A lot madam wear van cleef arpels clover pendant yellow goldknockoff become more and more resplendent from sdjisafhshfuk's blog

dnf85 version Soul Calibur jewelry selection advice DNF area

Sword of the dnf85 version of the soul of jewelry, armor, auxiliary equipment and fashion properties of choice replica van cleef inspired clover necklace Encyclopedia of small encyclopedia false purple series no good to say no money no time to bring false purple lift standard sword soul purple fake purple jewelry choice is the force + gray bears + Hawkeye (red-belted eagle) to see the number of funds to choose double or three attributes and SABC level Tycho optional red

dnf85 version Soul Calibur jewelry, armor, assistive devices and fashion properties of choice Encyclopedia of small encyclopedia false purple series Nothing to say about the lack of money No time to bring false purple lift Standard sword soul fake purple jewelry is the choice of force + gray bears + hawk Eye (Red-bellied Eagle)

See the copy van cleef small necklace number of funds to choose double or three attributes and attributes of S A B C level tyrants optional red version of the current version of the white hands are the mainstream dagger a little money who insisted the sword for the dagger white hand pursuit of the necklace is the soul chain

Because the dagger 9% copy alhambra clover necklace damage from scratch and pseudo-static wound natural soul chain best

Followed by Perlos easy to get results okay

Again the BM necklace is a strong necklace (16 points is equal to about 68% strength bonus)

In addition, on the outsider of the strongest part of the two-part flow necklace Spur is the sword Wu Pojun pull the knife set to see RP can make a set to bring together the harm reduction also reduced even

Summary Excalibur White Hand Soul Chain> Perus> BM Necklace> Genuine Necklace

Percentage of the white hand (giant sword blunt and other main heap) BM necklace> soul chain> is a strong necklace> Perlos

PS: BM necklace for the ignorance of ascension For those who have +10086 artifacts BM BM is the best But now it is easy to get the soul chain to get started

For the SS necklace does not do anything to reset the CD reset what the benevolent see the benevolent wise see. Another orchid necklace The price is not recommended slag dregs gold bracelets almost the same end all the bracelets can have a bracelet can go directly to the ring articles

Of course, in addition to the other bracelets can choose a lot of gold bracelets (many, many), such as BOSS 80 powder bracelet to go dark friends can get one

Well far 2 Yuan 3 suit bracelet or far 3 double breath bracelet is also very good

In fact, in fact, all the professional bracelets are not any good to go a strong weapon no attribute can be bought directly Mithril fire feather like bracelet

Because the choice of bracelets 'too much' what you want to bring what it with the same cherry ice cream ring + Ares ring Ares rings these two plus additional Ares War addition properties are more expensive, but these two rings are not suitable Dagger white hand

Still the old reason Although the dagger is now a lot of solid hand injuries, but too little independence on the ring, the cost is low, upgrade is not high, ice cream, lower, give up

Is a strong ring is a strong ring a lot of activity powder ancient powder SS price from 45 million to 34 million have to see their own volume and then consider what is strong to buy what ring

Special effects ring such as the wild boar ring 30% Devil White Word damage plus there are all kinds of bone ring either the remains of the Warriors or Valkyries or SS dagger white hand are not too necessary

The principle is the addition of bone ring is a percentage of short sword is a solid and pseudo-solid injury so give up

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