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Chapter 72 The Eye of Reality

Sparta starred thoughtfully for a moment and said: 'Well, we rest early, tomorrow there are busy it; Tia Asia's most famous school, I want to get there to study hard, this strange country, we should also be familiar with a Fan, and then make plans; Xuanbing you still change into a bracelet look, so deceptive, I will give you a small piece of years Han Yu, you practice it well, but remember to hide the energy fluctuations, do not let the person be Spotted. '

Mysterious ice God silkworm surprise, years Hanbiao Yeah, the reason he followed Starry Starry, one of the most important reason is this, and sure enough, Squadron star body broke out a strong white, a huge spiritual force to urge them, these Energy continuously into the space inside the ring, and then wrapped up thousands of years Han Yu; spent a full five minutes to separate a small piece; do not underestimate it, which contains the energy copy van cleef rose gold necklace can be very alarming, even if the mysterious ice fake alhambra clover necklace silkworm want The energy inside will be fully absorbed refining, at imitation van cleef magic alhambra necklace least two weeks time to take a sly Starchaser this piece of years separated Han Yu took it out to Xuan Bing God silkworm, said: 'The energy it is quickly wrapped up. 'Because of the appearance of thousands of years of cold jade to keep the temperature inside the surrounding space continuously reduced, and there are signs of condensation frost; where many people mixed, was detected by the strong anomaly, inevitably some trouble Xuan Bing God silkworm to see That piece exudes amazing energy of years Han Yu, even open your mouth, swallow it directly into the stomach, and then white light, the body changed into a bracelet appearance in Division Starchaser hands; commandant sense Starchaser

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