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e mercredi matin vers la Rive

MONTRAL L'heure de pointe matinale de mercredi risque d'tre encore une fois complique, alors que la fermeture d'une partie du Pont Champlain est maintenue au moins jusqu'en aprs midi.

La socit Les Ponts Jacques Cartier et Champlain Incorpore a annonc, mardi soir, qu' la suite d'une inspection effectue sous le pont Champlain, une voie sur trois restera ferme en direction de la love necklace replica cartier Rive Sud.

Ce dlai supplmentaire dans l'ouverture complte du pont doit permettre de complter adquatement l'analyse de la poutre, a fait savoir love cartier replica necklace la Socit par voie de communiqu.

L'organisme qui gre le pont Champlain indique que les poutres adjacentes la poutre observe ne prsentent pas de signe de dtrioration cartier love replica pendant et l'ensemble des autres gold replica love necklace voies peuvent tre maintenues ouvertes la circulation.

En raison de la situation actuelle, des changements ont t apports dans le trajet matinal qu'emprunteront les autobus de l'Agence mtropolitaine de transport (AMT).

Les autobus de la voie rserve seront intgrs dans les voies de circulation en direction de Montral, tel que cela arrive parfois lors de vents importants ne permettant pas l'ouverture de la voie rserve, fait savoir la socit Les Ponts Jacques Cartier et Champlain Incorpore.
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    Bridge work ramps up in 2014

    Repairs to South Shore bridges will cause more traffic headaches this year.

    The Mercier Bridge will be partly closed for two weeks more than it was last year, and major lane closures on the Champlain will take place over seven to nine weekends, up from four in 2013.

    Part of the work will involve removing the emergency "super beam" installed on the Champlain after dangerous cracks formed. A new steel modular truss will take over the task of supporting the cracked beam.

    In addition to the plethora of planned lane closures, federal officials offered a bit of good news.

    By year end, the bulk of major work on the federal sections of the Bonaventure Expressway and the Mercier Bridge will be completed, meaning less pain next year.

    And this fall, South Shore bus trips will speed up, thanks to a reserved bus lane on a new, temporary Nuns' Island bridge to open in October.

    In addition, a traffic light that caused congestion on the old Nuns' Island bridge will be eliminated. And the new bridge's bike path will be wider than the one on the current span.

    In 2014, Ottawa will spend $364 million on federal Montreal area highway structures. That's more than double last year's budget and four times that of 2012.

    The Champlain is by far the biggest budget item.

    Of the total, $147 million or 40 per cent will go to propping up the span, which is in such bad shape that it will be replaced at a cost of up to replica love necklace cartier price $5 billion in 2018.

    Fortunately for drivers and transit users, 85 per cent of the Champlain work will take place under the bridge without the need to close lanes.

    To reduce the impact on traffic, some contractors will work 24 hours a day during Champlain work blitzes.

    This year will be the replica cartier necklace diamond most intense on the Champlain rehabilitation project, said Glen Carlin, general manager of the Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc.

    Next year, less money and fewer weekend blitzes will be required, he said.

    Opinion: How you can help save L'Anse l'OrmePierrefonds housing development threatens last major undeveloped natural space on.

    Allison Hanes: Surviving the Holocaust and bearing witnessMontrealer Eva Kuper survived the Holocaust as a young child. The powerful story.

    Celine Cooper: Let's act to regularize flow of asylum seekersSuspending the Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States is not a magic.

    Analysis: Exactly what does UPAC know about Charest, Bibeau?Former premier and key fundraiser were under police surveillance right up until .

    Stein Day takes leave of absence as chair of Pearson school boardAfter a difficult year cartier necklace copy as chairperson of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, Suanne.

    Stu Cowan: Nathan Beaulieu expects to be back in a fake cartier love Canadiens uniformDefenceman's future a little murky with upcoming expansion draft and the possibility.

    Military training accident in Alberta kills one, injures three othersOne soldier has been killed and three others have been injured in a training accident.

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    portrait Of The Artist In Van Morrison

    Van Morrison's concert Sunday night at the Universal Amphitheatre was a compelling example of the difference between pop stardom and artistry.

    So, it was only natural that the largely over 30 crowd Sunday sang along with a spirit that reminded you of the warm embrace associated with hugging a friend you haven't seen in years.

    For those who only know pop music through MTV and the current Top 40, the nostalgic medley helped show that Morrison did once come up with the hits.

    By lumping the songs together, he acknowledged his past but also made it clear that there was more serious business at hand. The remainder of the frequently enthralling 90 minute performance demonstrated why Morrison is among the purest artists that pop music has produced.

    Everyone in pop, for some reason, is referred to as an artist .

    Even in his early days, he didn't fit the rock stereotype. For one thing, he didn't have the temperament for it. He was so nervous onstage that he was known to do whole concerts with his back to the audience. I also saw him walk abruptly off stage one night in San Francisco because he thought the audience was too noisy during a ballad.

    But Morrison also identified more closely with the artists of this and earlier ages: figures from literature to pop music who, he felt, explored more meaningful issues than his contemporaries on the sales charts. In his necklace Hermes replica songs, he has handbag Hermes copy saluted both literary and pop artists, from John Donne and William Blake to Jackie Wilson and Jimmie Rodgers.

    In the title track to Morrison's new "A Sense of Wonder" album, he even defines the challenge of the artist when he sings:

    It's easy to describe the leaves in the autumn

    And it's oh so easy in the spring.

    But down through January and February

    It's a very different thing.

    On the album, Morrison sings that song with too much of the pastoral sensibilities that have characterized his recent work. The relatively gentle instrumental arrangement, too, all but downplays the revelation.

    At the Amphitheatre, however, he sang with a power and commitment that made the song more realistically reflect the constant struggle of living up to the challenges of both the artist and of life itself.

    Morrison's music from the fearless introspection of the massively influential "Astral Weeks" to the sheer rejoicing of "Tupelo Honey" has always had its restless, searching side, but the "leaves" he has sought to describe have tended increasingly to touch on a spiritual quest.

    "I'm waiting at the door . . . and I'm standing in the darkness," he sang Sunday in one of his most dramatic re creations of his spiritual awakening. "I don't want to wait no more."

    In trying to overcome through music the "inarticulateness of the heart," Morrison uses words (he's among the finest lyricists of the modern pop era) and a classy blend of blues, country, jazz, rock and gospel strains. Mostly, though, he expresses those deep and universal feelings with his voice.

    He still isn't a natural performer. He walked on stage with no more flair than a bank officer returning to his desk to start a new week. Wearing a nondescript business suit, he stood stiffly at the microphone and didn't even tap his foot as he sang. His only verbal break from singing was to bark instructions at the highly disciplined six member band.

    But the man can sing. Morrison, who accompanied himself on guitar, has power and command that enable him to move effortlessly from one tone to another with sudden almost alarming power. But the key is knowing when to make those moves, and Morrison is a master of phrasing. He growls and attacks when he needs to jolt or alarm, croons and caresses when he wants to disarm or comfort.

    The evening's most electric moment came when he and saxophonist Pee Hermes Birkin 30CM Handbag copy Wee Ellis combined vocally for a haunting echo effect that stepped beyond the traditional call and response, with Ellis repeating the lines a split second after Morrison sang them. This dramatic reinforcement underscored the message of Hermes bag replica the show, not just thematically, but artistically.

    In that and other moments, Morrison who was also backed by two female singers made the artistic process seem alive onstage. You could sense that here was a man who constantly challenges himself. It's not always easy to feel this eccentric artist's growth and significance on his recent albums, where the material is uneven and the arrangements sometimes understated. Onstage, however, he brings together some of the best of his songs with the tension of a private person working in public.

    Morrison's opening act was veteran Mose Allison, whose music has been an influence on both Morrison and, especially, the colorful narratives of Tom Waits. Allison's songs blend the humor and commentary of blues with an instrumental approach that has been called Bohemian jazz. Joined by an upright bassist and drummer, Allison also exhibits the integrity of one who believes that making music is an honor, not a job.
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    Randy Newman

    By way of introducing his song Man to audiences, Randy Newman tells the story a true story, mind Hermes handbag copy you that inspired it. Seems a public defender he knew in New Orleans was called upon to represent a man who was accused of stealing a woman purse while naked, just like the man in the song. His alibi was even more remarkable than the charges leveled against him: He had been in the bedroom of a woman who was not his wife when her husband returned and he jumped out the window, naked as he was when he came into the world. Running down the road he encountered another naked man carrying a purse who handed it to him, without comment, before disappearing into the night, leaving the defendant to explain it all to the police.

    In this song (from his 1974 opus Old Boys and in the shaggy dog story he uses to introduce it, you find the keys to much of Newman music. There the lyric itself, with the comic image of an old lady uptown against the wind all the Freudian implications of a naked man stealing a purse; the grotesque, as evidenced in the proffered explanation of the culprit ( found out about my sister/Kicked me out of the navy/Would have strung me up if they could all set to what sounds like an organ grinder shuffle. And then there the singer/storyteller himself, an unreliable narrator offering the story of another unreliable narrator (or maybe two) as an unlikely pair of naked men go running off in opposite directions, one of them bearing the prize.

    Randy Newman best music often pulls the listener in two directions at once, against the expectations the sound sets up. Coming from a family of film composers, he knew the effect music could have on a story and the audience reactions. Greil Marcus, in his groundbreaking 1974 essay on Newman ( Man Is Free in Train, wrote, uses the familiarity of the music to set us in the moods and situations the music automatically calls up; we respond in predictable ways to the music, and as we do, Newman words and his singing pull us in other directions, or shift the story just enough to make it new. Born aloft by a soaring melody and a full orchestra (conducted by uncle Emil), Newman assumes the voice of a slave trader wooing Africans to the new world: no lions and tigers, ain no mamba snake/Just the sweet watermelon and the buckwheat cake. The truth of the reality that awaits them rests with the listener: You become one with the singer lie. great to be an American. are other examples of Hermes Birkin bag replica Newman unsettling talent the tentative, haunting melody of Germany Before the War (1977) belies the story, told in sketchy detail, of a child murderer ( little girl has lost her way/With hair of gold and eyes of gray/Reflected in his glasses as he watches her and on the recent Love, Newman first studio album in five years and his best in over 20, the tradition continues. The album opener, Is My Country, begins simply and nostalgically, like Archie and Edith sitting around the piano: go back to yesterday/When a phone call costs a dime/In New Orleans, just a nickel/Turn back the hands of time. By the time we reached the chorus the melody has assumed a sort of martial air rolling drums, trilling horns that cues a vaguely patriotic, family values zeal as Newman Hermes Kelly bag copy sings, is my country/These are my people/This is the world I understand how that feeling dissipates as you realize he is singing about television ( other people living/Seeing other people play/Hearing other people voices in our minds and the family is the singer grown children:

    When they speak to you

    You got to listen to what they have to say

    But they all live alone now

    They have TVs of their own

    But they keep on coming over anyway

    And much as I love them

    I always kind of glad when they go away

    This is disquieting stuff, best left unsaid, and there certainly aren many people hearing it. Despite strong notices, only a few months after its release Love has all but disappeared from the charts, even as Rhino Records has released a stunning four CD box set ( 30 Years of Randy Newman and California South Coast Repertory Theater is mounting a musical based on his work ( Education of Randy Newman Rock is seldom given to nuance, and with his challenging song craft and sardonic eye, Newman can only be called a rocker in the way Andy Kaufman was a comedian. Pop fortune is usually bestowed upon numbers that are personal ( Love You Just the Way You Are or anthemic ( New Tale to Tell and Newman lyrics are more like short fiction, with stories told by all kinds of people. Problems have arisen, then, when his songs were taken at face value, most notably (and incredibly) in 1977, when some short people actually thought Newman one bona fide national hit, People, was an attack on them and not a parody of prejudice itself. And when presented with two naked men, one of whom may not be telling the truth, people get confused.

    people want personal confessions. Maybe that why I don sell 2 million records. You can tell what I like. Tall and a little awkward, cynical but sort of sensitive, smarter than you but not shouting about it. Someone who wants you to like him, though you can imagine being really close friends. Someone who lives like you wife, a couple of kids, maybe even watches the same TV shows you do. But someone who thinks about things you never do and maybe late at night, after he had a couple, even talks about them.

    Newman was born Nov. 28, 1944, in New Orleans, where his mother people were from. It was there, in that jambalaya of colors and creeds, that he learned some of the puzzling rules of race, as recalled in a rare bit of autobiography, Orleans Wins the War Momma used to wheel me past an ice cream wagon

    One side for white, one side for colored Momma used to take me to Audobon Park

    Show me the ways of the world

    She say, comes a white boy

    There goes a black one

    That one an octoroon boy puzzlement over society divisions continued after the family moved to Los Angeles when he was 7. His father, Irving, dabbled in songwriting but became a successful doctor with a celebrity practice. His brothers were stars, too; Alfred composed or conducted the music for more than 200 films, everything from End to King and I. As musical director at 20th Century Fox, he wielded considerable power (his brass fanfare is still heard when the studio logo is shown at the beginning of a Fox film), but there were other forces afoot in the world, as Randy discovered.

    Randy was a kid, he was invited to the Riviera Country Club by some girl for a cotillion, Randy father told Timothy White (in an article included in the booklet). night of the ball the girl father called and said, sorry, Randy, my daughter had no right to invite you because no Jews are allowed. Randy said, all right sir, and he hung up the phone and said, Dad, what a Jew?' the Newmans weren what you would call observant and the revelation of his Jewishness prompted in Randy a study of comparative religion that made him a devout atheist ( when I sick But the awareness of his otherness (like the otherness he seen assigned to blacks in New Orleans) had a subversive effect on his schooling as well. He already hated school (his glasses and a cross eyed condition made him the subject of much derision), but his pursuit of America other history put the lie to what he was being taught as well. Those contrary currents in America story run throughout his work, from Away to all of Old Boys to Love Gilbert and Sullivanesque Nations of Europe, with its cheerful description of Indians apart by dogs on religious grounds they say. The message throughout is woe be to the outsider, and Newman would doubtless delight in the joke Stanley Kubrick told Michael Herr: the American dream? million blacks swimming back to Africa with a Jew under each arm. He learned firsthand of scoring films, as lifelong friend, producer and proponent Lenny Waronker recalls in his notes in the boxed set:

    we were kids, Randy and I used to hang around the soundstage and watch his uncle work, Waronker Hermes bag copy writes. was unbelievable to be seven or eight and watch a piece of film go by in a room filled with 85 musicians playing the soundtrack. We saw the whole thing happen. It helped us understand how music transforms film. And it influenced the way we listen to music. a form of musical osmosis (family, radio, self education) young Randy picked up on everything from classical to classic American (Stephen Foster, Scott Joplin, George Gershwin) and spiced it all with a dose of New Orleans soul, courtesy of Fats Domino. Not that those influences were evidenced in the pop ditties he wrote for Metric Music as a teenager. was a lonely guy, Waronker recalls, girlfriends, was hard to get through to, and he work so hard on those songs. But he get terrible writing blocks and couldn ever satisfy himself. But the numbers he created (unremarkable June moon stuff, by and large) were soon being covered by everyone from Irma Thomas to Harper Bazaar, culminating in an entire album worth of his material done by then boy wonder Harry Nilsson ( Sings Newman The oft tackled Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear (1965) was, according to Newman, first song I wrote where I wasn trying to be Carole King. It was the first song I wrote that sounds like me. True, with its stride piano and comic imagery, there is something distinctly likable about (which Newman himself recorded on Away But there is a note of apprehension there as well love us, won they?/They feed us, don they? boy and bear linked in servitude, performing for each meal.
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    Providing child safety equipment to prevent injuries

    Objective To assess the effectiveness of safety advice and safety equipment in reducing unintentional injuries for families with children aged under 5 years and living in deprived areas.

    Design Randomised controlled trial.

    Setting 47 general practices in Nottingham.

    3428 families with children under 5.

    Intervention A standardised safety consultation and provision of free and fitted stair gates, fire guards, smoke alarms, cupboard locks, and window locks.

    Main outcome measures Primary outcome measures were whether a child in the family had at least one injury that required medical attendance and rates of attendance in primary and secondary care and of hospital admission for injury over a two year period. Secondary outcome measures included possession of safety equipment and safety practices.

    Results No significant difference was found in the proportion of families in which a child had a medically attended injury (odds ratio 1.14, 95% confidence interval 0.98 to 1.50) or in the rates of Hermes Birkin 30CM Handbag fake attendance in secondary care (incidence rate ratio 1.02, 0.90 to 1.13) or admission to hospital (1.02, 0.70 to 1.48). However, children in the intervention arm had a significantly higher attendance rate for injuries in primary care (1.37, 1.11 to 1.70, P = 0.003). At both one and two years' follow up, families in the intervention Hermes handbag replica arm were significantly more likely to have a range of safety practices, but absolute differences in the percentages were relatively small.

    Conclusions The intervention resulted in significant improvements in safety practices for up to two years but did not reduce injuries that necessitated medical attendance. Most unintentional injuries to children under 5 take place in the home, and children at socioeconomic disadvantage are at greater risk of injury.2

    Primary healthcare teams have an important contribution to make to the prevention of unintentional injuries in children,3 5 including home safety counselling and participation in safety equipment schemes. However, there is little evidence in the United Kingdom that they can be effective in reducing unintentional injuries.

    Systematic reviews have found that Hermes Birkin 30CM Handbag replica home safety counselling or education, with or without the provision of safety equipment, can increase the use of some items of safety equipment and improve safety behaviours in the short term, but the effect on unintentional injury is less clear.6 9 Many of the trials included in these reviews were conducted in the United States, which limits generalisability to UK settings. In addition, the reviews have highlighted the lack of high quality randomised controlled trials, specifically trials with adequate allocation concealment, blinded outcome assessment, adequate power, and a sufficient follow up period.

    The high cost of safety equipment and the difficulty of installing some devices have been identified as barriers to families' implementing advice on home safety.8 No trials to date have examined the effect of providing as well as fitting equipment free of charge.

    Our study population comprised families with one or more children younger than 5 years from the caseloads of participating health visitors, recruited via a postal invitation.11 We did not invite families in which one or more children were on the Child Protection Register or a child had experienced a fatal unintentional injury. Each structured but individualised consultation was specific to the children's ages in each family and took about 20 minutes.15

    The health visitors offered stair gates, fire guards, smoke alarms, cupboard locks, and window locks free of charge to low income families in the intervention arm, and these were fitted free of charge. We defined low income families as those receiving means tested benefits. Families not on a low income were offered equipment at cost price and a delivery service to their home.

    Families randomised to the control arm received usual care. We obtained these data from the primary and secondary care records for all children aged under 5 at the start of the trial and for new births during the study period. Secondary outcome measures included severity of injury, measured by using the abbreviated injury scale16 and a severity scale for more minor injuries,17 assessed from primary and secondary care records. We assessed possession of safety equipment, safety practices, self reported injury, and satisfaction with the intervention, at 12 and 24 months' follow up by two postal questionnaires to separate random samples of 1000 families from each treatment arm. We used multilevel logistic regression to compare whether at least Hermes bag imitation one child in the family had one or more medically attended injuries (only including families with outcome data available for the entire follow up period for all children) and whether family safety practices varied between treatment arms. We used two level random intercepts models, with health visitor at level 2 and family at level 1.

    To compare injury rates we used multilevel Poisson regression, with the number of injuries for each child as the dependent variable and the length of follow up time for the child as the offset term. We used a three level random intercepts model, with health visitor at level 3, family at level 2, and child at level 1. We used a three level random intercepts logistic regression model to compare the odds of a child having an injury with a severity score of 2 or more between the treatment arms. To assess significance we used Wald tests.
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    Professor David Copland

    Journal Article: Late talkers and later language outcomes: Predicting the different language trajectories

    Armstrong, Rebecca, Scott, James G., Whitehouse, Andrew J. O., Copland, David A., McMahon, Katie L. and Arnott, Wendy (2017) Late talkers and later language outcomes: Predicting the Hermes Kelly bag replica different language trajectories.

    Dissanayaka, Nadeeka N. W., Au, Tiffany R., Angwin, Anthony J., O'Sullivan, John D., Byrne, Gerard J., Silburn, Peter A., Rodney Marsh, Mellick, George D. and Copland, David A. (2017) N400 and emotional word processing in Parkinson's disease.

    Journal Article: Using technology to overcome the language barrier: the cognitive assessment for aphasia app

    Wall, Kylie Hermes handbag imitation Janine , Cumming, Toby Borland, Koenig, Sebastian Thomas, Pelecanos, Anita Maria and Copland, David Andrew (2017) Using technology to overcome the language barrier: the cognitive assessment for aphasia app.

    Progress on COMPARE: a randomised controlled trial comparing constraint induced and multi modal aphasia therapy to usual care in people with chronic aphasia

    Rose, M., Nickels, L., Togher, L., Meinzer, M., Rai, T., Godecke, E., Kim, J., Cadilhac, D., Pierce, J., Foster, A., Hurley, M. and Copland, D. (2016). Progress on COMPARE: a randomised controlled trial comparing constraint induced and multi modal aphasia therapy to usual care in people with chronic aphasia. In:COMPARE: A national randomized controlled trial comparing two intensive treatments to usual care for individuals with chronic aphasia

    Rose, M., Copland, D., Nickels, L., Togher, L., Meinzer, M., Rai, T. and Godecke, E. (2015). COMPARE: A national randomized controlled trial comparing two intensive treatments to usual care for individuals with chronic aphasia. In: Special Issue: Stroke 2015, Combined 26th ASM of the Stroke Society of Australasia and 11th Australasian Nursing and Allied Health Stroke Conference SMART STROKES.

    26th ASM of the Stroke Society of Australasia and 11th Australasian Nursing and Allied Health Stroke Conference SMART STROKES, Melbourne, VIC Australia, (77 77). 2 4 September 2015. doi:10.1111/ijs.12585Dignam, J., Copland, D., McKinnon, E., Burfein, P., O'Brien, K., Farrell, A. and Rodriguez, A. D. (2015). . In: Special Issue: Stroke 2015, Combined 26th ASM of the Stroke Society of Australasia and 11th Australasian Nursing and Allied Health Stroke Conference SMART STROKES.

    26th ASM of the Stroke Society of Australasia and 11th Australasian Nursing and Allied Health Stroke Conference SMART STROKES, Melbourne, VIC Australia, (13 14). 2 4 September 2015. doi:10.1111/ijs.12584

    Investigating talk time as an indicator of participation in people with aphasia using the CommFit (TM) iPhone app as a measurement tool

    Brandenburg, C., Worrall, L., Copland, D. and Rodriguez, A. D. (2015). Investigating talk time as an indicator of participation in people with aphasia using the CommFit (TM) iPhone app as a measurement tool. In: Special Issue: Stroke 2015, Combined 26th ASM of the Stroke Society of Australasia and 11th Australasian Nursing and Allied Health Stroke Conference SMART STROKES.

    26th ASM of the Stroke Hermes handbag copy Society of Australasia and 11th Australasian Nursing and Allied Health Stroke Conference SMART STROKES, Melbourne, VIC Australia, (56 57). 2 4 September 2015. doi:10.1111/ijs.12585

    Investigating the role of intensity in a comprehensive, aphasia therapy program: A non intensive trial of Aphasia LIFT

    Dignam, J., Rodriguez, A., Burfein, P., OBrien, necklace Hermes replica K., Worrall, L. and Copland, D. A. (2014). Investigating the role of intensity in a comprehensive, aphasia therapy program: A non intensive trial of Aphasia LIFT. In: Abstracts of the 25th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Stroke Society of Australasia.

    25th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Stroke Society of Australasia, Hamilton Island, Australia, (9 9). 30 July 1 August 2014. doi:10.1111/ijs.12297

    Post stroke cognition is not tested in representative samples: A systematic review

    Wall, K., Isaacs, M. L., Copland, D. A. and Cumming, T. (2014). Post stroke cognition is not tested in representative samples: A systematic review. In: Special Issue: Abstracts of the 25th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Stroke Society of Australasia.
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    Fay Maschler reviews Duck Rice

    I had been waiting so long that Duck Rice started to feel like the Second Coming. Alan Yau first appeared to Londoners in 1992 when he launched Wagamama and customers proved willing to share John Pawson designed tables and make a meal of Japanese noodles. He went on to open Hakkasan, Yauatcha, Busaba Eathai (all now sold on), Cha Cha Moon and Princi.

    Yau wasn't infallible. His Italian venture Anda in Baker Street with Francesco Mazzei at the stoves didn't last long and Naamyaa Caf in Islington closed before its predestined rollout.

    Devotees of Yau OBE have been waiting with the patience of Latter day Saints since the projected opening in 2013 of a Chinese gastropub in Berwick Street where once stood The Endurance. Last week the day finally dawned but it turns out that at lunchtimes food is being served only in the ground floor pub part and in the evenings soft opening prices still obtain. My plans had been made and companions rounded up before this became evident.

    Just a bit more Yau legend: when he was five years old his parents came to Britain from Hong Kong to open a Chinese takeaway in King's Lynn because there happened not to be one there and at the age of 11 Alan was summoned to join them. Later, after studying politics and philosophy in London, he opened a Chinese restaurant of his own in Peterborough and earned back his investment in six months.

    When Yau speaks of authenticity he makes the case that the sort of food referred to in the Duck Rice press release copy bvlgari men ring as "Hong Kong Garden chop suey house" something I remember discovering as a child with greedy glee is as authentic in its own way as any strictly regional, probably rather dour faithful exposition.

    A dinner for family and friends you have probably inferred I know (and admire) Alan covers some of the more luxurious bases knock off bvlgari serpenti ring such as roast (Irish) duck (38) and lobster Cantonese (48) on the long, almost certainly too long, menu. Arriving unannounced and with credit card to hand I order dinner by homing in on noodle assemblies, Cantonese clichs and comfort food.

    Soup is wanted; crabmeat and sweetcorn (9) and hot and sour (8) are chosen. Consternation regarding egregiously high prices sets in. Food is delivered from a basement kitchen via a dumb waiter trundling up two floors. Everything arrives lukewarm including the hot and sour soup, which is neither hot (in any sense of the word) nor sour. Tepid temperature allows sickly sweetness to predominate in the crab assembly. We perfect chopstick skills picking up warm sparky cashew nuts sauted with chilli and shallots, one of the Beer Snacks.

    Word and Instagrams had reached me from friends trying Duck Rice about sesame prawn toast, which in place of the usual minced shellfish paste often with a booster of surimi is a whole prawn clinging on for dear life to a baton of fried bread with a carapace of black and white sesame seeds pressed on top. It's terrific, and worth the 6.50.

    The other item that rouses some enthusiasm in my three increasingly jaundiced companions exposed to claggy beef ho fun, heavily curry powdered Singapore fried noodles with flossy texture and No 23 (ordering joke), a chicken chow mein quite closely related to Pot Noodle, is ginger cod with egg sauce and fried rice. White of egg gives the sauce a floaty gossamer quality clinging to the fish like a tutu on a rather hefty dancer and what isn't improved by the warmth of ginger? Jasmine smoked pork rib shows that costings are to some extent predicated on superior ingredients.

    Meeting a chum for lunch on the ground floor, elbowed into a corner by huge copper tanks holding unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell beer delivered weekly from the Czech Republic mens bvlgari ring replica a feature of the frantic design from the ergonomically illiterate Istanbul based group Autoban also responsible for Yau's Babaji Pide currently closed "due to a mechanical difficulty" we try the pub food.

    Seven dim sum are bvlgari ring men replica offered. Pork and prawn shu mai are blameless but at 7.80 ridiculously more expensive than the same item for 5.90 at Yauatcha next door. Cha siu bun is the comforting little cloud of innocence with a wicked heart that it is designed to be. Japanese fish fingers are sea bream tempura and we like them better than the soft shell crab with wasabi mayo. Hong Kong Garden spring roll has a murky flavour contributed by the beansprouts. It is time travel back to a less golden age.

    The beer and wine list have clearly been given the same careful and lengthy consideration as other elements in the package. Almost 30 wines are offered by the glass in various sizes, including 70ml. Who is that for? Your pet? I appreciate the clarity and lightness of touch of the Pilsner Urquell and at dinner enjoy the Austrian Blaufrankisch Markus Altenburger. It has been a long wait but so far not entirely worth it. Open daily noon 11.30pm (Fri Sat midnight, Sun 10.30pm). Pub snacks/food 3.90 16.50. Upstairs a meal for two with wine, about 125 including 12.5 per cent service.

    On Adblock click "Don't run on pages on this domain".

    If you are Private Browsing in Firefox, "Tracking Protection" may cause the adblock notice to show. It can be temporarily disabled by clicking the "shield" icon in the address bar.
    PKKOO5 one hour ago
    Pompey fans' groups have their say on Fratton Park booing

    Saturday, against Mansfield, trumped that. There was the situation of being 1 0 up and being booed I have never heard booing when we're winning.

    Let's not forget, the Stags are not a bad side and we weren't in total control.

    It seems there are fans who have had enough of Paul Cook's tactics and bored of this possession football, even though I don't think we've had anywhere near as much possession as last season.

    With Conor Chaplin up front, do people want us to lump it up to him rather than spending time on the ball?

    I love watching Pompey play possession football and, while we don't pass with the speed of Barcelona, I am a football purist and believe it is the way to go.

    For me, the booing took the gloss off an important 4 0 win, without a doubt.

    And it was great to see the players shove it back down the booers' throats with those late goals.

    Barry Dewing Spokesman for Pompey Independent Supporters' Association

    Personally, I thought the booing was disgraceful.

    Never before have I known Pompey fans display such a reaction to their team when winning 1 0.

    We are famous for our support getting louder having fallen behind in a match now we boo when we're ahead at home.

    From where I sat in the North Stand lower, there was booing and it just seems to be knock off bvlgari serpenti ring a different mentality among football fans these days.

    This is not typical of what Pompey fans used to be like and it's hard to put your finger on the reasons why.

    Some of it is down to the Premier League type fans who demand entertainment and winning is not enough.

    There is a modern trait to boo and it's a worrying trend which needs to stop because it is not helping the players.

    Of course there have been adverse reactions to Pompey players before, it is nothing new.

    I recall at home to Crystal Palace in May bulgari snake ring replica 2001, when we needed victory in the battle against relegation from Division One.

    We ended up losing 4 2 and people were not happy with the effort put in, there was a lot of anger at Fratton Park that night.

    We then beat Barnsley 3 0 in the final game fake bulgari ring of the season we stay up.

    Overall, however, we do not boo often compared to fans at other football clubs, it is not in our nature.

    We are all different in our views on football. I like the team to keep possession to tire out the opposition.

    I can understand the frustration among others who wanted to get the ball imitation bvlgari rings on sale forward quicker and try to hurt Mansfield, we are all entitled to an opinion.

    However, to boo your team is not helpful and it is an approach I cannot understand.

    On Saturday, the proof was in the pudding with the nine men tiring and Pompey exploiting that to score three late goals.

    Yet, for me, the boos took the shine off that 4 0 win when we all should have been smiling that evening.

    In the 2012 13 season, we went on a club record run of 23 matches without a win during relegation from League One.

    Where were those booing fans during that period, because there was none back then. Instead, the supporters got right behind the team at home and away.
    PKKOO5 one hour ago
    Meet the man who gave India the Rupee symbol

    The young man, who has given the Indian rupee a symbol, has been relentlessly pursuing a little known art called typography over the last five years.

    He took up this specialised subject despite opposition from his parents, who wanted to him to become a doctor or an IAS officer.

    On July 15, D Udaya Kumar became more famous than most doctors or IAS officers in India. He has achieved celebrity status after his design for the Indian rupee currency was approved by the government on Thursday.

    The 31 year old PhD holder from IIT Bombay who was set to join as a professor at IIT Guwahati's department of design on Friday had to postpone the date of joining after he heard that his design had been chosen as the rupee symbol. He has been talking to the Indian and international media incessantly. His cellphone didn't stop ringing till late into the night.

    At the Indian Institute of Technology, Udaya Kumar has been pursuing research in esoteric subjects like evolution of the ancient Tamil script from palm leaf etching to printing press. His ultimate aim is to resurrect regional language scripts in India.

    "India has some of the greatest scripts in the world, but unfortunately they have not been studied properly and in a scientific manner," says this ardent admirer of Van Gogh masterpieces.

    Click NEXT to read on

    Awards and recognitions have been his best companions. A simple and unassuming Udaya has won laurels through his schooldays, be it at sports, studies, art or good behaviour.

    He was conferred the best student award of La Chatelaine Residential Junior College, Chennai, in 1993. He considers honesty, equality and discipline as his best virtues.

    In his latest stint as a professor at IIT Guwahati, he wants to share his knowledge of typography and help students discover the essence of India's regional scripts.

    Did you ever think you would win this competition? How do you feel now?

    I was quite confident, but all the designs were good and had their own identity. So I was not too sure.

    I was anxiously waiting for the fake van cleef & arpels alhambra ring black results just like the others. It is a great feeling. Words cannot express what I feel now. I am yet to comprehend what it actually means to me.

    I have not even had the time to celebrate or think about it. I have been talking to the media and other well wishers since morning. There are hundreds of missed calls. It is truly overwhelming.

    Click NEXT to read on

    What did your parents say?

    They are very happy. I could hardly talk to them as I have not got the clover ring replica time. I hope by tomorrow I will get some time to talk to them peacefully. My father keeps saying that I should have become an IAS officer. They wanted me to reach great heights and were disappointed with my professional choice. Perhaps, today he will change his mind (laughs).

    Did you seek the opinion of your professors and friends before you sent the design?

    Yes, I had shown the sketches, explained finer details and made a presentation at the IDC (Industrial Design Centre at IIT Bombay). They were very positive and encouraging.

    It took me months of practice and preparation as I knew this was the biggest test of my life and I had to do it really well.

    How far did the PhD course in typography help you in designing the rupee?

    The course helped me make a design with some meaning. With a single character, I have tried to portray the Indian Tricolour on the symbol. The symbol will go a long way in making a great impact for the rupee. My background knowledge helped me look at the micro and macro level aspects of the rupee design.

    I could make the finest changes and visualize their impact when one writes. I could make a unified symbol.

    Click NEXT to read on

    How did you develop an interest in designing and typography?

    I was always interested in extra curricular activities. I started tinkering with designs and calligraphy when I had to design brochures for college events, et cetera.

    It gave me immense satisfaction when I made a poster and brochures publicising even a small event through my design. This interest grew deeper and I decided to do my masters in visual communication from IIT Bombay, after which van cleef alhambra ring cheap I did my research in typography.
    sdjisafhshfuk one hour ago
    Midwinter Marathon Apeldoorn

    One of the biggest events on the Veluwe, the Netherlands in the winter is the yearly returning Midwinter Marathon. If you want to learn what this is you first need to learn a little bit about the Veluwe and van cleef alhambra gold replica the city where this all held place, called 'Apeldoorn'.

    The Veluwe is one of the most green place in the Netherlands with a van cleef alhambra yellow gold ring replica lot of forest, beautiful landscapes and idyllic villages. Nothing fancy, nothing compared to bigger nature countries, but for the Netherlands this is actually a big deal. This running event is held on February 5th and there will be different distances to run for all types of runners.

    Why should you participate in the Midwinter Marathon Apeldoorn

    If you are looking for some running while you are in the Netherlands I would definitely recommend the Midwinter Marathon. A couple of reasons.

    Running in the nature. Yes, this means trees.

    I am not entirely sure why, but somehow most of the marathons are held through cities. New York, Rome and Amsterdam are all marathons which lead you through the city. The Midwinter Marathon Apeldoorn makes you run copy van cleef clover ring yellow gold ring white diamond through forest and shows you the most beautiful places of the Veluwe. You run on dirt instead of the street (at least, most of the time), you breath in fresh air and you can look around you and see interesting things! For me, a guy who lives on the Veluwe, this is a big deal and a reason to participate.

    Whether you are a starter or a more experienced runner, there are different distances for all types of runners.

    Centraal Beheer Achmea Midwinter Marathon: The actual marathon. 42 kilometers (yup, we count in kilometers over here). A big run which will take you hours.

    Helicon Asselronde. Only 27.5 kilometers but still a big run for most of the people. This is for experienced runners who are thinking about running a marathon and need some training. Maybe this distance even fits in your schedule if you are training for an actual marathon.

    Hollander Techniek Mini Marathon. 18.5 kilometers, but still a great run to do. I participated in this run last year and you are guided in a nice round and untrained you will probably die during this run! But you will like it that much you will do it again anyway! (Yeah, I am talking about me over here)

    Achmea Health Centers 'Acht van Apeldoorn'. If you know Dutch you will recognize the word 'acht' which means eight! Only 8 kilometers and there are a lot of competitive runners who are participating in this run. The trained runners will easily run this distance within an hour and this makes it interesting if you want to push yourself to a limit in a run.

    De Stentor Kidsrun. Kids only. You have to be between 4 and 14 if you want to be in this race and it is only 1 kilometer long. This run is more for inspiring young kids than actual competition. This is the type of run where you see the kids running and the parents right next to them on the other side of the fence.
    sdjisafhshfuk one hour ago
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