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The most beautiful woman in the twelve ancient poems

Pina if Jinghong, Wanruyonglong, Rong Yao Qiu Ju, Huamao Chun Song. As if the light clouds of the moon, floating 飖 Xi Ruoyu the return of the snow. Far and looking, Jiao if the sun rose. Forced and observe the, burning if Pu Fu 渌 out waves.秾 fiber was sincere, repair concision. Shoulder if the cut, waist, such as about prime. Yan neck show items, Hao quality was exposed, Fang Ze no added, fake yellow gold cartier love bracelet lead waffle Royal. Yun bun up Emei, eyebrow Juanjian, Dan lips outside, white teeth fresh. Bright eyes favor gaze, 靥 auxiliary rights, 瓌 posture Yanyi, instrument static leisure. Tenderness and tenderness, flattering in language - 'Goddess of Rosso'

Xiao Bian think there is no more perfect than this woman, and if the scream of swan, graceful if the swimming dragon. Radiant as chrysanthemums under the autumn, lush body like the pine in the spring breeze. When cartier white gold bracelet fake the time seems to be light cloud cage, floating drift like the return wind snow. From afar, Ming Jie, such as the rise of the rising sun in the Asaka; Her modest body, height and consistency, narrow shoulders, such as cut, waist thin as beam, hair towering clouds, long curved eyebrows elongated lip red teeth, a pair of shiny eyes, two sweet face dimples. Or elegant and charming, or gentle demure, is really a lovely child and the fairy and leisure, mining Sang Sang Road. Soft fake white gold cartier bracelet slowly, why the leaves fall and throat sleeved universal hand, Hao wrist about gold ring. The head of the Golden Chai hairpin, Pei Pei Lang waist pearl Jiaoguan body, coral wood difficult. Luo Yi Ho fluttering, light 裾 also care about the light of the wind, howling Lan Shilang. Exercises drive with interest, the rest to forget the meal - 'beauty chapter'

That looks beautiful and quiet personality quiet mulberry girl 吆, white wrist wearing a gold bracelet. Sparrow-capped nutcracker, green jade on the waist. The body of coral and Baozhu hair light. Silk robe fluttering in the spring breeze, thin skirt spinning with the wind. Looking back cartier bracelet with diamonds and looking forward to leaving a charming luster, whistling out of breath like the orchid scent. Even the hitchhiker stopped his car and refused to go away, rest people stupidly she forgot to eat Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next

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