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Two can not be remembered in the past

The action behind each of the relatives is almost mirror image, open the door, crying to adopt Ye Ming, close, complaining about where to cut bad, not to cut down Ye Ming in hug and abuse of sound back and forth Tossing, and finally, the last relatives left, all the doctors are quietly looking Ye Ming. 'His right hand is not saved, let's go!'

Finally, the doctors also left, the door was closed for the last time, the villas and their properties were burned a bright, parents died, no matter relatives, Ye Ming left the hospital alone, solitary walk in the street outside the rain has been No stop, in the cold, lonely little boy is Paco walking, no one to look at him, no one knows his past, no one cares about Ye Ming want to find a place to shelter , But the response is the broom and abuse of every owner, Ye Ming finally came to the junkyard Yemin walked into the junkyard door, he was very hungry, physically exhausted, Ye Ming fell in the landfill , His heart gradually feel the cold leaves of the rain gradually understand the truth, the cold is not the rain, but the world, when their success when relatives gradually smile and their own abjection when they beat Own shadow coincide 'live, my children!' Ye Ming finally understand why his mother cried to himself saying this, because she had already guessed, used to the rich Teenage life style, it is thrown into the garbage replica van cleef mother of pearl necklace dump, to live, how hard!

'I want to live!' Ye Ming gradually climbed up, in front of a pile of rubbish on the edge of the discarded bread has been, Ye Ming clenched his teeth, step by step is gone Yeming picked up the ground Of the bread, a disgusting feeling is already occupied Ye Ming's heart, the former Ye Ming, eat sashimi for breakfast, eat fake van cleef and arpels mother of pearl necklace Cantonese food for lunch, eat snacks around the world Ye Ming never find in the dumps Food, never thought, however, the fact is the fact that Ye Ming has come to this step, it is already no escape route at all Ye Ming opened his mouth, is severely bite down, suddenly hard, is Pulling the bread that was wet by the rain and became soft, swallowed it with cold water, swallowed, Ye Ming swallowed under the rain, watching the silent silence of the heart: 'Wait It! '

Ye Ming is suddenly looked up, is exposed ferocious eyes, said: 'One day, I will come back, you wait for me, I will some day, you will be hard to look back to all Location, but which day Long water, will be the Yangtze River water back!

Our story is from here, the time flies, the time came to the mother of the underground city in 3021 Imperial Casino, a figure is out of the elevator, his ethereal, giving a sense of wisdom and self-cultivation The sense of elegance, but wearing a fox gas, and his ethereal eyes very inconsistent, but the two together, but do not have a flavor of the past ten years, Ye Ming wash away a body of lead, the past decade , Ye Ming is no longer a young master, but a stray child he stole something, robbed robbery, murder, but also been hunted down, living a poor and strong life, with more than peer calm and mature and leaves It was just a sense of disbelief that his intelligence had not dropped yet he had become even more clever and guileful enough that he would have survived to the present without a parent and relied on and had walked over Is a big fat, fat man walked in front of Ye Ming, side of his face, disdain: 'What's wrong, disabled, I said you are not in the hospital to stay, you came here to do, oh, yes, your family All When you are done, you are no longer a master, but it is impossible for someone to save your hand.

This is the person who came to Ye Ming childhood, a follow-up, called fat sea, as a child when Ye Ming worship all, and now see Ye Ming down, ready to come up and toss some 'more than a!' At this time the leaves The feeling of being bright is surprisingly calm, 'Better than a fight!'

As we said in the preceding paragraph, mechanics have no fighting power, so in the battle, mechanics are hiding behind, fighting things are made by their own weapons of war to go underground machinery casino is the same , Fighting, is more than who made the robot even more powerful, and then decide the outcome Yeming calm and surprising when talking, see Ye Ming is out of a spherical robot, on the ground. Fat Ocean here, who are laughing body fat are trembling, heart that kid show off!

'This is a robot?' Fat sea laughter to see the spherical robot laughs all over the meat are trembling, Ye Ming is calm aside, next to the window. Said: 'of course, we bet one hundred thousand!'

Ye Ming said so, is the money has been placed in the center of this casino, which is not to the fat sea under the steps, clover necklace replica van cleef and if the sea of ​​fat does not follow, it was surrounded by their own words into their own yelling Ye Ming disabilities People, if they do not dare to Yeming, it can be worse than the disabled, 'Boss, look at his arm!' A fat sea of ​​men is slowly affixed to the ear of the fat sea, see Ye Ming The right hand is with a bracelet, this bracelet is actually a mechanical table,

Hard to become this Yeming kid, has been completely mastered the left hand manipulating mechanical Taiwan, restored strength, and now to return? Ready to take their own surgery, earn enough to open the first bucket of gold. This one hundred thousand yuan, not a small number, this Ye Ming really won the coup.

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