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70 version of the dazzling array of brush painting equipment selection add magic burst flow point

Many version friends have asked the selection of flowers brush map equipment, here on their own some of the views provided for your reference.

Armor, insects, Shadow Devil shoulder, colorful pants, inverse Ling shoes these are good, but the arrival of the 70 version of these equipment to play some discount, is not currently very recommended. Armor is not only depends on its own intelligence, level, the different types of cloth led to proficient intelligence bonus is also to be taken into account, such as the Sage Shoulders, its own full power is 28 bar, but because of the low level, proficient in intelligence Not enough CC armor is used to PK, if it is brush map, then there is no need to start. In fact, for flowers, brush the best or to do ancient 2 sets. The outside world will not be able to brush a better point of the Association slowly cultivate friends and relatives, after all, flowers are very popular, if there is a strong team, then the 70 version of the outside world brush more than a few times you are familiar with, really Not difficult. For ancient 2 sets of options, the current version of my own recommended flash sets. On the one hand is due to the 70 version of Xilin infinite wave is a certain degree of harmony, on the other hand blinking sets of wounds plus plus prevention and short CD of the big ball in the later figure explosion fa performance better. Six sets of words, the best match should be armor 5 + necklace. If you do not consider the words of ancient 2, then wear a professional suite on the line, of course, enchant to keep up.

Weapons, the powder is not recommended 55 Oriental stick, because the latter version of the 70 monsters replica clover bracelet van cleef and arpels are higher than 60, so the blindness rate is very low, meaningless. Now according to their own financial situation to set it.狰 狞 is a good glove, the property is very good, but more than 2000W personal advice is not worth starting out. In fact, Zeno as a 65 powder properties are very general, but put on the basic magic on the 5000 +, but out of nowhere for the price of new ancient powder pit father do not recommend starting. The current version, with a gas glove or paradise horn to be a transition it. In fact, if the flow of magic is really no need to spend too much money spent on the arms to strengthen, more harm than good. To say the final choice, it is recommended to wait for 65 powder glove Ming gifts, the current national service has not yet opened, but the official website of the Marshmallow has introduced properties, and I believe it will be open soon.

Bracelet problem is actually very simple, 70 version of the property is about 2022 points to strengthen the property is about equal to 10% of the damage, so the effect of the anti-defensive face on the general. Relatively speaking, the importance of magic explosion is increasingly important, a crit is 150% damage. I believe many players have to please Alice and Mintai to get them 80 magic burst into BUFF reward it, that feeling really sharp. It is recommended to do sad bracelet, 7% of the magic burst is very good. Another Thai bracelet is also very good, but it takes a long time to do.

In fact, the ring can only say their own strengths. Light ring is its stability, but the light wizard sometimes trouble must pay attention to this, such as 2 pictures and wild boar 5 map, in general, are not good. After Alvin triggered the effect of revenue is not bad. In fact, I personally recommend the most is the black pearl, the late figure Huabaozhao is not generally more. Before I made a wild boar boots, a single brush ghost imitation van cleef and arpels gold bracelet trains daily to BOSS have to eat blue, but to make boots, a single brush full figure blue are left more than half, showing how much to recover the number of broken MP strokes. So in the absence of other jewelry and tu under the premise of the latter part of the largest return of jewelery is actually a black pearl. However, if you have perseverance to make a wild boar belt, then you can put the ring into light ring or Alvin.

Necklace the best choice for this position is for the ancient 2 equipment reserve, and armor collocation. Grief necklace is not bad, but team must monster hatred when you are useful, a single brush and black pearl can not be shared, so can only say that some embarrassment. Bricegaman properties in the SS store is also good, you can consider doing it, the quiet shining necklace can also be considered, the main fancy or magic burst. There is also the opening of the independent attack jewelry is also worth the wait. If not for the time being, then wear that GBL teaching branch of the evidence of that library Ta Laku Da.

Enchant mainly is the shirt, Bottoms, Weapons enchant intelligence. Here is a principle, that is, legal profession, the occupational magic skills of the main output share of the solid damage skills, the percentage of skills occupy the main output share of the professional enchant attack. The rest is the magic attached to the shoulder burst. The first enchanting jewelry right now.

Left slot can choose to add a level of awakening and the like, if the cat fist flow plus optional magic attack Aeolus gloves can be, but more expensive. The right slot can choose 30 light magic stone, but personally think it is pit father, looking forward to knock off vca bracelet the powder is not open to the independent magic stone.

Finally give a magic burst flow point program, but also I have been using a set of additional programs.

Add some simulator SP is 7084 points, there are differences between individual players, so if you point is not enough,

You can reduce the level of nostrum or brontosaurus, giving priority to balls, awakening, magic explosion of these skills.

Occupation: flowers confusion

Level: 70 Total SP: 7084 Used SP: 7080 Remaining SP: 4 Quest: 920

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