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Something About You

part oo1 !! aka the one where justin takes an interest in his dad new fianc this is a new mini fic i co writing w the dream team. ion blame u thith !! lastly, this gets smutty but briefly. it lasts like two paragraphs and it isn very detailed my b.

So long as the girl adorned in a fitted, red ( it a black and white party and he thinks he in love ) pantsuit with a neckline so low he figures she never heard the old anecdote about leaving some things to the imagination and he sure every guy within a five mile radius of her is grateful and legs so long he convert to any religion she asked him to isn trouble, Justin doesn think there should be an issue following his mother instructions about staying the summer with his estranged father. ( what kind of trouble am I getting into in Canada? He knows she knows mother intuition and all that and is probably reaching for an Advil right now; she can most likely feel the migraine induced by each step her cartier replica marriage ring son takes to be nearer to the woman in red. She knows that whatever he about to do will not end well.)

( But he got to do it anyway. He too close to her now. )

( Not that she aware of his presence, her gaze is practically glued to the painting hanging overhead. )

huh? Justin asks once he beside her, he cranes his neck ( just for a second, he swears ) to admire her profile.

She doesn even look at him. The champagne in her glass swirls with each twirl of her wrist. The diamonds from her Cartier bracelet catch underneath the fluorescent lighting. What do you think it means? The question is rehearsed, words probably having been recited all night, and it shows in her flat tone. She isn interested, isn even pretending to be.

He finds that so damn hot.

The platinum blond feigns confusion as if she hadn fallen into his pick up line trap. Works everytime. no, I was talking about you. The first crack in her dam breaks. Twitching lips are the only forewarning of the giggles to come. She waits until her shoulders stop quaking to look at him, a smile still alight on her face. Of course she got the prettiest eyes he ever seen. Of course. uh, I could try to figure it out what it means. Justin extracts a fist from the pocket of his dress pants ( that his dad picked out, but he not thinking about him right in this moment ) and raises the hand to his face, long fingers rubbing at his bottom lip. The streaks of reds, silvers, and midnight blues that dress the canvas don hold a meaning for him. If anything, it resembles something his half siblings would paint for him, except they know how to color inside the lines. think it a beautiful girl who standing next to this great looking guy familiar, she quips.

it not. You see, the people in the painting Justin pauses long enough for his pale pink lips to spread into an ear to ear grin. you just call me great looking? girl points a matter of factly forefinger at him. you called yourself great looking. I just said Whatever, finish your meaning! waves it off. I wasn going anywhere with it. What about you? What your take on it? way she stands taller in her heels doesn go unnoticed by Justin. Her chest pokes out, the curve of her chin juts out slightly, like she the holder of the most important announcement in 2016, like she knows everyone would listen if she wasn He sure would. think it two people fucking. Justin snorts so fast he doesn have time to be embarrassed. The sound only seems to egg her on anyway. having at it. And then the third person, the silver little bitch, they just watching they can afford a subscription to Pornhub, so this is it for them. If it wasn for the coherent sentences and lack of slurred words, he would think she had a bit more to drink than the flute of untouched champagne in her hand. But he knows that to be false; this must be her personality. So what in the hell is someone as young and bold as she doing in a place like this?

Y/N, she says, shifting her glass to a different hand before extending the appendage to him.

The laugh in his voice lingers even after he speaks, when his hand found hers and their gazes are unbudging until she finally pulls away. what are you doing here, Y/N? Your dad make you come or somethin ivories graze her bottom lip. you could say that, sure. too. Plane just touched down, I get a call from the piece of shit telling me to go back to his place, wear the tux he picked out for me which, I know he didn pick out for me, the guy can dress and then have his fuckin chauffeur bring me here. Thought we were supposed to be bonding, but I haven even seen the asshole all night. Justin doesn mean to ramble, but there something about his negligent father that gets his blood boiling, and his heart pounding, and his mouth moving a mile a minute. It hatred. It loathing. It it

son. A calloused hand clamps down on the younger boy shoulder. see you already met my fianc Justin gotten his ass kicked before and the pain of that dulls in comparison to this. His stunned silence only prompts his father to continue. picked the ole penguin suit out for you, just knew it would look great. And it does. Great job, baby. The man waltzes over to where Y/N stands, snaking an arm around her waist and pressing a kiss to her temple.

Oh God is he gonna be sick.

him the rock, babe. Go on, show him. He wants to beg Y/N not go show him, but the sudden dryness of his throat renders him speechless and in front of the diamond on her engagement band. It huge, how did he miss it? good, huh? She picked it out herself. She got an eye for those things, Justin, I telling you. you alright, Justin? Y/N asks, tilting her head on the axis of her neck. look a little pale. He thinks she speaks to be ironic, to mock his cheesy flirting from earlier, but then sweat pooling at his hairline and bile creeps up his throat and his knees are shaking, and he thinks he really gonna do it he actually gonna be sick. keels over and hurls.

m'really sorry about, yanno, throwing up on your shoes. and Y/N ( his dad fianc ) stand in a private bathroom located in his father business associate office. She barefoot beside him shorter now, but no less intimidating with the pair of Louboutins ( he only knows this because she cried, actually shed tears, to his dad, her fianc for a good five minutes before they were both ushered up here ) that had previously adorned her feet in hand.

whatever, she says, but her clipped tone and frowning lips work in tandem to assure Justin that it the furthest thing from whatever.

He grapples for her elbow only to have it pulled from his grasp not even seconds later.

said it whatever. Maybe it the warning way she enunciates every word through clenched teeth or maybe it how she never actually meets his gaze, all Justin knows is that he backing away with raised hands until his back meets the paper towel dispenser. matter, Jeremy will just buy me new ones anyway. He glad her eyes never divert from her heels because he sure the green tinge cartier love ring for men replica to his pigment would have her panicking. ( He doesn know if he green with nausea or green with envy What there to be envious about anyway? God knows he wouldn be able to afford a new pair of designer shoes for the girl. This fact doesn prevent him from desiring to, though. He proffer every one of his measly paychecks if she asked for it. )

Justin zeroes in on the marble floors, the matching countertops, his polished shoes, anything so long as it isn Y/N when he asks the following question, you and my dad, huh? Her hand never falters from dabbing at invisible vomit remnants with an anagrammed towel and it baffles him how she answers with such poised insouciance, almost like she been trained to look good and not care.

Is it just him or is she really fucking hot?

head snaps up. Their eyes meet in the spotless mirror. do you think, Justin? Tell me what you wanna hear and I say it. 'Cause that all you really want from me, right? You wanna hear me say I in it for the money; you deem any other answer a lie.

His hand finds the nape of his neck, rubbing at angel wings. I don I don think. I I don think you're I I, she mimics and it amazing how he the one asking the questions and is still made to feel small. switches in him. How could someone cartier love ring pink gold copy so hot be so damn oblivious? why else are you with him, huh? He not exactly Husband of the Year, believe me, I seen him! He a fucking dick, Y/N! If you knew half the shit he put my mom through. have been that bad. She sent you to live with him for the Summer, didn she? Between them, the only movement made is the cocking of a perfectly arched brow. she? she asks again.

If golddigging doesn work out for her, Justin would recommend a career in acting. He never seen someone don the high school mean girl persona as well as she does. ( And he watched Emma Roberts in every role she ever played, basically, thanks to Za, his roommate. ) In Y/N defense, however, it more than likely she just graduated high school. She probably still has a few detentions to serve. she would known I be living with him and his child bride, she wouldn have. bride? Y/N scoffs her amusement. again, Hun, I turn twenty in a week. blond misses a beat trying to swallow the familiar taste of disapprobation. His future step mom younger than him. Isn that shit illegal? sorry, was that your defense or were you trying to help my argument? he bites. Justin catches cartier love ring pink gold replica sight of her mouth parting in the reflection and decides he doesn want to hear what she says before she speaks. this, I out of here. pivots on the naked soles of her feet. can leave, Justin. Your dad wants you here. I supposed to what, care? He hasn wanted me here for twenty one years. Y/N disposition softens. Her brows furrow and her eyes dim and out of everything he said to her, that the one thing he regrets. God, he never wants to see her make that face again.

I know. Everyone sorry but the one guy that meant to be. lashes dust over the apples of her cheeks as she raises a polished forefinger and thumb to the bridge of her nose. A look of hesitance fleetingly dances across her features, but any signs of such emotions are gone by the time she opens her eyes and curls her hand around her hip. have a flake for a dad too, she announces. Justin can say he finds himself shocked; Y/N having daddy issues would explain away just about every question the boy been dying to ask her, the paramount inquiry once again being why. I promise you he hasn thought twice about me. But, if for some reason, our paths crossed and I ended up in your shoes, and he sprung his super young, incredibly sexy, Justin laughs against his better judgement, on me, I would be pissed.

am pissed, he assures.

Y/N eyes widen. you are? I never would guessed. Oscar winning actress, he calling it now.

Justin unhinges his jaw, having grown a cramp from all the sulky, teeth grinding. your point, Princess? he asks under raised, dark eyebrows. Brown eyes remain unblinking as the younger girl glides over to him. One long leg in front of the other he swears it looks like she walking on water until she in front of him. Her scent, designer perfume if the half hour he spent with her has taught him anything, drowns the air surrounding him, the air he needs to breathe. ( Is he even breathing? Breathe, Justin, what the fuck? )
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