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Neighbor of John McAfee found dead after being shot in the head Video

Reporter: November, 2012. Trouble is brewing in Belize. American Greg Faull has had it with his neighbor John Mcafee's pack of aggressive dogs, and he told friends he was going to take care of the problem. Greg had told him he was going to poison the dogs. Reporter: Then, one evening, some poisoned meat is thrown over Mcafee's fence. All nine of his dogs are poisoned. Gregory Faull complained about Mcafee's dogs, and shortly afterwards the dogs are poisoned and they die. Reporter: The very next night, an intruder sneaks into Faull's home, tasers him several times, and then shoots him in the head. No one had confronted Mcafee and Faull did. There's a linkage there. Reporter: The house van cleef & arpels copy necklace showed no sign of forced entry. Nothing was taken from inside. He was brutally murdered and he had no enemies. Reporter: But belizean journalist Jose Sanchez says his country is notorious as a place where just about anyone can get away with murder. Unless there is an eyewitness to a crime, murder is rarely solved in Belize. And that is the reason why there is a 3% average conviction rate. Reporter: Still, Belize police replica van cleef necklace quickly name Mcafee as a person of interest in Faull's murder. And because of that famous name, seen on millions of computers worldwide, the story makes international headlines. On the run from police in Belize. Mcafee has been marked. Reporter: Police want to talk to Mcafee, but the feeling's not mutual. Even as news of the murder breaks. Mcafee goes on the lam. Of course he's the main suspect here. You've got motive, you've got the incident with the dogs. You've got their history. Why would you go to the effort of hiding if you didn't if you weren't guilty? Reporter: Why did you go on the run? Because if I didn't go on the run I'd be a dead man now. Reporter: Mcafee claims that after he refused to pay bribes, the Belize government was out to get him, and the poisoning of his dogs and the murder of Faull was somehow just part of that sinister plot. If you think they do not do this, then you are seriously naive and again I want to talk to the audience. Please, people, even in television you see this happening constantly, all right. And some part of that television or the movies, some part of it is probably true. That allegation that he makes, that the government killed his dogs, and the government killed Faull, because he wouldn't pay bribes. Its utter nonsense. Reporter: The belizean government wouldn't comment on Mcafee's accusations, but many, including the prime minister, called him crazy. It strikes me that he's extremely paranoid. In fact, I would go so far as to say bonkers. Reporter: But bonkers or not, Belize couldn't catch him. That's when I started on his trail. ABC news' Matt Gutman is in Belize with the latest. From just outside John Mcafee's compound, its owner this morning is on the run. Were you guys scared? Yeah. This is Isla bonita. This is paradise. Things like this don't happen around here. Journalists. John Mcafee is joining us now by telephone. My life has become a little more intense. Reporter: Including me. You're sincerely concerned if you somehow wind up in their custody they are going to assassinate you? Absolutely. Reporter: Why were you contacting journalists while you were on the run? Seems like a bad idea if you're trying to stay hidden. No, it was a really good idea. As long as the world was paying attention they couldn't actually shoot me in the street. That story continues to get even more strange by the hour. Reporter: Strange indeed. He finally surfaced across the border in Guatemala. Thank god I am in a place where there is some sanity. Reporter: Where we met face to face for the first time. How have you been? Really good since I got here. Reporter: He told me his great escape involved everything from burying himself in the sand, to a series of elaborate disguises. And I had a cane, and I was walking like this, and I had my jaws stuffed with toilet paper. Reporter: He was hoping for political asylum. But instead, just a few hours later John, where are you going?? To jail. Reporter: Vice TV filmed him being arrested, as Guatemala prepared to deport him back to Belize to face questioning. His attorney has been arguing all along that any move for Mcafee back to Belize could risk his life. Reporter: But before they could put him on a plane, Mcafee collapsed. An ambulance rushed him to the hospital with a media horde following behind. But miraculously, Mcafee opened his eyes and asked the nurses not to undress him in front of the cameras. Not in front of the press, please. Reporter: You faked a heart copy van cleef & arpels clover blue bracelet attack. Sure, I faked it, what would you have done? Reporter: The whole charade lasted just long enough to allow his lawyer to file an appeal. John Mcafee has been granted a stay of deportation to Belize. Reporter: Mcafee outfoxed Belize, again. In the meantime, Mcafee will have to wait in this lockup full of South American migrants until the high court here can decide his fate. From inside that facility, he still managed to tap out messages to the world. I apologize for the format of this conference. Our intent is to return to America if at all possible. Reporter: And lo and behold, that's exactly what happened. There's nothing I can say, I don't know what I'm doing, I'm going to Miami. I had no choice. They put me on an airplane, I am here. Reporter: There, he escaped reporters in this van. I was again able to run him down, and a little while later we sat down at his hotel. How would you characterize the past month, or couple of months? More of an adventure than I would normally like. I've got nothing now. Reporter: What does nothing mean? I've got a pair of clothes, some shoes, a friend dropped off some cash. Reporter: A friend dropped off cash? Can we see it?? Sure. Brand new. Really nice, in fact I thought it has to be counterfeit, but it was not. Reporter: So when you and I spoke that night, you had no idea what you were going to do? No, absolutely not. None. I let the universe unveil its plan. Reporter: The universe led Mcafee here to this Miami restaurant, where he crossed paths with his future wife. You met in Miami, right? Yeah, that first night. The day after he was deported. Reporter: Janice was a prostitute at the time. It was, I don't know how to say it, magical. Because he saw the hurt that was there. He saw the human in me, you know what I'm saying? But he thought I was worthy enough of a second chance. Eporter: Is it strange for you to have found love in your late 60s, early 70s? You know what? I instantly saw in Janice what I had been looking for my entire life. Reporter: But as Mcafee was starting out on that new life Yes, I was outraged. I was angry. Reporter: Eileen Keeney still wanted to make him pay for what she believed were the sins of his old one. I have a folder here of all the letters and correspondence that we had with officials in the government. Embassy, Belize. Reporter: She did everything a grieving mother could do to get answers, and justice, for the death of her son. I can't say it brought much in the way of results. Reporter: But now she's got newfound hope, thanks to new allegations against Mcafee.

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