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Weak acid bubble and polished fake jade charge A cargo 160,000 bought glass ring diagram

A pendant more than 3000 yuan, a bracelet more than 5,000 yuan, a Jade Guanyin 480000 yuan ... ... Reporter Yesterday Cultural Street, 901 and other emerald businesses where learned, following the rise of jade prices last year, this year's emerald prices are still continuing soaring, or more than Doubled abound, kind of good emerald or even up to several times, at replica cartier rose gold ring the same time, emerald fraud is also emerging End of last year, the public lady left accompanying tours to South Korea, optimistic about a jewelry store in Seoul, a jade bracelet , Put it under the fluorescent light, you can see the subtle light brown 'veins.' Miss Jade has many years of experience in the purchase concluded that this is a superior jade jewelry, they asked the price. The shopkeeper to a high price, equivalent to RMB 160,000, with accreditation certificate. Ms. Zuo think this bracelet highly collectible, they bought it. After returning home, Ms. left with this pair of bracelets came to the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Jewelry Gold jewelry station. 'After the spectrum scan, we found that this pair of so-called jade bracelets is actually a glass ring, the market price is only a few dollars.' Liu Ping, deputy chief of gold jewelry supervision and inspection station said the reporter learned that the current market in China Jade almost all from Myanmar. Yesterday, reporters at Cultural Street, 901 and the major shopping malls jewelry stalls saw Jadeite higher prices than other jade, the cheapest price of 200 yuan jade jewelry. In the 'Baoyu vegetarian', a jade Guanyin price 480,000 yuan. The owner told reporters that at the end of last year, this statue of Bodhisattva price of 350,000 yuan, the price after the Spring Festival price of 130,000 yuan 'Emerald this market, it should be said that there is no guide price, mainly to look good goods, and then what is the attitude of the guests. Jade jewelry itself excellent color, and is unique, then the high price was bought, then you can increase the price. 'Mr. Stone, an emerald store owner said that the sale of jade is actually a' psychological ' For collectors, the fancy is the appreciation of space 'this piece of' Acacia ', I give you up to 5000 dollars, do not sell it?' In the cultural market of a jade shop, a middle-aged man wearing glasses Men are bargaining with the owner. 'He is a jade collection enthusiasts, have come seven or eight times, optimistic about this piece of emerald waist card, have to buy the lowest price, both of us now have a psychological difference of 2,000 dollars, and so reduced to 1,000 Money when I sold to him. 'Mr. Tao smiled and took a sip of tea, he said he would like to continue with the customer,' grumble grumble 'went down more than a dozen reporters visited the jade shop and found that more than the real purchase Very few. 'Sometimes a month can not sell one, it is normal.' Mr. Tao said the owner of the current jade market situation is 'no market price' 'If this is a fake how to do?' One is picking jade jewelry constantly Repeat this sentence. 'I tell you, leave a compensable ten, I have such a fixed shop how can sell fake goods for you?' The shop owner cartier love ring rose gold replica was a little impatient Reporters found that people in the selection of jade jewelry, asked 'true and false 'Less, ask' A, B, C goods 'is more. 'Some jade jewelry store holding C goods when A goods to sell, some less sophisticated buyers, it is easy to be deceived, many consumers will not be able to buy after buying identification, at best, to get to know the line of friends Take a look, but most people do not see any of them coming. 'Xing, a craftsman who has been engraving in the jade market for more than 10 years, said that consumers should be aware here that' fake 'is not absolute, The cartier ring copy band grade of jadeite should also be included. The so-called 'fake a penalty ten' by many shopkeepers refers to the absolute meaning of jadeite in a single meaning, such as using glass instead of emerald, but does not contain jadeite grade grade, such as the C goods posing as a cargo, which is the future rights band To the problem. Reporter Yang Haitao

The reporter saw that most jewelry stores have accreditation certificates, but the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Jewelry Gold jewelry Deputy Chief Liu Ping that credible, because he had found false identification of foreign field, 'in fact, the best to replica cartier love ring rose gold distinguish Is true and false emerald, emerald more transparent, but also in the sun, a sense of hierarchy.Jade is a geometric body, in the growth process, there will be some natural manganese oxide, iron oxide and other sediments, so emerald look Up, there will be brown or green or purple lines, some emerald in the growth process, the outside world of chromium ions will replace the aluminum ions inside, so we see through the green jade, but as for the brown veins inside or green Whether the context is artificial stuffing, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

Liu Ping told reporters that there are three main emerald market, A cargo, B cargo and C cargo. Among them, A cargo refers to the natural jade without any artificial optimization; B goods after strong acid cleaning, which injected plastic, though after polishing, but there will be acid corrosion pattern, after a period of time will be yellowed. C goods is a stained emerald, generally colorless, light and water better low-grade emerald made by artificial staining 'texture is not good Jadeite processed into A goods is actually very simple, there are two main markets Kind of fake, one is bleach filling, one is dyeing. 'Liu Ping told reporters that the jade geometry of the gap between the particles, the poor jade rough through weak acid (hydrofluoric acid) bleaching, the material will become more loose, that is Gaps between the particles become larger, easier to adsorb various pigments. The counterfeiters then fill the gaps with epoxy, which has excellent adhesion to the surfaces of both metallic and non-metallic materials. The jewelry is then infused with a chromium-containing chemical and a ferrous chemical to make the jade appear green and yellow, Last polished, poor quality materials can also make Cuise attractive jewelry Yesterday at noon, at the jewelry testing station, Ping Liu told reporters the true and false jade is how to identify. He picked up a bracelet on a spectrometer and scanned the spectrum to obtain the refractive index of the bracelet, which was then taken through a microscope and weighed to measure the specific gravity of the bracelet. The result was a true emerald bracelet Compared with the test values, are a lot of difference Liu Ping said that now an average day there will be three or four emerald buyers to do identification, mostly individuals. 'The result of the appraisal is completely calculated by the instrument, which is objective and will not cause any error.' Liu Ping said consumers should not simply believe the seller's identification certificate, especially the field identification certificate. Because the certificate itself can be faked. When buying jade jewelry, it is best to buy within the city, once found to be buying fakes, you can facilitate the timely maintenance of rights.
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