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Female teachers holding toy guns robbery gold shop staff do not give kneel plea

Oasis, a female teacher originally had an enviable career, but love braclets because of contaminated drugs and her husband divorced, but because of life constraints, actually armed with a toy imitation gun looting gold the love bracelet jewelry shop, not only broke the law, but also lost the teacher's job female teachers 'Gun' top clerk sokin bracelets

At 10 o'clock this morning on June 12 this year, Wang bought a toy pistol at 40 yuan in the farmers' market of Ganquan County. Originally intended to be given to a nephew, he went into a gold jewelery shop twice in Ganquan County and lied to copy love bracelet yellow gold her husband for a while Come buy jewelry for yourself and try on some gold jewelry. Xu 12:50, Wang entered the store for the third time and found only a male clerk Cai one. She then took out a 'pistol' at the top of Cai's breast and asked for a gold bracelet. After Cai refused, she put the love bracelet by cartier copy the 'pistol' back into the package Subsequently, Wang Mou to complain about his own unfortunate, and take knees and other means to win Cai's sympathy, but also insisted on asking for their gold bracelets. For the entanglement of Wang, Tsai quite helpless staff, eager to release him simply to a fruit knife Wang, let her take a fruit knife to poke or stroke it, and then take the bracelet Wang, but bluntly Can not dare clerk Cai Mou recalled: 'When she first came to the store, said to a gold bracelet, I took one to her.She asked how much money, I said more than 13,000 yuan, she left. A little more than an hour, she came in, is another staff reception.At noon, I eat back, she came back to the store, when I was the only one shop, she looked at the gold bracelet again, after I read it back Then she took a 'pistol' from her bag against my chest.

The court is exempt from criminal penalties

On June 13, Wang was arrested by Ganquan County Public Security Bureau on suspicion of robbery and was arrested on June 28 according to law. November 5, Ganquan County Court heard the case. The court held that Wang's behavior constituted a crime of robbery, but the gun held by him was a toy imitation gun with no major lethality and was outside the scope of the 'gun' stipulated in the Fire Management Law of our country. In addition, In the process of crime, it took the initiative to put a 'pistol' back in the bag, indicating that it can effectively prevent the criminal result from occurring in the course of committing a crime, which is a crime stop and has no harmful consequences. Then exempt from criminal penalties, a fine of 2,000 yuan It is reported that Wang is a member of Ganquan County, 28 years old, before the incident was a teacher who was hit by public security organs for taking drugs. Later, Wang divorced her husband because of life constraints, so had the idea of ​​robbery. According to Ganquan County Board of Education introduced, as Wang's behavior has tarnished the reputation of teachers, the current education department has been removed.
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