In the modern Fashion people Will be select faux cartier leve necklacesilver at Fashion world from zroessgs viesoess's blog

Three artifacts under SS single brush to enhance contrast

Man diffuse trance set of three artifact SS sets a single brush to enhance the contrast skills to change the death mark into a skill attack. Gold cup this thing and other percentage strength plus, such as Peiru, Devils contract BUFF and cake

Of course, the ability to do Luke three-piece upgrade

There are cases with Arak, Golden and Fish King respectively

One of the iron horse and the stars did not calculate the initiative to enhance the skills, days of the deep and the sea did not calculate the effects of damage. Jewelry scattered personal recommendation to (to no trance)

Bracelet 1: bbq toy bracelet, trauma + 10%, 10% injury, 21% increase without conflict, the trumpet is very recommended

Bracelet 2: Venus's guide, + 12 above stable increase of 17%

Bracelet 3: Endless power of bullying, trauma + 30%, without conflict increased by 30%

Necklace 1: Double Perouse switch (different name, Peirce + / legacy / Golden Dream), enhance 21% strength, but this thing will be diluted by other percentage strength, Perouse can also be used when the dress

Necklace 2: Blade Queen / Refined necklace, enhances 20%

Necklace 3: Shadow of Endless Bulimia, 25% Extra, [em78] Not recommended for use when white text cartier men wedding fake ring is too high

Necklace 4: assassination necklace, without conflict, the average increase approached 19%, playing red blood damage, the higher the single injury will be lower than the average increase

Necklace 5: Prodigal lock soul necklace, all attack + 20%, and all other attack plus

Necklace 6: soul hunter. With the revival of Righteousness, light soldiers and armored artillery and other things like the percentage how much are cartier love copy rings increase, generally not recommended, but I heard that in the future skills to be changed to multiply

Ring 1: bone ring, broken Weapon temporarily enhance the power of weapons attack half. Explosive move out of the blame to upgrade a lot, no breakthrough is equal to white out. Will be blessed weapons, days Royal sets and time sets like the release of thin

Rings 2: Assassin's Rings ring, without conflict, the average increase approaching 19%, playing red blood damage, the higher the single-stage injury will be lower than the average

Ring 3: endless gluttony 殇, injury +30%, without conflict increased by 30%

Rings 4: Qingquan flow ring, with the revival of the wheel, light soldiers and the equivalent of a broken armor, such as the amount of attack is generally not recommended to use, but I heard that in the future skills plus to be changed to multiply

Ring 5: the forgotten magic stone ring, used to cartier ring diamond knock off refresh the CD, it is recommended to use a 20-level remote barrier equipment or throwing mastery cartier diamond knock off rings to trigger

Ring 6: ring of the devil, an additional 30% of the devil, only for the devil enemies seemingly Luke copy only the altar of darkness BOSS Maken bello is the devil
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