they had returned to Xi'an after the wedding did not take a long quarrel, and he fell off the plate in the rental house on the southern pasture of Xi'an. 'Wife' very out of gas, came back with a guy, said to be classmates by the investigation agency Investigation, 'Zheng Li' brought back the guy is not what students, but her husband is a child of small Huang. According to Xiao Huang, in February 2012, he reported in the second half of the fourth semester and enrolled in the train from Xi'an to Jinan. He asked Zheng Li, who helped him with the luggage, 'claiming to be of Korean nationality in Korea and doing something in Korea Fashion Design. Because of the good talk, the 'Zheng Li' who had to get off at Yanzhou Station changed his name to Jinan. After the arrival, the two had a relationship but quickly discovered that Huang was wrong. 'Her Shandong is too standard.' In April 2012, 'Zheng Li' told him she actually lives in South Korea after being divorced by her ex-husband Guo, Shandong, and her ex-husband. Xiao Huang agreed to continue contacts. A month later, the two met with parents in Shaanxi and Shandong respectively and engaged. March 2013, Xiao Huang returned to Xi'an, Kwak went to South Korea, the two no longer have contact. In August 2014, Kwak came to Xi'an with a child less than one year old and said that she was a child of Xiao Huang and demanded to fake cartier pink gold love bracelet get married. Look at the child really like myself, Xiao Huang agreed. A month later, the two rented together to live in the same year, registering for marriage in October. According to Xiao Huang, the house on the pasture slope was rented by cartier love pink gold bracelet replica them before and later moved elsewhere. On the meeting with Jia Ming, Kwak gave the explanation is 'a man entangled her, smashing things in the old house,' let Huang go together to see. Before leaving, Kwak also asked, if the other asked, said to be a classmate, little Huang puzzled, Mr. Kwak said, 'finished and then give you an explanation.' To the pasture to meet, Kwak will scold the man, man Then kept apologizing, but also let Xiao Huang Kwok scolded him for his message, let him judge finished marriage certificate and married with others do not know why

After arresting her, Mr. Kwak confessed that after her graduation from junior high school, she worked in Shanghai and Guangzhou and got to know the first husband of Korean nationality. She married at the end of 2009 and divorced two years later. In February 2012, he had been acquainted with Xiao Huang and had children. After she got married with Xiao Huang, she has been in a separated state. After working in Korea in July 2014, she saw the marriage of Jia Ming online and she started chatting and chatting. In August the same year, she brought her child to find a small yellow, met with Jia Ming. Later, Jia Ming said she likes her, get married, 'I said if you want to get married, come out with your sincerity, ready to rent, come up with money for bride price ...' Jia Ming gave 30000 yuan, she and Jia Ming Betrothal, the man plover one after another to give her a few thousand, ten thousand, there are gold bracelets and so on. For someone posing as relatives, Kwak explained because of their parents will not come, if you can not see parents, Jia Ming can not explain, 'he said you just find a person to come.' After the wedding two returned to Xi'an, she still reluctant And Jia Ming life, always quarrel, she went to Xiao Huang there. Later, when she met in Xuzhou, she already said she was married, but Jia Ming did not believe it or she said she should take good care of her life as to why she did not tell her the real name. When the prosecutor asked that she had registered with Xiao Huang and why she had a wedding ceremony with Jia Ming, she said, 'I do not know why.' Although Mr. Kwak said he was still in South Korea, he still had contact with Jia Ming , Is also talking about the issue of compensation for marriage. She acknowledged that get money from Jia Ming Department, she was spent Yanta District Procuratorate investigation confirmed the amount of 88,082 yuan involved in the case of Kwak, another gold necklace and a gold bracelet. Procuratorial organs believe that the suspect Kwak in the case of existing marriages, in the name of marriage to cheat Jia property, suspected of fraud, has recently prosecuted Kwak, and suggested that sentenced to about 4 years imprisonment and punishment gold. (Reporter Ning Jun correspondent Huang Xiaoning)
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